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Primary view of A Putative Transporter is Essential for Integrating Nutrient and Hormone Signaling with Lateral Root Growth and Nodule Development in Medicago truncatula
Yendrek, Craig R.; Lee, Yi-Ching; Morris, Viktoriya; Liang, Yan; Pislariu, Catalina I.; Burkart, Graham et al.
Primary view of Complexity and Synchronization
Turalska, Malgorzata; Lukovic, Mirko; West, Bruce J. & Grigolini, Paolo
August 14, 2009
Primary view of The AGC Kinase MtIRE: A Link to Phospholipid Signaling During Nodulation?
Pislariu, Catalina I. & Dickstein, Rebecca
Primary view of Event-Driven Power-Law Relaxation in Weak Turbulence
Silvestri, Ludovico; Fronzoni, Leone; Grigolini, Paolo & Allegrini, Paolo
January 5, 2009
Primary view of Criticality and Transmission of Information in a Swarm of Cooperative Units
Vanni, Fabio; Lukovic, Mirko & Grigolini, Paolo
August 12, 2011
Primary view of Do I Look Illegal? Undocumented Latino/a Students and the Challenges of Life in the Shadows
Nuñez-Janes, Mariela & Chapa, Shaun
April 13, 2011
Primary view of Quantum Entanglement and Entropy
Giraldi, Filippo & Grigolini, Paolo
August 20, 2001
Primary view of Memory Beyond Memory in Heart Beating, a Sign of a Healthy Physiological Condition
Allegrini, Paolo; Grigolini, Paolo; Hamilton, P.; Palatella, Luigi & Raffaelli, G.
April 11, 2002
Primary view of Diffusion Entropy and Waiting Time Statistics of Hard-X-Ray Solar Flares
Grigolini, Paolo; Leddon, Deborah & Scafetta, Nicola
March 25, 2002
Primary view of Linear Response to Perturbation of Nonexponential Renewal Processes
Barbi, Francesco; Bologna, Mauro & Grigolini, Paolo
November 23, 2005
Primary view of Absorption and Emission in the Non-Poissonian Case
Aquino, Gerardo; Palatella, Luigi & Grigolini, Paolo
July 28, 2004
Primary view of Mega et al. Reply
Mega, Mirko S.; Allegrini, Paolo; Grigolini, Paolo; Latora, Vito; Palatella, Luigi; Rapisarda, Andrea et al.
March 26, 2004
Primary view of What's Wrong with Processed Food?
Kaplan, David M.
October 24, 2011
Primary view of Generalized Master Equation Via Aging Continuous-Time Random Walks
Allegrini, Paolo; Aquino, Gerardo; Grigolini, Paolo; Palatella, Luigi & Rosa, Angelo
Primary view of Scaling Detection in Time Series: Diffusion Entropy Analysis
Scafetta, Nicola & Grigolini, Paolo
September 25, 2002
Primary view of Lévy Scaling: The Diffusion Entropy Analysis Applied to DNA Sequences
Scafetta, Nicola; Latora, Vito & Grigolini, Paolo
September 20, 2002
Primary view of Random Growth of Interfaces as a Subordinated Process
Failla, Roberto; Grigolini, Paolo; Ignaccolo, Massimiliano & Schwettmann, Arne
July 30, 2004
Primary view of Scaling Breakdown: A Signature of Aging
Allegrini, Paolo; Bellazzini, Jacopo; Bramanti, G.; Ignaccolo, Massimiliano; Grigolini, Paolo & Yang, J.
July 12, 2002
Primary view of Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives
Aquino, Gerardo; Bologna, Mauro; Grigolini, Paolo & West, Bruce J.
September 10, 2004
Primary view of Vortex Dynamics in Evolutive Flows: A Weakly Chaotic Phenomenon
Bellazzini, Jacopo; Menconi, Giulia; Ignaccolo, Massimiliano; Buresti, Guido & Grigolini, Paolo
Primary view of Power-Law Time Distribution of Large Earthquakes
Mega, Mirko S.; Allegrini, Paolo; Grigolini, Paolo; Latora, Vito; Palatella, Luigi; Rapisarda, Andrea et al.
May 2003
Primary view of Solar Turbulence in Earth's Global and Regional Temperature Anomalies
Scafetta, Nicola; Grigolini, Paolo; Imholt, Timothy; Roberts, James A. & West, Bruce J.
February 26, 2004
Primary view of Long- and Short-Time Analysis of Heartbeat Sequences: Correlation with Mortality Risk in Congestive Heart Failure Patients
Allegrini, Paolo; Balocchi, Rita; Chillemi, Santi; Grigolini, Paolo; Hamilton, P.; Maestri, Roberto et al.
Primary view of Templated Growth of Hexagonal Nickel Carbide Nanocrystals on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Hwang, Jun Y.; Singh, Antariksh; Chaudhari, Mrunalkumar; Tiley, Jaimie S.; Zhu, Y. T. (Yuntian T.), 1963-; Du, Jincheng et al.
May 18, 2010