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[Clipping: Advertisement for The Homosexual Network by Enrique Rueda]

Description: Clipping of an advertisement for a book, The Homosexual Network: Private Lives and Public Policy, by Enrique Rueda. The reverse of the ad shows that it was printed in the July 22, 1983 issue of National Review. According to the ad, the 700-page book by Rueda covers "every aspect of the homosexual movement that bears on politics, religion and social life". The ad quotes positive reviews of the book from Morton Blackwell, Jerry Falwell, and Rev. Charles Fiore. At the bottom of the advertisement is a coupon for membership in the Conservative Book Club.
Date: July 1983

[Clipping: "Preacher or statesman?: a toned-down Jerry Falwell ponders what his role should be in a post-Ronald Reagan era", Dallas Times Herald]

Description: Newspaper clippings of an article from the Dallas Times Herald, dated Sunday, December 20, 1987, originally published in The Washington Post by Laura Sessions Stepp. The article discusses the Rev. Jerry Falwell's decision to relinquish the presidency of Moral Majority, resign as chairman of The PTL Club, and limit his involvement in national political issues. The article suggests that Falwell may redirect his efforts to preaching at his Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, broadcasting "The Old Time Gospel Hour", and attending to affairs at Liberty University, which Falwell founded in 1971.
Date: December 20, 1987
Creator: Stepp, Laura Sessions

[Letter from Jerry Falwell on keeping Old Time Gospel Hour on air]

Description: Letter from Jerry Falwell on his opposition to homosexuality and asking for support in keeping his "Old-Time Gospel Hour" television program on the air. Falwell writes that the Old Time Gospel Hour "is one of the few major ministries in America crying out against militant homosexuals" (p. 1). The letter is printed on what appears to be lined yellow notepad paper.
Date: August 13, 1981
Creator: Falwell, Jerry

[Clipping: " 'Homosexuality is a death-style,' gay rights foe tells psychologists", GayLife]

Description: Clipping of an article by Kārlis Streips from the LGBT weekly publication GayLife. The article recounts controversial comments on homosexuality made by the psychologist Paul Cameron at the 1983 Midwestern Psychological Association convention in Chicago. According to the article, Cameron claimed, among other things, "that homosexuals are 20 times more likely to commit mass murder than are heterosexuals".
Date: May 12, 1983
Creator: Streips, Kārlis

[Letter from Campbell B. Read to Station Manager of KVTT-FM 91.7, "Request for Equal Time" - May 14, 1983]

Description: Letter from Campbell B. Read, Ph.D. to the Station Manager of the Christian radio station KVTT 91.7 FM in Dallas. Dr. Read is requesting equal time to respond to certain claims made by Dr. Paul Cameron, Dr. Clem Mueller, and a vice officer of the Dallas Police Department on the "Point of View" talk radio program on May 13, 1983. The topic of the talk show was the health aspects of homosexual behavior. Read writes that the Federal Communications Commission requires that radio stations give equal time for rebuttal if "questionable, if not slanderous, statements are made about [minority] groups". Read, who holds a Ph. D. in Statistics, challenges the claims made by the guests on the talk show and claims that their comments about the gay community were indeed slanderous.
Date: May 14, 1983
Creator: Read, Campbell B.

[Political cartoon of Jerry Falwell]

Description: This document includes a political cartoon featuring Jerry Falwell, published in the Austin American-Statesman. The cartoon depicts Falwell in pajamas praying at his bed. "Jerry Falwell" is written on the headboard of the bed; a portrait of Falwell hangs above the headboard. A lamp, a Mickey Mouse doll, and a copy of the Bible are on the nightstand beside the bed. The cartoon's caption (Falwell's prayer) reads, "We thank thee for the gifts of thy bountiful herpes and thine blessed AIDS, O, Lord...Now send us something for all the other weirdos." To the right of the kneeling Falwell, the speech balloon of a character with an elongated nose reads, "Our cup runneth over". An unknown artist's signature is included in the upper right of the cartoon. "19 July 83- Austin American Statesman - Falwell" is printed vertically to the right of the cartoon. The following is printed below the cartoon: "Please return this cartoon to the Dallas Gay/Lesbian Historic Archives. 6146 St. Moritz, Dallas, Texas 75214".
Date: July 19, 1983
Creator: Austin American-Statesman

