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A Comparison of Two Theological Student Groups in Relation to Theological Views, Rigidity and Political-economic Conservatism

Description: The present investigation was designed to explore the relationship between authoritarianism, rigidity, political-economic conservatism and theological beliefs of two groups of students representing two nationally known theological seminaries. One seminary is noted for its conservative theological standing, the other for its liberal position.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Oswald, Robert M.

A Comparison on Certain Rorschach Indices between Successful and Unsuccessful Students

Description: It was the purpose of this study to determine the relationship between a subject's performance as revealed by intellectual indices of the Rorschach, his intellectual ability as revealed by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, and academic success or failure in the form of promotion or nonpromotion.
Date: June 1966
Creator: Kendrick, Sherrill Robertson

Conflict in Children Related to the Number of Choice Alternatives

Description: The purposes of the present study are to attempt to discover if there is a predictable relationship between conflict and an increase in the number of choice alternatives, to specifically determine if this hypothesized relationship exists in a predictable order in children, to endeavor to show that this hypothesized relationship is such that generalization of application to a natural environment is credible, and to attempt to discover if there are sex differences that may influence this relationship.
Date: June 1968
Creator: Burleson, Billy D.

Correlates of Adult Sociometric Perception of Residential Groups of Emotionally Disturbed Children

Description: The purpose of the present study is to determine whether adult supervisors of children's groups who accurately perceive the interpersonal structure of their groups are more able managers of their groups than are those adults who inaccurately judge the group's interpersonal structure.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Taylor, Paul W.

A Course in Freshman English Composition Based on Theories of Creativity

Description: Today's colleges and universities are faced with the challenges of reforming their curriculums in an effort to hold a generation of students who are now demanding more than just a degree. Today prominent writers in the field of higher education point to the necessity of assessing and reconstructing college courses so that new direction will be provided. Each student entering college for the first time usually must enroll in an English composition course. Such a course offers great potential to encourage the creative capacity of the incoming student and foster an attitude of personal inquiry. The diversity of subjects and intentions which can be introduced in the beginning composition course offers a healthy reservoir of opportunity for exploring personal meaning. Introducing some of the goals and concepts of creativity may thus inspire the design of a new course given to meeting the challenges of higher education.The problem of this study was to develop a course in freshman English composition based on the theories of creativity and directed towards the development of the student's creative and critical capacity.
Date: August 1969
Creator: Garrett, Patrick Posey

Curiosity in the Reading Encounter, an Experimental Study of the Effect of Selected Questioning Procedures on Curiosity and on Reading Comprehension

Description: The major purpose of the research was to determine whether the curiosity levels of children would be increased and whether gains would be made in children's reading comprehension when selected questioning procedures were used. The study was confined to teacher-directed instructional situations where children were engaged in reading acts. More specifically, answers were sought to the following questions: 1. Does the use of selected questioning procedures produce a significant increase in curiosity over the use of regular classroom procedures? 2. Does the use of selected questioning procedures produce a significant gain in reading comprehension over the use of regular classroom procedures?
Date: August 1969
Creator: Mays, Sue Cox

A Description, Analysis and Evaluation of Three Approaches to the Teaching of Reading

Description: The problem is to describe, analyze, and evaluate three approaches to the teaching of reading in grades one through six in selected school districts in a California county. The three approaches are 1) the Basic Reading Approach, 2) the Individualized Reading Approach, and 3) the Language Experience Approach to reading.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Lane, Kenneth Boyd, 1923-

Determination of the Status of Adjustment and Value Indices for Teachers in Certain Large Metropolitan School Systems

Description: The purpose of the study was to examine the personnel administration application of teachers' self-concept, self-acceptance, self-ideal and self-concept self-ideal discrepancy scores. More specifically the study was to investigate the possible need for personnel administrators of large school systems to use some sort of psychological tool in their personnel work, and to isolate groups of teachers whose adjustment and value indices differed significantly from the indices of other groups.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Blaser, Frank T., Jr.

Development and Validation of a Sound Plan of Reorganization of the Public School Districts in Texas

Description: The problem of this study was to develop and validate a sound plan of reorganization of the public school districts in Texas. It may best be stated if considered as two subproblems: (l) to develop and validate criteria for reorganization of public school districts in the light of sound guiding principles; and (2) to devise a plan for school district reorganization In Texas in the light of the criteria established.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Gilliam, L. Camp

The Development of Auditory Discrimination in Third-Grade Students by Use of Tape-Recorded Materials

Description: This study was designed to determine whether or not auditory discrimination could be improved in a group of third-grade students by the use of a tape-recorded program of auditory exercises. Of additional interest was the effect that the program of auditory exercises would have upon the work recognition skills and the spelling skills of the third-grade students involved.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Evans, Jackie Merion, 1932-

The Diagnostic Potentials of the Hewson Ratios and the Kahn Intelligence Test in Assessing Organic Brain Damage

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to explore the diagnostic potential of Hewson's ratios in evaluating the performance of selected subjects on the Wechsler scales, the Kahn Intelligence Test: Experimental Form was administered and analyzed in an attempt to develop some meaningful method of utilizing this test in diagnosis of brain disorders.
Date: June 1967
Creator: Latham, Larry L.

Differences in Perception of the College Advisory Program in Schools of Education from the Perspective of Students with Different Personality Patterns and from the Perspective of Faculty Advisors

Description: The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the students' perception of the College Advisory Program and its relation to his personality patterns. A secondary purpose was to investigate the Faculty Advisors' perception of the College Advisory Program. An additional outgrowth of the study was an attempt to obtain descriptive data for improving or altering existing Advisory Programs.
Date: January 1967
Creator: Liston, Walter

Differences in Personality Characteristics among Two Groups of Art Majors Varying in Creativity and a Control Group

Description: The present study is somewhat exploratory in nature in that it is interested in determining some of the factors which correlate with creativity. The study will limit itself to investigating the factors measured by Cattell's Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire as they relate to creativity among high and low Creative art majors and non-art majors. To this end, it is hypothesized that a difference will be found among the mean scores of the three groups for at least thirteen of the sixteen factors.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Allred, Raymond Coye, 1930-