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[Track Athlete in 1961]

Description: Photograph of male student track athlete in a moment of suspension as he begins a sprint. In the image the athlete is in a natural sprinting pose on the track heading towards the camera. To the very left a figure stands in the middle of the field and tree line in the background.
Date: March 1961

[Dr. C.E. Shuford with journalism students]

Description: Photograph of Dr. C. E. Shuford, professor in the Journalism Department, talking with students Lee Abott and Jose Cantu during reporting class. In the photograph Abott is writing notes with papers around her while Cantu and Shuford discuss a paper over a typewriter. In the background is a brick wall with a window on one side and a chalkboard on the other.
Date: February 1961

[Bob Stanley with Sophomore Reporting Class]

Description: Photograph of Bob Stanley, professor in the Journalism Department, sitting with sophomore students in a reporting class in 1961. In the image Stanley and the three students sitting with him are looking at a newspaper together. Stacks of newspapers can be seen in the foreground, more students are sitting at individual desks behind the central group. A bulletin covered with newspaper scraps fills the back wall.
Date: February 1961