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[Article: A queer and present danger]

Description: Article from the February 1988 featuring a story about a demonstration raising awareness for people who have died from AIDS.
Date: February 1988
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance

[Article: Dallas Gay Alliance Pressures Parkland]

Description: Article from the May 1988 edition of Dialog about the class action lawsuit of the Dallas Gay Alliance against Parkland Hospital for their treatment of patients with AIDS.
Date: May 1988
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance

[Article: Decathlete, family man, games founder]

Description: A magazine article about the last days of Dr. Tom Waddell's life from Dick Schaap's view. Dr. Tom Waddell was the founder of the Gay Games, a famous athlete, and was diagnosed with AIDS.
Date: June 1994

[Article: Every athlete has a story]

Description: A magazine article pertaining to the athletes participating at the Gay Games. The right side is highlighted with an arrow pointing at the cheerleading paragraph.
Date: 1994

[Article: Gay Games IV]

Description: A magazine article about Linda Villarosa describing her experience at the Gay Games III (1990) and her expectations towards the Gay Games IV (1994).
Date: June 1994

[Article on LGBT Candidates]

Description: Newspaper article titled, "2 LGBT Candidates File for Race". The article describes the race for state office by two openly gay candidates.
Date: 2008

[Article: The Foundation for Human Understanding]

Description: Article from the October 1987 edition of Dialog about the new organization the Foundation for Human Understanding. Some sentences are highlighted.
Date: November 1987
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance

[Article: The Games Men Play]

Description: A magazine article about the discrimination male gay athletes underwent during their professional careers and their experiences with homophobia.
Date: June 1994

[Article: The Gavel Raps]

Description: Article from June 1986 edition of Dialog from the Dallas Gay Alliance. Includes highlighting.
Date: June 1986
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance

[Article: Unlevel playing fields]

Description: A magazine article about the discrimination and experiences lesbian athletes suffered during their professional careers.
Date: June 1994

[Articles About HTLV-III/LAV Antibody Test]

Description: Excerpt from the newsletter of the Dallas Gay Alliance (pp. 1, 6, and 8) with highlighting in two articles that discuss issues around taking the HTVL-III/LAV antibodies test, including a statement by the National Gay Task Force and other commentaries.
Date: February 1985
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance

[Blue Bubbles in Collin?]

Description: Article recounting a democratic win in Collin County, one of the most densely Republican counties in Texas.
Date: 2008

[HHS Secretary funding postdoctoral fellowships in AIDS research]

Description: A group of documents from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announcing 60 new postdoctoral fellowships in AIDS research with the support of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Date: October 16, 1990
Creator: Hadley, James

[Journal Article: Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus]

Description: An article from The New England Journal of Medicine discussing recent medical progress in discovering how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is transmitted and the groups that are at risk to become infected with the virus that progresses into the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Date: October 29, 1987
Creator: The New England Journal of Medicine