[Clipping: "Falwell solicits funds, says gays targeted him for death", Dallas Morning News]

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, originally published by the Religious News Service, dated November 2, 1991. The article discusses the Rev. Jerry Falwell's claim that a group of homosexuals intended to kill him at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, in October 1991. The article quotes Falwell's description of the event in a fund-raising letter mailed to Falwell's supporters.
Date: November 2, 1991
Creator: Religious News Service

[Letter from Jerry Falwell and Liberty Alliance on re-activating Moral Majority]

Description: Letter from Jerry Falwell and the Liberty Alliance asking Falwell's supporters if he should "re-activate the Moral Majority to help bring this nation back to moral sanity" (p. 3). In the letter, Falwell identifies contemporary events in the news which he considers to be evidence of America's moral decline and "the agenda of the homosexuals, abortionists, feminists, New Agers and humanists" (p. 1). Following the letter, there are copies of newspaper clippings of stories that concern Falwell and his supporters, including the issues of abortion and homosexuality. In an "Important Note", Falwell offers to send a VHS videotape of his documentary "The Truth About Aids and Clinton's Hidden Agenda" in exchange for "a gift of at least $35". Finally, the letter includes a "Reply Form to Jerry Falwell" with the question "Should I re-activate MORAL MAJORITY to help bring this nation back to moral sanity?" and an envelope addressed to the Liberty Alliance in Madison Heights, Virginia.
Date: 1993~
Creator: Falwell, Jerry

[Clipping: "Childlike fascination: condemnation by Falwell igniting sales of Tinky Winky dolls, creating gay icon", Page 19A]

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, Page 19A, dated March 3, 1999. The article discusses Jerry Falwell's comments on the possible homosexuality of Tinky Winky, one of the characters from "Teletubbies", the British children's TV show. The article includes a color photograph of Tinky Winky and Dipsy, another "Teletubbies" character.
Date: March 3, 1999
Creator: Egerton, Brooks

I'm Gay . . . O.K.?

Description: Pamphlet or tract published by Last Days Ministries of Lindale, Texas, intended for questioning or homosexual readers. The tract lays out the Christian case against homosexuality based on biblical sources and encourages readers to turn and/or keep away from homosexuality.
Date: 1984
Creator: Bennett, Martin

[Clipping: "Moral Majority to disband: Falwell hails group for political efforts", Dallas Morning News]

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, dated June 12, 1989, by Helen Parmley, Religion Editor of The Dallas Morning News. The article discusses the Rev. Jerry Falwell's decision to dissolve the Moral Majority in August 1989. The article quotes Mr. Falwell as saying that, since he founded the organization in 1979, "we have accomplished everything we set out to do," in terms of organizing conservative Christian voters and bringing national attention to conservative Christian issues in the 1980s.
Date: June 12, 1989
Creator: Parmley, Helen

[Clipping: Jerry Falwell's criticism of President Carter's stance on homosexuality]

Description: Sheet of newspaper clippings from articles in the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald. The articles cover Jerry Falwell's criticism of President Jimmy Carter's stand on homosexuality and Falwell's subsequent apology for his comments. The first article by Helen Parmley of the Dallas Morning News, dated August 7, 1980, discusses Falwell's characterization of the supposedly "pro-gay rights" stance of the Carter administration. The second article, a United Press International story printed in the Dallas Times Herald on October 13, 1980, describes Falwell's apology for his remarks on Carter's position on gay rights. The article quotes Falwell as saying, "It was a reckless statement."
Date: August 7, 1980
Creator: Parmley, Helen

[Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to "Concerned Texan"]

Description: Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to supporters of the corporation "who are concerned about the various threats posed by homosexual conduct to the normal citizens of this State" (p. 3). "BEWARE" is written in red ink on the first page of the letter. In the letter, Mueller cites various studies and statistics about the "Gay Plague" (i.e., AIDS) and includes other warnings about how "homosexuality is extremely dangerous from a public health standpoint" (p. 2). The letter encourages readers to express their concerns about the "Gay Plague" to the Texas Legislature, and asks for financial contributions from the organization's supporters.
Date: [1983, 1984]
Creator: Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc.

