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[Female students on bicycles in front of West Hall at North Texas State University]

Description: Photograph of four female students on bicycles in front of West Hall dormitory at North Texas State University. The students are in the left foreground of the photograph and are riding their bicycles on the sidewalk in front of West Hall. Three of the female students are white and one is African American. In the right background of the photograph, West Hall is visible along with shrubs, trees, and other bicycles near the entrance to the dormitory. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads "West Hall".
Date: [1975~, 1985~]
Location Info:

["November 22, 1963" by Sarah T. Hughes, with Lyndon B. Johnson first day of issue cover]

Description: Typescript by United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes recounting her experiences on November 22, 1963, following President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. Judge Hughes describes the scene aboard Air Force One at Love Field as she administered the presidential oath of office to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. She concludes by expressing her confidence in President Johnson's character and his ability to lead the country in the aftermath of the assassination. In addition to Judge Hughes's narrative, the first page of the typescript serves as a first day of issue cover of a United States postage stamp featuring Lyndon B. Johnson, first authorized for use on August 27, 1973. The postal frank on the first page, below the stamp, reads "AUSTIN, AUG. 27, 1973, TX" and "FIRST DAY OF ISSUE".
Date: August 27, 1973
Creator: Hughes, Sarah T. (Sarah Tilghman), 1896-1985

[Lesbian and Gay Rights Billboard]

Description: Photograph of a billboard in Dallas announcing the 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Billboard depicts several people holding hands in a box labeled "In celebration of human rights." Text below the figures says "March on Washington October 14, 1979 For lesbian and gay rights. For information call (214) 522-6702."
Date: 1979

The Battlecry, Volume 1, Number 5, October 5, 1979

Description: Special Issue of The Battlecry discussing the activities of The North Texas Committee for the March on Washington including plans for a Texas-style barbeque, information about staying in Washington, the White House delegation, Gay Constituency Day, and other events related to the March. Members of the “White House Delegation” include Ray Hill, a noted gay rights activist living in Houston, Texas.
Date: October 5, 1979

[Sleeping Cowboy]

Description: A photograph of a man sleeping on a bed with a straw cowboy hat on his face. His shirt states, "March on Washington October 14, 1979." Individual is possibly part of the Texas group traveling to the 1979 March on Washington.
Date: October 14, 1979