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Absorption and Emission in the Non-Poissonian Case
Article on absorption and emission in the Non-Poissonian Case.
Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives
This article discusses aging rejuvenation with fractional derivatives.
Aging in financial market
Article discussing aging in the financial market.
Anomalous diffusion and ballistic peaks: A quantum perspective
Article discussing research on anomalous diffusion and ballistic peaks.
Anomalous diffusion and environment-induced quantum decoherence
Article discussing research on anomalous diffusion and environment-induced quantum decoherence.
Anomalous diffusion associated with nonlinear fractional derivative Fokker-Planck-like equation: Exact time-dependent solutions
Article discussing research on anomalous diffusion associated with nonlinear fractional derivative Fokker-Planck-like equation.
Beyond the Death of Linear Response: 1/f Optimal Information Transport
Article discussing research on linear response and 1/f optimal information transport.
Bianucci, Mannella, and Grigolini Reply
Article replying to a comment by Massimo Falcioni and Angelo Vulpiani. The authors discuss research on the linear response theory (LRT).
Bold-Independent Computational Entropy Assesses Functional Donut-Like Structures in Brain fMRI Images
This article introduces a novel technique of fMRI images analysis, called computational proximity method, i.e., nucleus clustering in Voronoï tessellations.
Brain, Music, and Non-Poisson Renewal Processes
Article discussing research that shows both music composition and brain function, as revealed by the electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis, are renewal non-Poisson processes living in the nonergodic dominion.
Breakdown of the Onsager Principle as a Sign of Aging
Article discussing the breakdown of the Onsager principle as a sign of aging.
Canonical and noncanonical equilibrium distribution
Article discussing research on canonical and noncanonical equilibrium distribution.
Chaos and thermal conductivity
Article discussing research on chaos and thermal conductivity.
Collective behavior and evolutionary games - An introduction
This article is an introduction to a special issue in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals with the goal of attracting submissions that identify unifying principles that describe the essential aspects of collective behavior, and which thus allow for a better interpretation and foster the understanding of the complexity arising in such systems.
Complexity and Synchronization
This article discusses complexity and synchronization in decision making and information transmission.
Complexity and the Fractional Calculus
Article discussing a study on complexity and the fractional calculus.
Compression and Diffusion: A Joint Approach to Detect Complexity
Article discussing a joint approach to detect complexity by combining the Compression Algorithm Sensitive To Regularity (CASToRe) and Complex Analysis of Sequences via Scaling AND Randomness Assessment (CASSANDRA) procedures.
Cooperation in neural systems: Bridging complexity and periodicity
Article discussing research on cooperation and neural systems and bridging complexity and periodicity.
Cooperation-induced topological complexity: a promising road to fault tolerance and Hebbian learning
This article discusses cooperation-induced topological complexity and the emergence of intelligence.
Correlation Function and Generalized Master Equation of Arbitrary Age
Article discussing research on correlation function and generalized master equation of arbitrary age.
Criticality and Transmission of Information in a Swarm of Cooperative Units
Article discussing the criticality and transmission of information in a swarm of cooperative units.
Decoherence, wave function collapses and non-ordinary statistical mechanics
Article discussing decoherence, wave function collapses, and non-ordinary statistical mechanics.
Diffusion Entropy and Waiting Time Statistics of Hard-X-Ray Solar Flares
Article on diffusion entropy and waiting time statistics of hard-x-ray solar flares.
Dynamic Approach to the Thermodynamics of Superdiffusion
This article discusses dynamic approach to the thermodynamics of superdiffusion.
Dynamical approach to Lévy processes
This article discusses a dynamical approach to Lévy processes, which makes it possible to derive all statistical properties of the diffusion process from the correlation function of the dichotomous fluctuating variable Φy(t).
Dynamical model for DNA sequences
This article discusses a dynamical model for DNA sequences based on the assumption that the statistical properties of DNA paths are determined by the joint action of two processes, one deterministic with long-range correlations and the other random and δ-function correlated.
