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[Douglas Clark with "Junebug" Wade Hampton Clark, Jr.]

Description: Douglas Clark with his father "Junebug" Wade Hampton Clark, Jr on the steps of a brick home owned by Wade Hampton Clark Sr. Narrative by Junebug Clark: The Junebug in this photo is Joe's youngest brother. He ran a trucking company called Clark/Sharp based in the Cumberland Gap area. My father, Joe, always admired his brother Junebug because he had a college degree and business sense. My dad's formal education ended in the fifth grade when the school house burned down. Cousin Douglas, as of today in 2014, still owns the family farm in Cumberland Gap, but lives in Arlington, Virginia. He graduated from Lincoln Memorial University and is a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. Doug is about four years older than me so I'm guessing this photo was shot in 1946. It was taken on the front steps of my grandfather's home in Cumberland Gap. The house was built by my father Joe. He was a carpenter before becoming a night watchman and then a photographer. This information is provided by me, the legal Junebug named after my Uncle Junebug.
Date: 1946~
Creator: Clark, Joe

[Main Building Being Torn Down]

Description: Photograph of the Main Building (Old Main) being torn down in 1923. The Main Building was constructed in 1904, the second permanent structure on North Texas Campus. It housed an auditorium that seated 1,200, library, administrative offices, and classrooms. Sometimes referred to as the Old Main building, the structure was demolished in 1923 to make way for the new Administration Building, which is now the Auditorium Building.
Date: 1946
Creator: Johnson, Echvard
Location Info: