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[Account Statement]

Description: Statement of account from First State Bank in Forestburg, Texas, listing balances and deposits.
Date: 191u
Creator: First State Bank

[Affidavit, April 27, 1908]

Description: Affidavit stating that Bob Perryman, who made Desert Entry No. 1354 at Roswell New Mexico Land Office on January 2, 1904 is dead. He was unmarried, his mother was dead at the time of his death and his only heirs are his father, Levi Perryman, his brother Elbert W. Perryman, his half brother P.M. Price, and his sisters Kate Caddel and Linnie Stalworth. It was notarized by S.H. Hoskins. An additional small sheet was notarized by J.M. Bowers.
Date: April 27, 1908
Creator: Hoskins, S. H.

[Affidavit for release, September 26, 1880]

Description: Affidavit from Lewis Beasley in which he asks to be set free after serving his sentence for aggravated assault that he was charged with and plead guilty to on September 6, 1880. (Note: on a previous document the named was spelled Lewis Brasley.)
Date: September 26, 1880
Creator: Williams, W. A.

[Agreement to Hire a Schoolteacher]

Description: Legal document outlining the expectations of Uriah Cunning to become the teacher at an unidentified school. The document also includes a list of outstanding subscription fees; it is signed by Uriah Cunning and James Brown.
Date: August 30, 1824

[Assignment of Mortgage, April 6, 1908]

Description: Assignment of Mortgage from Fruitland Company to Levi Perryman on April 6, 1908 in Chaves County, Territory of New Mexico for $1.00. The document allows Levi Perryman to assume the mortgage of Bob Perryman.
Date: April 6, 1908
Creator: Gayle, F. P.

[Assignment of mortgage, April 13, 1908]

Description: Assignment of $750.00 mortgage for 157.08 acres of land in Chaves County, New Mexico Territory from Bob Perryman to Levi Perryman of Forestburg, Texas.
Date: April 13, 1908
Creator: Gayle, F. P.

[Assignment of mortgage, March 28, 1908]

Description: Assignment of $500.00 mortgage for half interest in lots 3 and 4 in Hagerman, New Mexico from Bob Perryman to Levi Perryman. Mortgage payable to W.T. Holliway by April 1, 1908.
Date: March 28, 1908
Creator: Gayle, F. P.

[Assignment of Mortgage, November 2, 1907]

Description: Assignment of mortgage to Eva and John Bryan in Hagerman, New Mexico executed by E.W. Powell and Bob Perryman. This document outlines the dates and interest rates for the mortgage.
Date: November 2, 1907

[Attachment B]

Description: A page from a document titled "Attachment B" that is part of a contract. The piece includes sections that must be met with compliance according to the contract, the subjects covered are Title VI of the Civil Rights act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972.
Date: 199u

[Bill of Sale for A. D. Kennard, November 19, 1857]

Description: Letter from the heirs of A. Anderson to A.D. Kennard regarding money and a slave. The other page is about the witnesses of the signing of the document.
Date: November 19, 1857
Creator: Navarro County (Tex.)

[Bill of Sale, June 13, 1907]

Description: Bill of Sale from the Roswell Trading Company to Bob Perryman for the sale of two bay horses and one saddle. The price was one hundred and sixty-four dollars. The document was dated July 13, 1907.
Date: July 13, 1907
Creator: Tannehill, L. B.

[Bill of sale, September 4, 1900]

Description: Bill of sale for real estate in Harvey County, in the state of Kansas, purchased by Mrs. Loriette C. Redway for the sum of $3.29. The property was purchased in the city of Walton.
Date: September 4, 1900
Creator: Cavery, John L.

[Bill text for Section 1 labor code, chapter 23]

Description: Full text for an amendment to Section 1, Subtitle A, Title 2, Labor Code, adding chapter 23. This bill prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Date: 20uu

[Bond of Indemnity for Execution, August 2, 1879]

Description: Bond of Indemnity for the execution of the judgement of the District Court of Tarrant County, Texas in favor of Bates, Rud and Cooley and against H. Barnes for $973.00.
Date: August 2, 1879
Creator: Tarrant County (Texas) District Court

[Bondage Indemnity, May 17, 1879]

Description: Bondage Indemnity No. 180 in the case of George R. Isbell vs John Thomas & V. Werner for the execution of a judgement rendered in a county court in Tarrant County, Texas in 1879. The case was decided in the favor of G. R. Isbell for the amount of $202.25.
Date: May 17, 1879
Creator: Hinderson, J. M.

[Building Permit, November 3, 1909]

Description: Building permit issued in Omaha, Nebraska to Claude D. White. A two dollar fee was paid for this permit.
Date: November 3, 1909
Creator: White, Claude