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[Female students studying in Maple Street Hall at North Texas State University]

Description: Photograph of two female students studying in the Maple Street Hall dormitory on the campus of North Texas State University. The student in the left of the photograph is reading a book on her bed. In the center of the photograph, the student is reading a book at a desk. Other books and photographs of men are visible on the desk. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads: "Maple St Hall October 1964".
Date: October 1964
Location Info:

[Pole Vault at Track Event]

Description: Photograph of a student in mid-jump for the Pole Vault at a Track event. In the image a number of other athletes are watching the pole vaulter as he attempts to get over the pole. The event is happening on the field with stadium seats seen behind the onlookers.
Date: 1964

[Pole Vault Athlete]

Description: Photograph of and Athlete in the middle of pole vaulting. In the image the athlete is half-way over the pole, one man stands close by watching in amazement. On the track in the background a line of men get ready to run while more sit down watching.
Date: 1964

[Cast of Rawhide at a Diner]

Description: Photograph of O. H. Crew with Clint Eastwood, who played Rowdy Yates, and Paul Brinegar, who played Wishbone, on the television series "Rawhide." This photograph was taken in Montgomery, Alabama, 1964. They sit in a booth in front of a window and most of the decor is seafoam green in color.
Date: 1964
Creator: Bankston, Ray