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[Chalk Outline of a Body]

Description: Photograph of a chalk outline of a body marked on a sidewalk, representing Mr. Terry Tebedo. The outline was drawn by Bill Nelson who was participating in the memorial for Terry Tebedo. Text has been written inside and around the outline. Event participants are paritally visible around the outline.
Date: unknown

[Crossroads Market Bag]

Description: Bag from Crossroads Market, a store run by Bill Nelson, Terry Tebedo, and William Waybourn throughout the 1980s. The bag has a logo with the initials "CM" in the center of a circle and text underneath that says "Crossroads Market Bookstore & Cafe."
Date: 1980~

[Bill Nelson Drawing a Chalk Outline of a Body]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson, kneeling next to a chalk outline of a body, that represents Mr. Nelson's partner, Terry Tebedo at the memorial service for Tebedo. Nelson is is surrounded by a crowd of participants and press. Members of the Dallas Gay Alliance and Gay Urban Truth Squad are present, including John Thomas (back row), Bill Hunt (front row, pink triangle shirt) and William Waybourn (beside Hunt, in dark, long sleeve shirt).
Date: unknown

[Dave Lewis and Bill Nelson at Pride III]

Description: Photograph of Dave Lewis (left), and Bill Nelson (right) standing in front of a large group of people at Pride III in Lee Park, Dallas, Texas. Both of them are holding striped rainbow flags on metal poles; several people in the background also have flags. Handwritten on the back of this photo are the words, "R. Dise, #84-23. Shot #6. Pride III Dallas at Lee Park. Foreground, l-r: Dave Lewis Bill Nelson. 09-23-84."
Date: September 23, 1984

[Bill Nelson Outlining the Silhouette of a Body]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson during the memorial for Terry Tebedo, crouched next to the black silhouette of a figure laid on the sidewalk. He appears to be outlining the cutout with chalk. A crowd of participants and press is visible in the background. John Thomas (back, tall man), Bill Hunt (middle, pink triangle shirt) and William Waybourn (middle, beside Hunt in the dark shirt) look on.
Date: unknown

[Bill Nelson, Speaking]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson speaking to a crowd at the memorial for Terry Tebedo. A group of people is visible in the background, including a man holding a video camera. Behind Nelson, there are several flower arrangements surrounding a partially-obscured banner that says "Never Forget. Dallas Gay Alliance."
Date: unknown

[Bruce Monroe and Another Man in Front of a Banner at a Memorial Service for Terry Tebedo]

Description: Photograph of two men, both in jeans and tennis shoes, standing in a dark outdoor area in front of a banner that reads "Never Forget : Dallas Gay Alliance" (partially obscured by the man on the left). The man on the left is Bruce Monroe. Large floral arrangements and wreaths sit under the banner. Photograph taken at the memorial service honoring Terry Tebedo, who died of AIDS complications in 1988. Members of the Dallas Gay Alliance are present, as well as members of Gay Urban Truth Squad (GUTS), a sub-organization of the Alliance.
Date: 1988