[Clipping: "Teletubby trouble: is Tinky Winky gay?", Dallas Morning News]

Description: Clipping of two letters from readers of The Dallas Morning News, dated February 21, 1999. The letters relate to Jerry Falwell's comments on the possible homosexuality of the Teletubby character Tinky Winky. Letters from Beth Watkins of Irving and Tina Macon of Denton call for tolerance from Falwell. In the right of the clipping, there is a cartoon by Scott Crocker of Dallas, titled "The New Televangelist Tubbies". The cartoon depicts a caricature of Falwell as Tinky Winky, or "Teeny Brainy" according to the caption, carrying a red bag. The Dallas Morning News's "Letters Policy" is included in the lower left corner of the clipping.
Date: February 21, 1999
Creator: Dallas Morning News

[Clipping: "Falwell and the court", Dallas Times Herald]

Description: Clipping from an article in the Dallas Times Herald, dated Thursday, July 9, 1981. The article is an anonymous editorial or opinion piece opposing the Rev. Jerry Falwell's influence on the appointment of Supreme Court justices. The author specifically refers to Falwell's objection to President Reagan's nomination of Sandra Day O'Connor.
Date: July 9, 1981
Creator: Dallas Times Herald

[Transcript of radio interview (listener call-in) on KVTT 91.7 FM, Dallas, Texas (national broadcast)]

Description: Typed transcript of a radio interview between host Marlin Maddoux and his guest, psychologist Dr. Paul Cameron, on the "Point of View" talk show via the Christian radio station KVTT 91.7 FM in Dallas, Texas. In the interview, Maddoux and Cameron discuss the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS among homosexuals, gay rights, and other issues related to homosexuality from a conservative Christian perspective. Maddoux and Cameron also take calls and answer questions from listeners of the show.
Date: 198u-07-31
Creator: Maddoux, Marlin & Cameron, Paul

[Clipping: "Unusual habit: gay men dressed as nuns poke fun at Falwell, Schlafly", Dallas Times Herald]

Description: Photocopy of a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Times Herald, originally published by the Associated Press, dated July 14, 1984. The article discusses a satirical demonstration by a group of gay men in San Francisco against the Rev. Jerry Falwell and "anti-feminist" Phyllis Schlafly. The article includes an Associated Press photograph depicting satirical "Ladies Against Women" demonstrators with signs reading "Men Rule!" and "Ladies Against Women". A handwritten note to the left of the article reads, "Democrat Convention". Below the article on the right, another handwritten note reads "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence".
Date: July 14, 1984
Creator: Associated Press
Location Info:

[Clipping: "Face to face: Falwell meeting with gay Christian activists may be milestone", Dallas Morning News]

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald, dated Friday, October 22, 1999. The article discusses a meeting between a group of "200 socially conservative Christians" led by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, and "an equal number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of faith, led by the Rev. Mel White, a gay clergyman." The article includes a cartoon depicting a group of people sitting at a table, engaged in conversation, with speech bubbles coming from their mouths.
Date: October 22, 1999
Creator: Pitts, Leonard & Scott, Margaret

Medical Aspects of Homosexuality

Description: A pamphlet produced by the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality containing statements and statistics that oppose homosexuality. It includes a discussion of sexually-transmitted diseases, AIDS, and related topics as well as the "ISIS Position Paper on Homosexuality."
Date: 1985
Creator: Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality

[Close up of Journal of Hugh Callaway]

Description: Close-up view of a page in Hugh Callaway's journal. The entry contains an account of an attack in which Callaway was attacked and severely beaten as part of a hate crime which targeted gays in Dallas; Callaway's friend was murdered during the incident.
Date: October 1991
Creator: Callaway, Hugh