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[Check, March 24, 1911]

Description: Check made out to the U. S. National Bank by Claude D. White for $500.00 on March 24, 1911. The check has been perforated to form the word "paid." A note at the bottom of the check states, "5 shares of stock."
Date: March 24, 1911
Creator: White, Claude

[Letter from Alice Griffin and Birdie McGee to Linnet White, April 12. 1911]

Description: Letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In Alice Griffin's letter, she notes that she has an experienced x-ray Doctor who has successfully treated a woman with breast cancer. She states that she will talk to her Doctor, but he will want to know specifics about Mary Ann's condition. She mentions that she and Birdie will do all they can for Mary Ann if they decide to go through the Doctor Alice has suggested. She closes by stating that Linnet needs to think this over and write her soon. In the letter written by Birdie, she discusses Mary Ann Moore's grave illness, mentions that Alice has also written about this surprising news, expresses her wishes to see her, and notes that she wants Linnet to write with additional news very soon.
Date: April 12, 1911
Creator: McGee, Birdie & Griffin, Alice

[Letter from Birdie McGee McKinley to Linnet Moore White, May 26, 1911]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Linnet White. She mentions they are all doing well and how busy she has been. She mentions the weather and says she thought something bad had happened since she hadn't heard from them. She wishes she could be helpful to them. She mentions Minnie should be by soon. She went to a college entertainments. She talks about Frank. She asks about Ruth. Mr. Dave Barry got shot along with his cook. Bessie asked about them. She is glad they have good friends and tells Aunt M that she will be well again. She asks that they write to her because she is worried.
Date: May 26, 1911
Creator: McKinley, Birdie

[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Linnet White, April 18, 1911]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Linnet White. She is sorry for always waiting for their letter to respond. She hopes that her mother is doing well and asks for information about her condition to be sent as soon as possible. She would like to go be with them, but she is scared about Frank getting sick. She talks about Aunt Mollie being like grandma, when she broke her hip, she will recover. She is glad Ruth is doing well. She wishes they would come up there and let them help her and her mother. She mentions that it is too wet to garden. She mentions that they are getting older and her husband Will still works from real early until late. She mentions her health problems. Again she wishes they were closer so she could help and asks that they write more often. She hopes that Aunt Mollie will recover.
Date: April 18, 1911
Creator: McKinley, Birdie

[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude, Linnet, and Ruth White, May 2, 1911]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude, Linnet and Ruth White. She hasn't heard from them and hopes that they are doing well. She wants to go see them, but is worried about Frank's health. She now has help, but is afraid to allow her to help with the baby. She talks about farming. She mentions her chickens. A lot of people ask about them. She mentions how Henry is doing and wishes to see Ruth and for them to see Frank. She talks about Alice and Lillian. She went and visited some people. She wishes that they would write more.
Date: May 2, 1911
Creator: McKinley, Birdie

[Letter from H. S. Wysong to Claude D. White, April 5, 1911]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this letter, Wysong informs Moore that he has enclosed a dividend check for $150.00. He notes that the minimal amount of capital stock has passed into the permanent surplus fund and details that the dividend check is an amount that is higher than previous years and is much more than they should expect to earn in the future. Wysong mentions that with White's continued cooperation, reasonable returns will be a realization and with those returns as a foundation, a conservative bank will be built. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: April 23, 1911
Creator: Wysong, H. S.

[Letter from J. W. Berry to Claude D. White, April 25, 1911]

Description: Letter J. W. Berry to Claude D. White. He wanted to write, but has been sick. He heard from Mr. Drury that Mrs. Moore is going to have an operation and hopes she will be fine. He talks about the weather and farming. He is expecting to see Claude this summer. He talks about Pitt. He mentions he only writes when he has something to write for. He hopes they are doing well. She is sorry for not writing but John was sick and she has been busy. She talks about Mrs. Moore and answers the questions she had about the well. She mentions the rain and how it didn't fill the well but was good for the crops. She talks about her bad luck with chickens. She talks about gardening. Mr. Gibson died. Wylie Horn died the day before he was to get married. She mentions the other couples that were to be married.
Date: April 25, 1911
Creator: Berry, John W. & Berry, Alta

