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A General Treatment of Solubility. 1. The QSPR Correlation of Solvation Free Energies of Single Solutes in Series of Solvents

Description: Article on a general treatment of solubility and the quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) correlation of solvation free energies of single solutes in series of solvents.
Date: October 2, 2003
Creator: Katritzky, Alan R.; Oliferenko, Alexander A.; Oliferenko, Polina V.; Petrukhin, Ruslan; Tatham, Douglas B.; Maran, Uko, 1966- et al.

Riddarhyttan City Motif

Description: First page of The Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma. The blue cover features a black and white drawing of a medieval knight wearing mail and a tunic with a cross motif. He is holding a shield that bears the image of a stone building with flames shooting out of the roof. The word "Riddarhyttan" appears on a banner above the knight's head. Two photographs are arranged to the left of the knight, with text and an image of a computer mouse to the right. The next page includes a table of contents, an editorial, and a list of contributors. Near the bottom of this second page is a piece labeled "On the Cover," which describes the previous page.
Date: Spring 2003
Creator: Marshall, James L., 1940- & Theiltoft, Roy