Dynamical Origin of Memory and Renewal
This article discusses a dynamical origin of memory and renewal.
The Dynamics of EEG Entropy
This article discusses the dynamics of EEG entropy.
Dynamics of Electroencephalogram Entropy and Pitfalls of Scaling Detection
This article discusses dynamics of electroencephalogram entropy and pitfalls of scaling detection. Herein the authors study the time evolution of diffusion entropy to elucidate the scaling of EGG time series.
Effect of noise and detector sensitivity on a dynamical process: Inverse power law and Mittag-Leffler interevent time survival probabilities
Article on the effect of noise and detector sensitivity on a dynamical process and the inverse power law and Mittag-Leffler interevent time survival probabilities.
Event-Driven Power-Law Relaxation in Weak Turbulence
This article discusses event-driven power-law relaxation in weak turbulence.
Experimental Quenching of Harmonic Stimuli: Universality of Linear Response Theory
This article discusses experimental quenching of harmonic stimuli.
Fast-computational approach to the evaluation of slow-motion EPR spectra in terms of a generalized Langevin equation
Article discussing a fast-computational approach to the evaluation of slow-motion EPR spectra in terms of a generalized Langevin equation.
A fluctuating environment as a source of periodic modulation
Article discussing a fluctuating environment as a source of periodic modulation.
Fluctuation-Dissipation Process Without a Time Scale
Article discussing the fluctuation-dissipation process without a time scale.
Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem for Event-Dominated Processes
Article discussing the fluctuation-dissipation theorem for event-dominated processes.
Fluorescence intermittency in blinking quantum dots: renewal or slow modulation?
Article discussing fluorescence intermittency in blinking quantum dots.
Fractional Brownian motion as a nonstationary process: An alternative paradigm for DNA sequences
Article discussing the fractional Brownian motion (FBM) as a nonstationary process and an alternative paradigm for DNA sequences.
Fractional calculus as a macroscopic manifestation of randomness
Article discussing fractional calculus as a macroscopic manifestation of randomness.
From power law intermittence to macroscopic coherent regime
Article addressing the problem of establishing which is the proper form of quantum master equation generating a survival probability identical to that corresponding to the nonergodic sequence of "light on" and "light off" fluorescence fluctuations in blinking quantum dots.
From self-organized to extended criticality
Article discussing the criticality of transition processes in neurophysiology.
Generalized Master Equation Via Aging Continuous-Time Random Walks
This article discusses the problem of the equivalence between continuous-time random walk (CTRW) and generalized master equation (GME).
Intermittency and scale-free networks: a dynamical model for human language complexity
Article discussing intermittency, scale-free networks, and a dynamical model for human language complexity.
Lévy diffusion as an effect of sporadic randomness
This article discusses Lévy diffusion as an effect of sporadic randomness.
Lévy Scaling: The Diffusion Entropy Analysis Applied to DNA Sequences
Article on Lévy scaling and the diffusion entropy analysis applied to DNA sequences. The authors address the problem of the statistical analysis of a time series generated by complex dynamics with the diffusion entropy analysis.
Linear response at criticality
In this article, the authors study a set of cooperatively interacting units at criticality, and prove with analytical and numerical arguments that they generate the same renewal non-Poisson intermittency as that produced by blinking quantum dots.
Linear Response of Hamiltonian Chaotic Systems as a Function of the Number of Degrees of Freedom
This article discusses the linear response of Hamiltonian chaotic systems as a function of the number of degrees of freedom.
Linear Response to Perturbation of Nonexponential Renewal Processes
This article discusses the linear response to perturbation of nonexponential renewal processes.
Long- and Short-Time Analysis of Heartbeat Sequences: Correlation with Mortality Risk in Congestive Heart Failure Patients
Article discussing long- and short-time analysis of heartbeat sequences and the correlation with mortality risk in congestive heart failure patients.
The Markov approximation revisited: inconsistency of the standard quantum Brownian motion model
Article discussing the Markov approximation and inconsistency of the standard quantum Brownian motion model.