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Primary view of K-shell x-ray-production cross sections in 6C, 8O, 9F, 11Na, 12Mg, and 13Al, by 0.75- to 4.5-MeV protons
Yu, Y. C.; McNeir, M. R.; Weathers, Duncan L.; Duggan, Jerome L.; McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942- & Lapicki, Gregory
November 1, 1991
Primary view of Metal Hydroxide Derivatives Containing Chemically Bound Organophosphorus or Polyphosphate Species as Flame Retardants
Braterman, Paul S.; D'Souza, Nandika & Dharia, Amit
November 15, 2002
Primary view of Modified embedded atom method study of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube reinforced nickel composites
Uddin, Jamal; Baskes, Michael I.; Srivilliputhur, Srinivasan; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Wilson, Angela K.
March 11, 2010
Primary view of Rapid isothermal annealing of As-, P-, and B-implanted silicon
Wilson, Scott R.; Paulson, W. M.; Gregory, R. B.; Hamdi, A. H. & McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942-
June 15, 1984
Primary view of Spontaneous coordinated activity in cultured networks: analysis of multiple ignition sites, primary circuits, and burst phase delay distributions
Ham, Michael I.; Bettencourt, Luis; McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942- & Gross, Guenter W.
June 2008
Primary view of Thermal annealing behavior of an oxide layer under silicon
Hamdi, A. H.; McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942-; Pinizzotto, Russell F.; Matteson, Samuel E.; Lam, H. W. & Malhi, S. D. S.
December 15, 1982