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Primary view of Future time perspective, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment: The mediating effect of self-efficacy, hope, and vitality
Arturo Cernas-Ortiza, Daniel; Mercado-Salgado, Patricia & Davis, Mark
March 8, 2018
Primary view of Network Theory
Borgatti, Stephen P. & Lopez-Kidwell, Virginie
Primary view of Hearing It Through the Grapevine: Positive and Negative Workplace Gossip
Grosser, Travis & Lopez-Kidwell, Virginie
June 28, 2011
Primary view of Happy Wife, Happy Life: Food Choices in Romantic Relationships
Hasford, Jonathan; Kidwell, Blair & Lopez-Kidwell, Virginie
August 30, 2017
Primary view of A New Approach to Measure Perceived Brand Personality Associations Among Consumers
Heere, Bob
Primary view of The South Africa World Cup: The Ability of Small and Medium Firms to Profit From Increased Tourism Surrounding Mega-Events
Heere, Bob; Van Der Manden, Pieter & Van Hemert, Patricia
March 2, 2015
Primary view of Questioning the Validity of Race as a Social Construct: Examining Race and Ethnicity in the ‘Rainbow Nation’
Heere, Bob; Walker, Matthew; Gibson, Heather; Thapa, Brijesh; Geldenhuys, Sue & Coetzee, Willie
January 2015
Primary view of Consumers from Emerging Markets: Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Global Sporting Brands
Kim, Chiyoung & Heere, Bob
Primary view of Exploring the Relative Effectiveness of Emotional, Rational, and Combination Advertising Appeals on Sport Consumer Behavior
Lee, Seunghwan & Heere, Bob
Primary view of Which Senses Matter More? The Impact of Our Senses on Team Identity and Team Loyalty
Lee, Seunghwan; Heere, Bob & Chung, Kyu-soo
Primary view of Cause-Related versus Non-Cause-Related Sport Events: Differentiating Endurance Events Through a Comparison of Athletes' Motives
Rundio, Amy; Heere, Bob & Newland, Brianna
Primary view of Are They Wearing Their Pride on Their Sleeve? Examining the Impact of Team and University Identification upon Brand Equity
Wear, Henry; Heere, Bob & Clopton, Aaron
Primary view of Sport Marketing in Asia: Exploring Trends and Issues in the 21st Century
Yoshida, Masayuki & Heere, Bob
Primary view of Fan Community Identification: An Empirical Examination of Its Outcomes in Japanese Professional Sport
Yoshida, Masayuki; Gordon, Brian; Heere, Bob & James, Jeffrey D.