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[Gay Urban Truth Squad Button]

Description: Square, black button on a small plastic stand. There is a pink triangle near the top, with a purple "stamp" that says "G*U*T*S" and the words "Gay Urban Truth Squad" written at the bottom. The Gay Urban Truth Squad (GUTS) was a side project of the Dallas Gay Alliance.
Date: unknown
Creator: Monroe, Bruce

[Terry Tebedo Banner]

Description: Photograph of a banner with three horizontal sections, hung on a curtain. The top section says "Terry Tebedo 'Memory Maker'" and has images of birds in flight; the middle section has an image of a baseball cap in the background with the name "Mikey" over it, in memory of Mike Hearn, who was a Dallas caterer and supporter of the AIDS Resource Center; the lower section has an image of a Pegasus flying over the name "Howie Daire." This was part of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and it honors all three men.
Date: 1986
Creator: Hanson, Andy

[Volunteer Banquet, 1988]

Description: A photograph of several men standing in a row, one of whom (the second from the left) is holding an award. The man on the far right has a nametag that says "Craig Hess, Staff" and the man to his left has a nametag that says "Bill Hunt, Board." Hess was the volunteer coordinator, and Hunt was the food pantry coordinator. Several other people are partially visible, seated in front of the men. Handwritten on the back of the photo are the words, "AR Center Volunteer Banquet 1988."
Date: 1988

[Board members of the Foundation for Human Understanding]

Description: Photograph of current and former presidents of the Foundation for Human Understanding. William Waybourn, Stephen B. Hawkins, Dick Weaver, John Thomas, executive director, and Bruce Monroe standing in a group outside of a building. There is a trellis in the background and a brick wall with a building on the left. Handwritten on the back of this photograph are the words, "L>R. William Waybourn - 91. Stephen B. Hawkins 93 - 97. Dick Weaver - John Thomas - Secty Founder 83. Bruce Monroe 91 - 93. All found Board Presidents except John?"
Date: March 1996

[Police Officer Speaking]

Description: Photograph of a police officer giving a speech at a podium during the Pride Rally, speaking of the 1993 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. The picture was taken at Arlington Hall in Lee Park. A woman in a red jacket crouches near him with a channel four KDFW microphone, and Bruce Monroe stands with his arms crossed around a plaque behind the police officer. A row of trophies can be seen at the bottom of the image.
Date: 1993