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Primary view of Combined effects of ZnO particle deposition and heat treatment on dimensional stability and mechanical properties of poplar wood
Cui, Wei; Zhang, Nannan; Xu, Min & Cai, Liping
May 24, 2017
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Correlation Between Shale Gas Development and Ozone Pollution within the Barnett Shale Region
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
September 4, 2014
Primary view of Evaluation of Three Major Emission Sources on DFW Ozone Level Using Photochemical Modeling
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
March 7, 2015
Primary view of Impact of Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing on Ozone Pollution in Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
June 10, 2014
Primary view of Impacts of Fracking on Local Ozone Pollution in DFW Area
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
Primary view of Influence of Bath Composition at Acidic pH on Electrodeposition of Nickel-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites for Corrosion Protection
Tientong, Jeerapan; Thurber, Casey; D'Souza, Nandika; Mohamed, Adel M. A. & Golden, Teresa
September 25, 2013
Primary view of Ozone Impact of Shale Gas Activities in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
Primary view of Porositization Process of Carbon or Carbonaceous Materials
Shi, Sheldon Q. & Xia, Changlei
March 14, 2014
Primary view of Predicting Hourly Ozone Pollution in Dallas-Fort Worth Area Using Spatio-Temporal Clustering
Ahmadi, Mahdi; Huang, Yan & John, Kuruvilla
May 20, 2015
Primary view of Templated Growth of Hexagonal Nickel Carbide Nanocrystals on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Hwang, Jun Y.; Singh, Antariksh; Chaudhari, Mrunalkumar; Tiley, Jaimie S.; Zhu, Y. T. (Yuntian T.), 1963-; Du, Jincheng et al.
May 18, 2010