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[21.06 Trial]

Description: Photograph of Jim Barber (left), Don Baker (middle) and Bill Nelson (right) seated behind a table during the 21.06 trial in 1982. Unidentified persons are visible from the back, in the foreground.
Date: 1982

[Banner for Nelson - Tebedo AIDS Research Clinic]

Description: Photograph of a banner for the Bill Nelson and Terry Tebedo Clinic for AIDS Research, located in Dallas, Texas. The banner has a blue background with letters cut out of T-shirts or other materials; there is a row of icons and symbols across the bottom of the banner. The banner includes Bill Nelson’s jacket from his time as a high school coach, campaign materials from when he ran for office in Dallas, and other items honoring the work and lives of Nelson and Tebedo.
Date: [1980..]

The Battlecry, Volume 1, Number 5, October 5, 1979

Description: Special Issue of The Battlecry discussing the activities of The North Texas Committee for the March on Washington including plans for a Texas-style barbeque, information about staying in Washington, the White House delegation, Gay Constituency Day, and other events related to the March. Members of the “White House Delegation” include Ray Hill, a noted gay rights activist living in Houston, Texas.
Date: October 5, 1979

[Bill Nelson and Crowd]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson speaking to a crowd at the memorial for Terry Tebedo”. People are visible on the right side of the image including a man near the center holding a cutout of a person, painted solid black. Behind Nelson, there is a striped rainbow flag and multiple flower arrangements. William Waybourn (far right) is pictured among the crowd.
Date: 1988

[Bill Nelson and Crowd in Front of a Banner]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people (including activist Bill Nelson) socializing in front of a banner that reads "Never Forget: Dallas Gay Alliance." The photo was taken in a dark outside space and there are large wreaths and floral arrangements around the sign. This event was taken at a memorial for Terry Tebedo in 1988.
Date: 1988