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[Letter from J. G. Cook, Jr. to Linnet Moore, April 29, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by J. G. Cook and is addressed to Linnet Moore. In this letter, Cook informs Linnet of the happenings in Burnet, TX. The news includes: a discussion about correspondences lost on the mail, details about a girls-only event held in town, a dialogue about how he and G. fixed the fortunes told by the fortune teller at the girls-only event, an update on when and where he has seen Lula Dalton and the rest of the girls in the club, news about the Jones family moving to Oklahoma, and a discussion about traveling out of Burnet. He closes the letter by noting that he is the same Jim Cook as Linnet has known,the same person she hoped he would be, and signs the letter a true friend.
Date: April 29, 1899
Creator: Cook, J. G., Jr.

[Letter from Jim Cook Jr. to Linnet Moore, March 6, 1899]

Description: He was happy to receive her letter and had started to respond earlier, but was interrupted. He thinks the letter must have been delayed and that is why it took so long to get. He asks if she has felt time drag on like it has for him. He asks her what she thinks of their circumstances. He says that he has fallen in love with her and he will try to be worthy of her love. He talks about Miss Flora and her "Jim." He heard that she wants to go to Austin in June and he will make plans to be there also. He has been asked to help out in a baseball game. He asks about a letter sent to her by Jett. He asks her to call him Jim instead of Mr. Cook. He heard that Mrs. Brownlee tried to commit suicide. He asks about Linnet's Nashville trip. He received a letter from Carter. He can't wait to receive another letter from her and he asks that she write back soon.
Date: March 6, 1899
Creator: Cook, Jim

[Letter from Jim Cook Jr. to Linnet Moore, March 21, 1899]

Description: He had wondered why she had not written to him. Again she did not receive his letter and he did not receive her letter. He did not want her to feel that he was neglecting her or for her to question his feelings. His last letter was sixteen pages, he has so much to tell her, but he will wait until he hears from her to write it. He mentions his baseball game, but will wait to write the details. He hopes to hear from her and that she receives both of his letters. He mentions that he saw Lula and asked her to send his regards.
Date: March 21, 1899
Creator: Cook, Jim .

[Letter from Linnet, Moore to Mary and Charles Moore, December 21, 1898]

Description: Letter from Linnet Moore to her parents while she is away at school. She talks of the upcoming Christmas and the celebrations. Students of their costumes for the Christmas ball and who they are going with. The religious ones talk about their church suppers and Christmas services. She is becoming more used to living with Mrs. Rawlings and Lula Dalton. Lula and her two brothers are orphans that were raised by Mrs. Rawlings for a payment of $10.00 each per month since the youngest son, Melvin, was 6 months old. Includes a fragment of the original envelope.
Date: December 21, 1898
Creator: Moore, Linnet

[Letter from Linnet, Moore to Mary and Charles Moore, December 31, 1898]

Description: Letter From Linnet to her parents musing about all that happened to her in 1898 and what is to come in 1899. She says she had the dullest Christmas ever and didn't go to any parties. For Christmas she helped make tamales and chili and then the ladies at the church cooked a Mexican dinner. She got nice presents, including several books by Tennyson, and Walter Scott. Lula's brother Carter Dalton killed his first deer and they have been eating venison.
Date: December 31, 1898
Creator: Moore, Linnet

[Letter from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, March 12-20, 1899]

Description: She is happy that they write each other everyday. She talks about what happened after dinner. Minnie had an old friend from school visit. She talked about her to her family and they are all happy to hear about Linnet's welfare. She always think of her. She saw Jim who acted like he hadn't heard from Linnet. Lorena saw Jett who also hadn't heard from Linnet. She talks about teaching and hearing a sermon. She received a letter from Melvin and Carter. She plans to see her in June. She talks about what she did Monday and the reason why she was unable to write Monday night. She had a weird dream Sunday night. She talks about the weather and hopes it will rain. She washed some clothes and did some reading. She went with Minnie to look at Mr. Darbis' flowers. Minnie received a letter from Linnet's father. She received a letter from Mr. Taylor who sent only Linnet love. She calls Linnet her adopted daughter and asks about the boys Linnet met. She heard about a letter from Linnet to Jim Cook. She sent a letter to Carter that she would not be going to Austin and that he needed to come home. She hasn't told anyone but Linnet and Lorena that she might plan to go and visit Linnet in September. She had a very lonely day Thursday. She writes about the articles that she is reading. Minnie received a letter from Kate Thomas. Carter came home and she went to a lecture with him. She then names off some new couples. She thought she had broken the door to the Judge's Office. She says that LInnet needs to respond to Jett, even if it is that she doesn't want to write him. She does not like ...
Date: March 12, 1899
Creator: Dalton, Lula

