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[View of Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah]

Description: Photograph of a view down Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah, seen from the old Union Station, room 11. In the distance are buildings advertising Scowlcroft & Sons Wholesale, and F. J. Kiesel & Co. The closest building on the right is currently used as an office building for the IRS, however it is the former home of Scowlcroft Company warehouse.
Date: 1900/1914
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Jr.
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[First day at UT]

Description: Photograph of a large group of students on their first day at the University of Texas in 1902. Byrd Williams Sr. traveled to Austin from Gainesville to photograph his son, Byrd Jr. who is somewhere in the crowd.
Date: 1902
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Sr.

[Chemistry Class, Spring 1900, North Texas State Normal College]

Description: Photograph of the Chemistry Class, Spring 1900, of the North Texas State Normal College. 9 young women and 7 young men are seen sitting and standing in a classroom, around a table, on which rest a number of pieces of scientific equipment. All wear aprons. Photographic print mounted on card backing. Handwritten notation below photo "The Chemistry Class 1900 - [Spring]". Reverse of mount with several handwritten notes: "Chemistry Class 1900 North Texas Normal College"; "Y873", and "Chemistry students, 1900"; The reverse also has a typed label "Chemistry Class 1900 North Texas Normal College", with handwritten notation "3 col [illeg] zinc halftone".
Date: Spring 1900

[Group of women at a boarding house, c.1900]

Description: Photograph of a group of women sitting in front of an unidentified boarding house ca. 1900. The 30 women sit or stand in rows outside in front of the porch, while a single bearded elderly man stands at back to left. It was common for students of the various higher education schools in Denton to live in boarding houses or with families around town, and many students from the then North Texas State Normal College lived in boarding houses. Photographic image mounted on stiff backing. Inscribed on reverse: "Boarding House".
Date: 1900~

[Students, North Texas State Normal College, c.1904]

Description: Photograph of a class of students standing on the stairs to an entrance to the Main Building of the North Texas State Normal College, c.1904. The 39 men and women stand or sit in rows on the stairs looking at the camera. Photographic image mounted on card backing. Handwritten notes on reverse: "Class of Teachers College - Denton Tex.", "Gift of Mrs. Adkinson[?]", and - partly defaced - "From Mrs. Bat[illegible] Atkins[?] 200 Ave D Denton". Image is undated, but must have been taken between 1904 when the Main building was constructed as the second permanent building on the NT campus, and 1923 when it was torn down. Most likely taken ca. 1904.
Date: 1904~
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[President Menter B. Terrill's house]

Description: Photograph of President Menter B. Terrill's home on Oak Street, Denton, Texas. A view in winter, showing the front of the modest house, with a light dusting of snow on the roof, ground, and railings. Photographic print mounted on dark mount with embossed "frame". Handwritten note along lower margin of photograph: "Home of M.B. Terrill, Denton 1895-1901". Reverse with handwritten notes: "The home of M.B. Terrill 1895-1901" and " ST 253-12". Label taped to back of mount: "Dr. Terrill's Home". Menter Bradley Terrill (1868-1931) is considered the third President of North Texas, serving from 1894 to 1901. Under his administration, the North Texas Normal College became a state educational institution, the North Texas State Normal College, and the first permanent buildings were constructed to house the institution. The exact location on Oak Street of his home is unknown.
Date: 1901~

[Normal Building from the south]

Description: Photograph of the Normal Building from the south side. The photograph shows an unidentified male driving a small horse-drawn wagon, with a second, younger unidentified man standing behind. Photographic print on mount. On reverse of mount is extensive handwritten note with list of professors and courses: "Annie Webb Blanton Eng, Hauslein, Latin, Dr. Bruce, Geometry, Sanders, Penmanship, Match [Math], Borden, Physics, Mrs. Lewis Geography, Long, Biology, Physiology, Mrs. More, Algebra, & Composition, Mrs. Simpkins [Simkins] Art, Mrs. Emma Mitchell, A. History, J.S. Kendall President. Sessions 1901 & 1902 1902 & 1903 Hickory street". The Normal Building was the first permanent building on the campus of the Texas Normal College and Teachers Training Institute, built in 1891. It occupied the site about at the corner of Hickory and Avenue B. In 1907, the Normal building burned down following a lightning strike. At that time, the institution was known as the North Texas State Normal College.
Date: 1903~
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[Kendall-Bruce Literary Society]

Description: Photograph of a display card commemorating the founding of the Kendall Bruce Literary Society, ca. 1901. The card features the KB logo in each corner and oval portraits of J.S. Kendall, AM and W.H. Bruce, Ph.D. Between the portraits is the text: "Kendall-Bruce Literary Society Organized Saturday September 30, 1901. Named in honor of J.S. Kendall and W.H.Bruce first President and Vice President of the North Texas State Normal. Nulla Dies Sine Linea." Below text is artist's/photographer's stamp: "Executed by Shaw and Hargrove, Denton, Tex." Photographic print mounted on gray card mount. Mount embossed at lower right with photographer's stamp: "Shaw & Hargrove, Denton, Tex." Reverse of mount with faint transfer from another photograph image, and handwritten notation "St. 7.96-5". The Kendall-Bruce Literary Society was founded September 30, 1901, and named after Joel Sutton Kendall and William H. Bruce, who would each serve as President of North Texas State Normal College, and had been "beloved teachers". The name of the society was changed in 1908/1909 to the Robert E. Lee Literary Society at the request of then President Bruce.
Date: 1901