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[Cengiz Capan inside of BLB construction]

Description: Photograph of the Associate Dean of Operations at the College of Business, Cengiz Capan, standing inside of the Business Leadership Building structure during its construction. There are lifts and scaffolding set up in the background and most of the structure is framed out with concrete, bricks, and drywall.
Date: October 12, 2010
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[TDNA 2005 Budget at Year-end]

Description: A document that breaks-down the budgeting and profit building of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association for the year 2005. The document states that TDNA fell short of their goal of the $56,856 net profit budgeted for 2005 by $11,554 due to losses, however, they managed to achieve a net profit of $45,302 which helped create a surplus balance of $21,290 for the start of the 2006 budget year.
Date: July 18, 2005
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association

[2006 World Dance Alliance Global Assembly performance program, July 17, 2006 (lunch)]

Description: Program from a performance during the 2006 World Dance Alliance Global Assembly, which was held against one of the exterior walls of the Accolade Building at York University in Toronto, Canada. The program from July 17 includes a description for "Wind Rain Sun" by Bird Soul Productions.
Date: July 17, 2006
Creator: World Dance Alliance
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[TDNA Finance Report, July 2006]

Description: A finance report for the Texas Daily Newspaper Association board of directors meeting July 13, 2006 at the Headliners Club, in Austin, Texas. The report states that TDNA has a surplus of funds compared to the previous year, and gives details about the income and the expenses of the association.
Date: July 5, 2006
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association

[LAC Members 2006-07]

Description: The LAC Members list for the year 2006-07. The LAC is made up of publishers, managers and editors representing all sizes of newspapers in Texas. The list displays the name in alphabetical order by the newspaper companies and the LAC members follow. Attached with the list are meeting dates for the LAC members, with all meetings held at the Headliners Club, on the 21st floor of the Chase Bank Building at 6th and Lavaca in Austin, Texas.
Date: October 5, 2006
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association

[Letter from Philip A. Berkebile to Darrell Coleman, October 25, 2004]

Description: Letter from Philip A. Berkebile, Executive Vice President at TDNA, to Darrell Colemen, President and Publisher at Wichita Falls Times Record News, on October 25, 2004. The letter is in regards to a prior conversation between Wesley R. Turner and Coleman, in which Coleman accepted his nomination for the TDNA board of directors if offered by the 2005 nomination committee. The nomination committee met and formally nominated Coleman to be one of the four recommended candidates for election.
Date: October 25, 2004
Creator: Berkebile, Philip A.

[TXSSAR Arlington chapter members group photo]

Description: Photograph of the TXSSAR Arlington Chapter Members taking a group photograph together. The members are seen holding up certificates that read, "The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution award - with the Certification of Appreciation." Chapter president Anderson has awarded Richard Coffey, Roger Wehr and David Friels with the certificate.
Date: June 10, 2017
Creator: Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution, Arlington Chapter 7
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[AACSB International Certificate of Accreditation]

Description: Certificate that proves the continued accreditation of UNT under the AACSB. The Certificate reads "The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business; AACSB International Certificate of Accreditation granted to University of North Texas for achievement of the highest standard in management education through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement; College of Business; April 26, 2009 Maintenance of Business Accreditation". It is signed by both the President and the Chair of the Board of Directors of the organization.
Date: April 26, 2009
Creator: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

[Letter template from the TDNA President to Nelson Clyde IV, October 24, 2006]

Description: Letter from the TDNA President to Nelson Clyde IV on October 24, 2006 congratulating him on being elected TDNA's treasurer beginning January 1, 2007 and on becoming the associations president in 2009. The TDNA will issue a press release on Clyde's election at a later date and when they announce the names of the new members elected to the board of directors.
Date: October 24, 2006

[TXSSAR Arlington Compatriot Gary Stephen Faletti]

Description: Photograph of TXSSAR Arlington chapter compatriot Gary Stephen Faletti receiving a medal and a certificate from chapter president John Anderson during one of the TXSSAR chapter meetings. Faltetti and Anderson are seen standing side by side as their picture is taken with Faletti displaying the award he has received. The certificate reads, "The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Robert E. Burt Boy Scount Volunteer Award presented to Compatriot Gary Stephen Faletti. Upon nomination by the Texas SAR."
Date: August 12, 2017
Creator: Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution, Arlington Chapter 7

[Memo from Helen Turrentine to TDNA Member Publishers, January 25, 2005]

Description: Memo from Helen Turrentine to the TDNA member publishers on January 25, 2005 with the subject Bright Idea Awards Contest. The memo states that there is still time for the newspapers to promote themselves to the community and that the entries for the 2004 Bright Idea Award has been extended until Friday, February 4, 2005.
Date: January 25, 2005
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association

[Grant Strate speaking]

Description: Video from the 2006 World Dance Alliance Global Assembly in Toronto, Canada in July 2006. It consists of a keynote address from Grant Strate, the founder of the dance program at York University where the conference was held. The keynote is titled "Dance in Canada – Roots and Branches ". Strate was a charter member of National Ballet of Canada, and its first resident choreographer, he was also the first chair of the Dance in Canada Association, the initiator of four national choreographic seminars, Director for the Center of the Arts at Simon Fraser University, former president of the World Dance Alliance - Americas, and the recipient of numerous awards.
Date: [2006-07-17..2006-07-21]
Creator: World Dance Alliance
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