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[Baby Wade Hamilton Clark]

Description: Photograph of Wade Hamilton Clark, father Junebug and Kay, as a baby, sitting upright against a gray background and smiling. June 1979. Identified and dated by his grandfather Joe Clark on the back. Photo by: Junebug Clark. Signed by: Junebug Clark
Date: June 1979
Creator: Clark, Joseph Wade Junebug & Clark, Joe
Item Type: Photograph

The Battlecry, Volume 1, Number 5, October 5, 1979

Description: Special Issue of The Battlecry discussing the activities of The North Texas Committee for the March on Washington including plans for a Texas-style barbeque, information about staying in Washington, the White House delegation, Gay Constituency Day, and other events related to the March. Members of the “White House Delegation” include Ray Hill, a noted gay rights activist living in Houston, Texas.
Date: October 5, 1979

[Bill Nelson]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson posing with his March On Washington Committee shirt.
Date: September 1979
Item Type: Photograph

[Blondy's Dude]

Description: Photograph of American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Champion and a Performance Register of Merit earner, Blondy's Dude.
Date: October 8, 1979
Creator: Shugart, Don
Item Type: Photograph

Consumer rationing in World War Two

Description: An overview of rationing, ration points, ration books, and ration coupons as instituted in the United States during World War II. Includes examples of ration points and stamps.
Date: 1979
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.
Item Type: Book

Enroute to Peć

Description: Photograph of buildings and bridges within a landscape and mountainous region while enroute to Peć in Kosovo.
Date: 1979
Creator: Zichner, Mildred Schaeffer
Item Type: Photograph

Home 'tucked in

Description: Photograph of a building on the lake in an area formerly known as Yugoslavia.
Date: 1979
Creator: Zichner, Mildred Schaeffer
Item Type: Photograph

[Invitation to join the National March on Washington]

Description: Invitation to join a March on Washington with an image of the U.S. Capitol Building. Printed on the invitation are the words, "Join 1,000,000 Gays for the National March on Washington, October 14. July 9, August 13, September 10." Printed on the pamphlet verso is an explanation of how to support the march and the committee planning it, including an explanation about Harvey Milk's involvement planning the march before his assassination.
Date: 1979
Creator: National March on Washington Committee
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Jack Daniel's Old Office in Winter]

Description: Narrative by Junebug Clark: Looking through the front porch of Jack Daniel's Old office toward the Jack Daniel statue and the cave spring. Very rare snowfall in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Even rarer to be able to get there and photograph while snow is still on the ground. Photo by: Joe Clark, HBSS. Clark PhotoFile: 9570-0046-7
Date: 1979
Creator: Clark, Joe
Item Type: Photograph

[Joe Clark and his wife]

Description: Photograph of a Joe Clark and his wife photographed by Isadore A. Berger, an attorney. The two individuals pose in a room with curtained windows, and Clark makes a hand-motion that is blurred by the camera. A photographic print of a man with a dog is exhibited on an easel in the far right corner of the room.
Date: August 6, 1979
Creator: Berger, Isadore
Item Type: Photograph

[Lesbian and Gay Rights Billboard]

Description: Photograph of a billboard in Dallas announcing the 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Billboard depicts several people holding hands in a box labeled "In celebration of human rights." Text below the figures says "March on Washington October 14, 1979 For lesbian and gay rights. For information call (214) 522-6702."
Date: 1979
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter: To Charles Maples from John J. Santillo]

Description: A letter to John J. Santillo from Charles Maples informing Santillo that Maples' letter of reprimand to William Nelson should be removed from Nelson's personal teaching file.
Date: November 14, 1979
Creator: Maples, Charles
Item Type: Letter

[Linda Anderson on Horse]

Description: Photograph of Linda Anderson. She sits on a horse in front of a sign for the 1979 Dallas Metro Circuit, part of the North Texas Cutting Horse Association finals.
Date: 1979
Creator: Dalco Photography
Item Type: Photograph