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The Relationship of Expectancy of Success to Objective Probability and Consequences of Performance

Description: The work reviews a article published by N. T. Feather about five approaches which relate to the analysis of behavior in a choice situation where a decision is made between alternatives having different subjective probabilities of attainment. The relationship between choice potential and success probability is affect by the type of situation in which the choice is made.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Stephens, George Douglas

The Relationship of Hearing to School Achievement

Description: The problem of this study is to determine the relationship of hearing to school achievement. More specifically, the problem is to compare the hard-of-hearing child with the normal hearing child of approximately the same intelligence quotient and similar home background in their academic progress in the elementary school to determine the educational loss due to this specific defect.
Date: 1948
Creator: Skelton, Zenobia

Relationship of Mental Ability Levels to Reversal of Learning Sets by the Retarded

Description: Using postulations formulated by Harlow, very few investigators have experimented with discriminative learning in relation to various levels of human mental abilities to the pattern of forming a set. The present study was designed to investigate the effects of different levels of mental abilities on the formation of these sets, using mental retardates, and analyzing the formation of these sets and the abilities of these retardates to shift dimension of cues by reversing the response conditions.
Date: June 1965
Creator: McDaniel, Willard Vearl

Relationship of Personality Traits of Students in the Same Major Field of Study and of Students in Different Major Fields of Study

Description: The purpose of this study is to investigate the similarity in personality traits among students in the same major field of study and the difference in personality traits between students in different fields of major study. Investigation will also be made of the relationship between vocational interests of the subjects and their major fields of study.
Date: January 1964
Creator: Robbins, Wm. Callaway

Relationship of some Background Factors to Success of Student Nurses in the Parkland Hospital School of Nursing

Description: Factors other than academic ones are important in the selection of the members of any profession, and in nursing it could quite well be that those non-academic elements are rather weighted in determining the success or failure of student nurses because of the very nature of their work. This thesis will look at academic as well as other factors that may influence the success of student nurses.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Uglow, Mary L.

The Relationship of Specific Background Factors upon English Usage

Description: The problem of the present study is to investigate specific background areas of pupils who show average use of English, and of pupils who are recognized as having below-average use of English. The study will attempt to bring out certain tendencies, by the use of standardized tests, which the two groups investigated possess in varying degrees. The aim of the study will be to bring out and evaluate the differentiating background factors as revealed by the results obtained on the standardized tests used in the investigation.
Date: 1949
Creator: Hamilton, Harlan E.

Relationship of the Content of Dreams to Personal Conflicts

Description: This study will endeavor to substantiate the theory that dreaming serves the function of trying to handle conflicts met by the individual during waking life, but not resolved at the time. In order to do this, several hypotheses will be advanced concerning the different observable content of dreams of two different populations. A relationship will be drawn between this difference in content and the known difference in the types of conflicts common to each of the populations.
Date: January 1968
Creator: West, Helen Louise

Relationships between Leadership in College, Church Affiliation, and Religious Beliefs

Description: Many studies have been made on leaders in a school situation and on the desirable traits which go together to make for good leadership qualities. However, very few have dealt with the relationship between leaders, church affiliation, and religious beliefs, which is the main purpose of this study.
Date: 1948
Creator: Dubberly, Nathaniel Lee, Jr.

Relationships between Level of Aspiration and Psychological Needs at the College Level

Description: The concept of level of aspiration bears directly on goal setting behavior; it is a convenient and important variable in understanding human motivation in a variety of situations. Thus it was the purpose of this study to investigate the relationships between levels of aspiration and the psychological needs of achievement, dominance, autonomy, change, and aggression.
Date: January 1966
Creator: Skelton, Sanford Kent

Relationships Between Physical Skills and Total Adjustment of Junior High School Boys

Description: The problem in this study is to show the possible relationship between improved physical skills and the total adjustment of boys at the junior high school level. A limited number of boys selected from the seventh and eighth grades who were without adequate physical skills were given special assistance for improving such skills, and a record was kept of the procedure and possible results of this instructional program.
Date: 1950
Creator: Taylor, William Richard

Relationships Between Self-Actualization and Sociometric Status for Adolescents

Description: It was the purpose of this present investigation to display the tentative relationships between self-actualization and sociometric status of adolescent school students. In light of the theoretical and related literature presented, the following hypotheses were posited: 1) students who are high sociometrically will evidence higher personal orientation inventory (POI) means than the middle or low groups on more positive POI scales and 2) students who are low or middle sociometrically will evidence higher POI means than the high group on the major negative POI scales.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Koym, Kenneth G.

The Responsibility of the Primary School in the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

Description: It is not the intent of this study to deal with the legal term, juvenile delinquency, but to deal with maladjusted behaviors as symptomatic of frustrations or tensions who need help. The purpose of this study is to survey the needs of children, their difficulties, the attempts that have been made to meet these needs, and to solve these difficulties.
Date: 1947
Creator: Parrish, Bessie May