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Primary view of Etude Comparative Et Intertextuelle Sur Le Thème Des “Fenêtres” Dans Quatre Poèmes De Charles Baudelaire, Stéphane Mallarmé, Marie Krysinska Et Guillaume Apollinaire.
Opsitch, Yann
December 2011
Primary view of Études: Five Compositional and Technical Studies for Solo Organ
Lloyd, S. Andrew
May 2014
Primary view of An Etymological Examination of Aelfric's "Passion of Saint Sebastian, Martyr"
Henderson, Robert A.
June 1966
Primary view of Euclidean N-space
Horner, Donald R.
August 1962
Primary view of Euclidean Rings
Fecke, Ralph Michael
May 1974
Primary view of Eudora Welty's "Flowers for Marjorie" : Toward the Caesura of the Unconscious
Gowdy, Robert Douglas
May 1996
Primary view of Eugéne-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879) and the Romantic Reform Movement In Architecture
Mann, Georgia M.
August 1992
Primary view of Eugene O'Neill's Theory and Practice of Tragedy
Fennell, Ernest Joseph Wyckoff
Primary view of The Eulerian Functions of Cyclic Groups, Dihedral Groups, and P-Groups
Sewell, Cynthia M.
August 1992
Primary view of European Agriculture During the Middle Ages and How it was Influenced by the Monastery
Flesher, Virgil
Primary view of The European View of the Incas in the Sixteenth Century
Greene, Gayle Lee
May 1976
Primary view of Europeanization and the Rise of Extremist Parties
Dague, Jennifer Lee
December 2011
Primary view of Eutrophic Levels of Different Areas of a Reservoir: A Comparative Study
Hendricks, Albert C.
August 1970
Primary view of Eutrophication Monitoring and Prediction
Cairns, Stefan H., 1949-
December 1993
Primary view of Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs in Warm Climates
Landner, Lars & Wahlgren, Ulf
Primary view of Evaluating a Doctoral Program in College and University Teaching: A Single Case Study
Kraus, Janine Stillwell
August 2006
Primary view of Evaluating a Junior High School Program in Relation to Purposes
Robinson, William C.
Primary view of Evaluating a positive parenting curriculum package: An analysis of the acquisition of key skills.
Berard, Kerri P.
August 2007
Primary view of Evaluating a Sustainable Community Development Initiative Among the Lakota People on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Mosman, Sarah
December 2015
Primary view of Evaluating and Blending Multimedia Mobile Applications into Technical Training
Moore, Billy R.
May 2011
Primary view of Evaluating Appropriateness of Emg and Flex Sensors for Classifying Hand Gestures
Akumalla, Sarath Chandra
May 2013
Primary view of Evaluating Collections on a Regular Basis
Avery, Elizabeth Fuseler & Harker, Karen
June 29, 2014
Primary view of Evaluating e-Training for public library staff:  A quasi-experimental investigation.
Dalston, Teresa
August 2009
Primary view of Evaluating Fish Impingement and Entrainment at the Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station
Bauml, George A. (George Arthur)
May 1996