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Bracelet: World War II Souvenir (Italy)

Description: Aluminum bracelet formed as 1 large and six small oval plaques joined by flattened links. Large plaque with engraved images of eagles framing a view of the bay of Naples, inscribed "NAPLES". Other links with engraved views of various locations in Italy and one with a view of a camel and a palm tree labeled "AFRICA". One link with date 1944.
Date: 1944

[North Texas Mascot, 1942]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas mascot in 1942. The mascot was an eagle. He is pictured wearing a helmet. This photograph appeared on the 1942 cover of the Yucca.
Date: 1942
Item Type: Photograph

[Aerial Photograph of the North Texas State College Campus, around 1949]

Description: Aerial photograph from the north side of the North Texas State College campus around 1949. Administration building (now the Auditorium) is at lower edge of photo, athletic fields in center, Terrill Hall, on right, is shaped like an H. Chestnut Street runs across the photo in front of the athletic fields intersecting at Avenue C on the right.
Date: 1949~
Item Type: Photograph