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[Main Building and Science Building at North Texas State Normal College]

Description: Photograph, facing south, of the Main Building (in right background) and Science Building (left background) at North Texas State Normal College. The photograph was taken across from the college campus on the north side of Hickory Street, which was unpaved at the time. Visible in the left foreground of the photograph, across from the campus, is a house and its backyard including a stable and/or tool shed. A two-story brick building is also visible in the right foreground. Handwritten notes on the back of the photograph read, "campus, inner, 1913?" and "84 looking south towards auditorium".
Date: [1910..1923]
Location Info:

[Customer's Draft, January 13, 1910]

Description: Customer's draft for Claude D. White from Merchant's National Bank in Omaha, Nebraska. The draft is for the transfer of nine hundred dollars to the Melissa State Bank in Melissa, Texas. The draft is dated January 13, 1910. The document has one stamp from the Melissa State Bank indicating that the sum of nine hundred dollars was paid on January 17, 1910.
Date: January 13, 1910
Creator: White, Claude D.

[Letter from Opal E. Drury to Mrs. Moore and Linnet, February 14, 1910]

Description: Letter from Ohal E. Drury to Mrs. Moore and Linnet. He mentions he has just gotten out of school and mentions who his teachers are. They gave one of the dolls they sent to the baby. He answers their question about pecans. He talks about the pony his father was working with. He talks about what he did for Christmas and decides to end the letter.
Date: February 14, 1910
Creator: Drury, Opal E.

[Letter from S. A. Thornhill to Mary Moore, April 21, 1910]

Description: Letter from S. A. Thornhill to Mary Moore. She was glad to hear from them, she had imagined the worst and hopes they will have good health in Fort Worth. She talks about gardening, but it being too wet. She mentions the weather and how it has made her sick. Mary is going to list all of the friends that have died in 1910. John Crawford's obituary is included. She talks about Bud Thornhill's will. She is sorry for using scraps. She will try to finish the letter to send it off. She comments on the weather and how it is too wet to plant. She talks about her chickens and a hawk that tried to take her chickens. She gives some news about their friends in Tennessee. She hopes that Linnet will be alright and that her baby will comfort her. Claude and Time Jackson said they wanted to come visit her. She would like John to come also so they could have four generations in a picture. She talks about Russell Cole's body being moved after his wife died by his son. She mentions Wash Warren has been unwell. John Thornhill sent her some pictures.
Date: April 21, 1910
Creator: Thornhill, S. A.

[Commencement Announcement for North Texas State Normal College, May 1910]

Description: Graduation announcement for the commencement ceremony of the 1910 class of North Texas State Normal College. The announcement is a plain sheet of cardstock; in the upper left hand corner, there is a raised image of the school's seal above the text, which reads: "The Senior Class of North Texas State Normal College requests your presence at their Commencement Exercises May twenty-second to twenty-fourth nineteen hundred and ten College Auditorium."
Date: May 1910
Creator: North Texas State Normal College