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Assessing potential impacts of CO2 - and deforestation - induced climate change on maize and black bean in Venezuela
Article on assessing potential impacts of CO2 and deforestation induced climate change on maize and black bean in Venezuela.
An Automatic Method for Generating Sense Tagged Corpora
This paper discusses an automatic method for generating sense tagged corpora.
CCAP: A Strategic Tool for Managing Capacity of CDMA Networks
This presentation discusses CCAP, a strategic tool for managing capacity of CDMA networks. CCAP is a graphical interactive tool for CDMA that calculates the coverage area, call capacity of a CDMA network, and subscriber network performance to optimize capacity.
Cell Placement in a CDMA Network
This presentation discusses research on cell placement in a CDMA network. In order to enable iterative cell placement the authors use a computationally efficient iterative process to calculate the inter-cell and intra-cell interferences as a function of pilot-signal power and base station location.
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms for Rollback Reduction in Optimistic PDES
This article discusses the load transfer mechanism between logical processes and migration of of logical processes between several pairs of physical processors.
Ecological Responses of Venezuelan Savannas to Global Climate Change: Workshop Report
Report from a workshop on ecological responses of Venezuelan savannas to global climate change.
Effects of Call Arrival Rate and Mobility on Network Throughput in Multi-Cell CDMA
This presentation discusses call arrival rate and mobility. The effect of call arrival rate on the capacity of a code-division multiple-access (CDMA) cellular network is evaluated.
Embeddings into Hyper Petersen Networks: Yet Another Hypercube-Like Interconnection Topology
This article proposes and analyzes a new hypercube-like topology, called the hyper Petersen (HP) network.
Flexible Allocation of Capacity in Multi-Cell CDMA Networks
This presentation discusses flexible allocation of capacity in multi-cell CDMA networks. The effect of reverse power levels on the capacity of a code-division multiple-access (CDMA) cellular network is evaluated.
Impactos Potenciales de los Cambios Climaticos Globales en los Sistemas Agricolas y en los Ecosistemas Terrestres de Venezuela: Resultados Preliminares
Report on the potential impacts of global climate change in the farming systems and terrestrial ecosystems in Venezuela.
Improving the Search on the Internet by Using WordNet and Lexical Operators
This article discusses improving the search on the internet by using WordNet and lexical operators.
LASSO: A Tool for Surfing the Answer Net
This paper discusses LASSO, a tool for surfing the answer net.
A Method for Word Sense Disambiguation of Unrestricted Text
This paper discusses a method for word sense disambiguation of unrestricted text.
PAN-EARTH/CEACT International Workshop on Climate Variability and Climate Change in Venezuela and the Caribbean Region
Report on an international workshop on climate variability and climate change in Venezuela and the Caribbean region.
Proyecto PAN-EARTH Estudio de Caso Venezuela: Informe de Actividades Octubre 1988 - Marzo 1990
This is the activity report for the PAN-EARTH Project Case Study Venezuela from October 1988 to March 1990.
Simulación de la dinámica de grupos de especies vegetales en un bosque de los Llanos occidentales Venezolanos
Article discussing the simulation of plant species groups dynamics in a Venezuelan western plains forest.
Taller de Trabajo: Evaluacion de Impactos de Cambios Climaticos Globales sobre el Sistema Agricola Venezolano
This report discusses the Assessment of Impacts of Global Climatic Changes on the Venezuelan Agricultural System Workshop, as part of the PAN-EARTH Project, Venezuela case study.
Taller de Trabajo sobre evaluación de los Efectos Ecológicos de los Cambios Climáticos Globales
This report discusses the Ecological Effects Assessment of Climatic changes in Venezuela Workshop, organized by the PAN-EARTH Project and the Centre for Ecology of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). The main objective was the evaluation of the effects of climate changes on the main ecosystems in Venezuela using ecological models.
Word Sense Disambiguation based on Semantic Density
This article discusses word sense disambiguation based on semantic density.
A WordNet-Based Interface to Internet Search Engines
This paper discusses a WordNet-based interface to Internet search engines.