[Letter from Minnie Rawlings to C. B. Moore, October 3, 1898]

Description: She is thankful that Mr. Moore trust them to send Linnet to spend the terms with them. She says that they will treat Linnet like a daughter. She says the cost would only be $50. She enjoyed going to Colorado in the summer and would like to go again. She talks about the weather and that farmers are almost done gathering cotton. She is concerned about the Texas problem with renters. She hopes they are revived by the time the letter gets there.
Date: October 3, 1898
Creator: Rawlings, Minnie O.

[Letter from Minnie Rawlings to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, February 8, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore and is from Minny Rawlings, an friend in the same town as Linnet's school. She discusses Linnet's homesickness and a sick spell she went through during Christmas. Minny details that the combination of the two have made Linnet even more homesick and she has headaches almost every week. She tells the Moore's that she would have sent Linnet home, but the assignments Linnet turn in shows that she has intellectual promise and would be better served by staying in school. She details that Linnet has decided to stay in school, despite a bad headache which caused her to question if she should stay or go back home. In a brief letter , dated February 16, 1898, Rawlings details that Linnet has had another bad headache and a pain in her side. She advised Linnet not to give up school and blames the bitter winter weather for everyone's gray mental well-being. She states that everyone at the school wishes for the vitality and renewal of Spring days to come as quickly as possible. She notes that, ultimately, it is up to Linnet to stay or go. If she decides to stay, the school and its instructors will do their very best to make sure she is well-educated and shaped into a well-rounded person. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: February 8, 1898
Creator: Rawlings, Minny

[Letters from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, April 15-18, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Lula Dalton and is addressed to Linnet. In this letter, Lula details for Linnet the goings-on in Burnet, Texas. She discusses rainy weather they have been having, memories about Cuckle Burr Hill, updates about friends and their plans, sad news about a friend's death, and a dialogue about going riding with Flora. She details the prayer meeting they attended and how she accepted Jim's invitation to walk her home. She tells Linnet about her trip to Aunt Mat's and that is planning on visiting Linnet and staying for some time. She hopes that the two of them can go to Colorado together. Lula begins another letter the next night, Sunday April 16, 1899. In this letter, Lula continues to update Linnet on the goings-on in Burnet since Linnet's departure. She details what she did on that Sunday and also mentions past happenings with her family. She notes that she has made alterations to her sailor shirt, plans to go to Georgetown for Commencement,needs to make a cake for the Baptist supper, and discusses a conversation she and Jim had about Linnet. The remaining pages of the letter detail friends and town gossip. She closes this letter by noting that she must write to Mr. Taylor and hopes that Linnet has a goodnight. In a letter, written on Tuesday April 18, 1899, Lulu details the events which occurred Monday and they include: baking for the Baptist dinner, going to the depot to welcome the soldiers home, and attending the Baptist dinner. She also notes that she has received her handkerchiefs and is thinking of going to Austin to purchase clothing. She mentions they have planted their garden and closes the letter, wishing Linnet a goodnight.
Date: {1899-04-15..1899-04-16, 1899-04-18}
Creator: Dalton, Lula

[Letters from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, February 20-23, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore. The letter begins on Monday night February 20, 1899 and continue until Lula's last letter which was written on Thursday night February 23, 1899. She also has written a brief letter on Friday before she has mailed the letter. In this letter, Lula details for Linnet the goings-on in Burnet, Texas. Lula expresses her sincere longing for Linnet who has left home to go on a trip to Colorado with her father, Charles B. Moore. She updates Linnet on the latest news which includes daily events, friends who are planning trips,details about her own trip to Llano, a dialogue about a green waist she is making, and a discussion about possibly accompanying Aunt Mattie to Colorado to meet Linnet. She notes that she understands why Linnet was so ill with headaches and pains because she has slept on Linnet's side of the bed when the latest "norther" passed through Burnet and the draft made it impossible to sleep comfortably. She mentioned that she had to build the first fire since Linnet's departure. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: 1899-02-20/1899-02-23
Creator: Dalton, Lula

[News Script: Bricks]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about a brick cleaning invention, made by Lester Bowles, being presented to the A. Jay Brick and Salvage company in Fort Worth.
Date: June 25, 1956
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)

[News Script: Dam blast]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about the dynamiting of a dam on the Colorado River in Marble Falls to create a lake.
Date: July 31, 1951
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)