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Primary view of Annotating and Identifying Emotions in Text
Strapparava, Carlo, 1962- & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
Primary view of Hybrid Approach for Energy-Aware Synchronization
Akl, Robert G.; Saravanos, Yanos & Haidar, Mohamad
December 2010
Primary view of Modeling and Analysis Using Computational Tools
Akl, Robert G. & Kavi, Krishna M.
Primary view of Predicting Subjectivity Orientation of Online Forum Threads
Biyani, Prakhar; Caragea, Cornelia & Mitra, Prasenjit
March 2013
Primary view of Real-Time Systems: An Introduction and the State-of-the-Art
Kavi, Krishna M.; Akl, Robert G. & Hurson, Ali
March 16, 2009