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[News Release: Firscal Reports Approved]

Description: A news release from the AIDS ARMS Network announcing that their fiscal reports had been accepted and that the Network's partners will continue to be able to assist persons with HIV/AIDS but that some employees of the Oak Lawn Counseling Center could no longer be compensated for their work.
Date: May 16, 1988
Creator: AIDS ARMS Network

[The Gift]

Description: A summary of the AIDS Interfaith Network's first year of expanding the operation and helping persons with AIDS in the North Texas region.
Date: December 1989
Creator: AIDS Interfaith Network

The Gay Plague: Homosexuality and Disease

Description: A pamphlet produced by the Alert Citizens of Texas opposing homosexuality with the headings: Gay Sex, Gay Disease, AIDS, Gay Sociology, Gay Psychology, The Gay Game Plan, Gay Legal Victories, Get Involved, and References. The text includes statistics and statements on each of the topics.
Date: 1983
Creator: Alert Citizens of Texas

[Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to "Concerned Texan"]

Description: Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to supporters of the corporation "who are concerned about the various threats posed by homosexual conduct to the normal citizens of this State" (p. 3). "BEWARE" is written in red ink on the first page of the letter. In the letter, Mueller cites various studies and statistics about the "Gay Plague" (i.e., AIDS) and includes other warnings about how "homosexuality is extremely dangerous from a public health standpoint" (p. 2). The letter encourages readers to express their concerns about the "Gay Plague" to the Texas Legislature, and asks for financial contributions from the organization's supporters.
Date: [1983, 1984]
Creator: Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc.

The Homosexual Plague

Description: A pamphlet produced by the Christian Voice Foundation containing statistics and anti-homosexual statements, with references and Bible verses. It includes topic headings for Gay Disease -- Gay Death, Gay Politics -- Gay Power, Gay Pride - Gay Pity, and Gay Surrender.
Date: 1983
Creator: Allen, Ray