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Primary view of Ego, Moral, and Faith Development in Near-Death Experiencers: Three Case Studies
Newsome, Rosalie D.
Winter 1988
Primary view of Ego Strength, Dogmatism, and Anxiety in College Students
Griffin, Alan N.
August 1966
Primary view of Eight Original Short Stories : "A Rotten Way of Life" and Others
Spiegel, Joy G.
December 1970
Primary view of The Eight Preludes for Piano of Frank Martin, a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of J.S. Bach, L.v. Beethoven, J. Brahms, F. Chopin, I. Albéniz, R. Schumann, A. Scriabin, F. Liszt, and K. Szymanowski
Collins, Geraldine T.
May 1980
Primary view of Eight-Year Course of Cognitive Functioning in Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features
Bain, Kathleen Marie
August 2016
Primary view of Eighteenth-Century French Oboes: A Comparative Study
Cleveland, Susannah
May 2001
Primary view of Eighteenth-Century Rhetorical Figures in British Romantic Poetry: a Study of the Poetry of Coleridge, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, and Keats
Kennelly, Laura B.
August 1975
Primary view of Eighth Grade Science Teacher Quality Variables and Student Achievement
Harp, Amy
December 2010
Primary view of El ékfrasis en la Poesía De Manual Machado
Carrillo, Yolanda
May 2011
Primary view of Elaboration and Content Analysis of Conceptual Structure in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Moes-Williams, Amy J.
August 1997
Primary view of Elasticity of Money as a Reinforcer: Assessing Multiple Compositions of Unit Price
Viken, Kjetil
December 1999
Primary view of Elder Abuse: A Multi-Case Study
Powell, Sharon L. (Sharon Leigh)
August 1986
Primary view of Elder Abuse: Education for Persons with Experienced Violence
Reinberg, Julie A. (Julie Ann)
August 1990
Primary view of Electoral Behavior in Texas from 1944 Through 1972
Dickenson, Martha Kay
August 1973
Primary view of Electoral Rules, Political Parties, and Peace Duration in Post-conflict States
Kisin, Tatyana Tuba Kelman
December 2014
Primary view of Electoral System Effects On Anti-muslim Sentiments In Western Europe
Saleemi, Asmara
December 2011
Primary view of Electric Dichroism Spectroscopy in the Vacuum Ultraviolet
Causley, Gary C.
May 1978
Primary view of Electrical and Structure Properties of High-κ Barium Tantalite and Aluminum Oxide Interface with Zinc Oxide for Applications in Transparent Thin Film Transistors
Kuo, Fang-Ling
August 2011
Primary view of Electrical Conduction Mechanisms in the Disordered Material System P-type Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Shrestha, Kiran (Engineer)
December 2014
Primary view of Electrical Conductivity in Thin Films
Meyer, Frederick Otto
May 1973
Primary view of Electrical resistivity as a measure of change of state in substrates: Design, development and validation of a microprocessor-based system.
Le, Dong D.
December 2009
Primary view of Electricity in Rural Areas of North Texas
Greathouse, Charles Simmons
January 1949
Primary view of An Electro- Magneto-static Field for Confinement of Charged Particle Beams and Plasmas
Pacheco, Josè L.
May 2014
Primary view of Electrochemical Deposition of Zinc-Nickel Alloys in Alkaline Solution for Increased Corrosion Resistance.
Conrad, Heidi A.
December 2009