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[Clipping and Tickets, October 1901]

Description: These are documents from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The documents include a clipping and two tickets. The clipping details that P. O'Reilly and W. L. McCormick were elected as alderman to fill the position in their respective wards. On the reverse side of the clipping is a marriage announcement for Linnet Moore and Claude White; the reason this clipping was cut and saved. The tickets were for travel on October 16, 1901 from Dallas to Denison for two passengers on a passenger car designed by the Pullman Company.
Date: October 1901

[Letter from Birdie McGee to Mr. and Mrs. C. D. White, October 17, 1901]

Description: This letter is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Birdie McGee and is addressed to Linnet and Claude D. White. In this letter, McGee informs the White's of the goings-on in Chambersville, Texas. The news includes: an update on Charles' health, a discussion about Linnet's trunk, details about their telephone call, a dialogue about missing Linnet, a note to Claude about the couple's happiness, a discussion about their next visit, news about Moore receiving a box of jewelry in the mail, and a question about receiving all her items in her trunk. She closes the letter by sending her love and best wishes to Linnet and Claude.
Date: October 17, 1901
Creator: McGee, Birdie

[Letter from Carter J. Dalton to Linnet Moore, October 8, 1901]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Carter J. Dalton and is addressed to Linnet Moore. In this letter, Dalton congratulates Linnet on her upcoming wedding. Her notes that his gift for her is a receipt for her past debts. Dalton details the latest news about friends, tells Moore about a sofa cushion he received, and mentions that he travels quite a bit with Jim Cooke so Jim can visit his girl, Minnie Lewis. As he closes the letter, he notes that she will make an ideal wife and asks where the couple will live.The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: October 8, 1901
Creator: Dalton, Carter J.

[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Claude D. White, October 20, 1901]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore and is addressed to Claude D. White. In this letter, Moore asks White to perform some accounting for him and write him back with the total. he closes the letter by noting to write him soon and mentions that a note has been received that he and Linnet will visit.
Date: October 20, 1901
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Charles Moore to Elvira Moore, October 21, 1871]

Description: Letter to Elvira Moore from Charles Moore discussing his trip to Sherman, Texas, with Henry Moore to have wheat processed into flour, an account of the health of family and friends, and the transport of a man named Parker to Sherman, Texas in order to stand trial for the murder of a person named Peacock. Portions of the document have been destroyed and are illegible.
Date: October 21, 1871
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Claude D. White to Linnet Moore, December 28, 1900]

Description: Letter from Claude D. White to Linnet Moore in which he said that he covered for the night clerk so that the clerk could go to a show. Claude enjoyed his visit with Linnet. He suggests that she come out to him with Willie. That way she can visit Claude and Willie can visit his girlfriend. He ends by asking if she has received her buggy.
Date: December 28, 1900
Creator: White, Claude D.