[Letter from Opal Drury to Mary Ann Moore and Linnet White, April 3, 1911]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Opal Drury to Linnet White and Mary Ann Moore. In the letter, Opal discusses that the family does not have any time to write due to the baby, notes that Clifford Chandler and the Harris children have the measles, and and mentions that they have a new carriage. Opal informs Moore and White of the successful crops in Greenville, and states that her mom has a successful endeavor raising chickens, hens, and partridges. She states that the baby is beginning to crawl and has one tooth. She also notes that she has "fell off so much," about 15 pounds or so and that they would no recognize her at all. She closes the letter by expressing her wish to see them this summer and hopes that they write soon. A name card for Dr. Benjamin Thomas White is included in the letter as well as an envelope addressed to Mr. Claude D. White.
Date: April 3, 1911
Creator: Drury, Opal

[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Ann Moore, February 12, 1911]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Sally Thornhill and is addressed to Mary Ann Moore. In this letter, Thornhill informs Mary Ann Moore of the goings-on in Goodlettsville, TN. the news includes: a discussion about the treatment of her eczema on her ankles and an outbreak of erysipelas on her arms, a dialogue about the farmer's duties at present prepping for a new season, details about a vegetable garden, news about Bryan's hogs and the family's poultry, a discussion about correspondences received and the news from those letters,details about those who have la grippe in that area,and a discussion about Bertha and Billy's children. Sally begins a letter the next day that is not dated. It would be February 13, 1911. In this letter, Thornhill discusses the letters she has received from Sis Appling, notes that Wash thinks he has found a cure for his rheumatism with Bodi-Tone, and details community news on family and friends. She notes the situation Alice Wright is in since her mother, Mary Jane Thornhill, passed, detailing that Alice is more hurt over how the family treated her more than anything. She states that she hope Linnet's baby will be a healthy one, and mentions that she now has six great grandchildren. She closes the letter by sending her love to one and all,noting that if her new medicine cure her she will let Mary know. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: February 12, 1911
Creator: Thornhill, Sally

[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore and Family, June 3, 1911]

Description: Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore and Family. She was proud that Mary is writing again and hopes that she will have good health. She was glad to get news from Linnet. Sister Melissa and Mr. Thornhill died. Sister Appling was sick all winter. She sent Linnet's letter to Sue Thornhill, since they don't visit anymore. She mentions the other people who have poor health. She wants to go visit some friends, but can' go by herself. She hasn't left the house in a while. She mentions the weather. She talks about Bertha's family and how they are doing. She has somewhat gotten over her eczema. She talks about Bertha's vegetables that are ready now and her chickens. She helped out Lu Jackson since she was sick. She mentions the fruit that is ripe. Claude Thornhill should be visiting them. They haven't seen Tom Jackson in a while. She sends a picture of Billy and Bertha and would tell C. B. if he were still alive about grandsons and granddaughters.
Date: June 3, 1911
Creator: Thornhill, Sally

[Letter from W. J. McKinley to Claude D. White, April 14, 1911]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by W. J. McKinley and is addressed to Claude D. White. In this letter, McKinley discusses Mary Ann Moore's cancer diagnosis and details that there is a doctor in his area who treats cancer successfully with electricity. He states that if Birdie visited with the baby and Mary Ann became more ill, it would be a lot for Linnet and Claude to handle. He suggests that Linnet and Mary Ann should stay with them and assures Claude that they will be taken care of to the best of the family's ability. Mary Ann would be able to receive the care she needs as well as the emotional support of Linnet, Birdie, and Alice. He asks Claude to think it over and notes that Claude is most welcome as well, if his work schedule permits him to visit for a length of time. He closes by noting that the White family must write them soon and update them on any recent news on Mary Ann's condition.
Date: April 14, 1911
Creator: McKinley, W. J.

[Letter to Claude D. White, June 21, 1911]

Description: Letter to Claude D. White. He says that Claude must be too busy to write, but it should get easier for him. He asks questions about collectors, a grocery, about Mother W., how Hermes is doing? He thinks they will have a good business this month, but the rain might make them close their doors. He expects the board of directors to write him, if not he will write Claude. He sends his regards to Claude's wife and baby.
Date: June 21, 1911

[Letter to Linnet White, April 3, 1911]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this letter addressed to Cousin Linnet, a child write that she would love for Linnet to send a picture to her of Ruth. The child notes that she loves little Ruth, but that the baby has took her place. She details her mother's poultry endeavor and mentions that Chester says hello to Linnet.
Date: April 3, 1911

[Receipt, December 11, 1925]

Description: Receipt from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The receipt is for a month's rent ending on December 25, 1911, at E. A. Lowry's property, 3333 Montgall. The rental agreement was between Claude D. White and Lowry.
Date: December 25, 1911
Creator: Lowry, E. A.