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Lavon, Texas: Crossroads of Opportunity

Description: This report examines the City of Lavon, Texas and its economic opportunities. It gives an overview of the City of Lavon and discusses the development of other small cities in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. It reports on incentives for Lavon, discusses the organization of an Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and its tasks, offers an in-depth profile of the community in Lavon, and shows economic development strategies with conclusions about their findings.
Date: April 2010
Creator: University of North Texas. Center for Economic Development and Research.

North Texas State Fair & Rodeo: The Economic Impacts of Existing Activities and Preliminary Feasibility Assessment for New Fairgrounds and Expo Center

Description: This report discusses the economic impacts of existing activities and gives a preliminary feasibility assessment for new fairgrounds and expo center. The economic and fiscal impacts generated by fairs, rodeos, horse shows, and cattle shows nationwide are significant. Impacts estimated in the millions of dollars are not uncommon for regional and state events. It is against this backdrop that the University of North Texas Center for Economic Development and Research has been asked to estimate the economic and fiscal impacts of the North Texas State Fair & Rodeo, as well as examine the potential market for and economic and fiscal impacts of building a new exposition center in Denton County. Later in this report, we will also examine the experiences of ten exposition centers across Texas and the U.S. that illustrate the types of events, and the associated costs, that would likely attend construction and operation of such a center in Denton County.
Date: July 2009
Creator: Seman, Michael