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[Paper Fragment with Notes]

Description: Paper fragment with handwritten notes. There are several dates written on the front ranging from October 11, 1843 to November 19, 1845, along with some dollar amounts next to each date. The writing on the back mentions God and the church and other religious topics.
Date: 1843/1845
Item Type: Text

[Democratic Electoral Ticket, 1844]

Description: Democratic electoral ticket for the state at large. The ticket has handwriting on it which dates it to 1844. Candidates are listed for state at large races and congressional districts. The document has split in to two parts.
Date: 1844
Item Type: Legal Document

[Democratic Electoral Ticket in Tennessee, 1844]

Description: This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a list of Democratic candidates for the 1844 election in the state of Tennessee. A handwritten note on the side details that this election was Charles B. Moore's first time voting. The candidates listed in this document includes those who ran for senate seats and for congress.
Date: 1844
Item Type: Text

[Whig Ticket]

Description: Whig party ticket for the state at large and the 11 congressional districts of Tennessee in 1844.
Date: 1844
Creator: Whig Party
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, October 27, 1844]

Description: Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore regarding political meetings Henry attended for the upcoming presidential election and his opinion about presidential candidate Polk's prospects. He wrote about local news involving marriage, illness, and weather and a song he heard at one of the meetings.
Date: October 27, 1844
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
Item Type: Letter

[Clipping drawn at West Point Academy, 1847]

Description: Clipping of a man and woman by a stream. On the back is a handwritten poem and note dated August 15, 1895, stating it was drawn by William A. Nimmo at West Point and sent to C. B. Moore around 1847.
Date: 1847
Creator: Nimmo, William A.
Item Type: Artwork

[Democratic ticket, 1848]

Description: This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a democratic ticket of candidates from the 1848 election in Tennessee. The ticket includes candidates who ran for seats in the senate and those who ran for seats in the congress.
Date: 1848
Item Type: Text

The Farmer's Tale

Description: Handwritten autobiographical manuscript describing the author's thoughts and memories, starting with notes about the his father who was a farmer in Virginia. There appear to be several sections, including one labeled "To my MOTHER November 1st 1848"; that section is also signed by C. B. Moore. A portion of the pages near the lower-right corner is missing and several pages at the end of the booklet are blank. Some text on the cover is repeated on the first page.
Date: 1848~
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Receipt from Thomas J. Walton, February 20, 1849]

Description: Receipt from Dr. Thomas J. Walton in Cross Plains, Tennessee to Charles B. Moore for $6.00 for full payment of his account for medical services performed on Moore's mother.
Date: February 20, 1849
Creator: Walton, Thomas J.
Item Type: Text

[Ambrotype of an unknown woman and child]

Description: Photograph of an ambrotype photograph of an unknown woman and a child in an case. It was in the belongings of Byrd Moore Williams upon moving to Texas from Tennessee, and only has the word "Johnson" on it.
Date: 1850/1870
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Sr.
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter from Maud C. Fentress to David W. Fentress]

Description: Letter from Maud C. Fentress to her son David discussing news from Bolivar, Tennessee. The letter is extremely faded and hard to read. The last page of the letter can be read in places and is not as faded as the beginning of the letter. It appears to be that on this last page Maud is discussing the marriage of Clara Bills and her departure to Williamson County. Maud discusses her servants Anne and Eliza, one of whom has 7 children who belonged to Maud, but who are now free. She expresses her wishes for David to visit and help her "arrange matters to live." At the end of the letter, Maud discusses issues of slavery, the freeing of slaves, and agriculture.
Date: 1850~
Creator: Fentress, Maud C.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from H. S. Moore to J. and Ziza Moore, February 8, 1850]

Description: Transcript of a letter to J. and Ziza Moore. Henry has written to Solomon and Sabina, but has not heard from Charles. He talks about the weather and the dances he has been attending. He mentions that his Aunt is going to visit Mary Ann and George Wilson is happy with his land. People are trying to start up businesses of hauling logs. He has to cancel his trip to visit because of the hard economic time he is having. He then goes into detail about the engine he has. Henry then writes to Ziza Moore an anecdote about a man trying to please everyone.
Date: February 8, 1850
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
Item Type: Letter