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A Statistical Analysis of Thirty-Three Sociometrically Measured Groups
If the classroom teacher is to help her pupils in the cultivation of social abilities, she must have tools at her command. She must have not only instruments of measurement, but also proven methods of training and therapy. It is with the former that this thesis is concerned.
Status of Democratic Practices in the Ten Fifth Grade Groups in Denison, Texas
This is a study of the democratic practices in ten fifth grade groups of Denison, Texas, in administration, methods, and curriculum. The purpose of this study is three-fold: 1. To make criteria to be used in evaluating democratic action in the elementary schools. 2. To evaluate the democratic practices in ten fifth grade groups of Denison, Texas. 3. To offer recommendations for changes that could be made for the improvement of these groups.
The Status of Salary Schedules for Public School Teachers
The purpose of this study is to gain a knowledge of the salary schedule situation in the teaching profession, and to determine how this situation can be improved if teachers become interested and will furnish the leadership necessary in helping to construct schedules in the school systems.
The Status of the History Major Bachelor Graduates of the North Texas State Teachers College 1919-1936
"This study undertakes to determine the relation existing between a group of factors and the status of the history major bachelor graduates of the North Texas State Teachers College from 1919 through 1936"--1.
The Status of the Rural School Child in the City High School
The purpose of this study is to see whether the shifting of great numbers of agricultural folk to the city high school really creates a serious problem for the adminstrators and teachers of the city high schools. The records of the 477 rural transfers of the tenth and eleventh grades of these six high schools were investigated.
Story-Telling in the Primary Grades
The purpose of this study is to determine the philosophy, history, recent development and modern trends of story-telling in the primary grades.
Student Aid in the Secondary Schools of Texas
The purpose of this study is to examine student aid in Texas from the standpoint of history, types, sources, and adminstration in order to see whether the movement possibly represents any significant trend or tendencies in the privileges of secondary education in Texas.
Student Performance of a Library-Related Task
The high school research paper is a task which consumes instructional time, requires considerable student effort, and places a high demand on school library resources. Little research has been conducted on how students accomplish this task. Academic task research indicates that in classrooms, tasks are defined by students in terms of (a) the nature of the products the teacher will accept and (b) the operations allowed and the resources available. Here the product is the research paper; the resources available include those found in the school library. The purpose of this study was to determine what strategies students use to perform the library-related task.
A Study of a Selected Number of Stories Suitable for Dramatization in the Third Grade
The writer purposes to discover the types of stories that appeal to the interest and imagination of children of the third grade, and to determine whether the literary qualities and the dramatic possibilities of the stories are within the understanding and ability of the group.
A Study of Absolutism : Plato as an Absolutist and His Influence on Modern Education
This thesis is a study of Plato as an absolutist and his influence on modern education.
A Study of Achievement in Second and Third Grades of Different Size Schools in Coleman County
This study is concerned primarily with comparisons in subject matter achievement between the pupils in the small rural schools and the pupils in the city schools.
A Study of Anglo-American Pupils in Predominately Latin-American Groups and Anglo-American Pupils in a Non Latin-American Group.
It is the purpose of this study to consider the Anglo-American child--to examine his achievement in a situation where much consideration will of necessity be given to the instructional needs peculiar to the predominating group.
A Study of Behavior Analysis in a Secondary School
The purpose of this investigation is to study a given secondary school with which the investigator is familiar in order to determine as objectively as possible what conditions, relationships, and experiences are exercising unwholesome influences on the youngster's actions, and to determine how the school can provide opportunities for developing social behavior that will make an integrated personality.
A Study of Behavior Difficulties in a Sixth Grade
The modern school is deeply interested in producing integrated individuals. This study was undertaken to determine the difficulties arising in the behavior of the children, to determine possible conditions, relationships, and experiences which influence unwholesome behavior, to seek proposals by which the school could provide opportunities for intelligent cooperation, participation and thinking which allows for individual needs and freedom, and to help each child to live a richer, more wholesome life in this dynamic society.
A Study of Certain Interests of Boys and Girls between the Ages of Twelve and Sixteen Years in a Typical West Texas County such as Stonewall County
A personality questionnaire was given to the pupils of the four rural consolidated high schools of Stonewall County for the purpose of finding out, in so far as this was possible, the chief interests of each student between the ages of twelve and sixteen years. A series of questions concerning religious, social, recreational, and vocational interest was given to the students within this age group.
A Study of Dominance-Feeling in College Women
The purposes of this study are as follows: 1. To measure, compare, and evaluate the level of self-esteem of college women in two colleges. 2. To show the relationship of certain background factors to dominance-feeling in college women.
A Study of Dropouts in the Secondary Schools of Port Arthur, Texas
The purpose of this study was to investigate the problem of dropouts or withdrawals among the pupils of the secondary schools of Port Arthur, Texas. It was hoped that some significant information could be compiled as to the reasons why such students in this particular city leave school before high-school graduation, and that academic, environmental, and personal factors might be identified in their relationship to the causation of dropouts or withdrawals.
A Study of Friendships in Senior High School
One of the problems in human relationships is to determine what factors enter into friendship. One method of investigating this is to study traits as compared between reciprocal and unreciprocal friendships. This present study is an effort to make contributions towards this problem.
A Study of Group Dynamics
The study in group dynamics will seek to determine the elements which constitute a group, the methods of group procedure, and the outcomes of the group process. This study seeks to determine how group dynamics can be applied to education.
A Study of Home-School-Community Relationships in Texas Schools
The problem of this study is to determine to what apparent extent schools use the recommendations of educators in promoting home-school-community relations. An effort is made to ascertain the status of home-school-community relations, and to evaluate the findings and methods of promoting these relations.
A Study of Instruction in Television in Texas Senior Colleges and of Employee Qualifications Sought by Texas Telecasters
It is the purpose of this study to determine the status of instruction in non-technical television techniques and procedures in the senior colleges of Texas as well as a corresponding investigation into the offerings of out-of-state colleges and universities. Furthermore, this study is concerned with the future plans of these Texas universities and colleges relative to non-technical television instruction, as well as with determining some of the employee-qualifications sought by commercial telecasters now operating in Texas. A third phase of this study deals with a suggested curriculum in non-technical television procedures and techniques.
A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Montague County, Texas, During 1947-1948
The problem of this study was to analyze the following five factors related to juvenile delinquency in Montague County, Texas, during 1947 and 1948: first, causes and control of juvenile delinquency; second, personal data about thirty-three juvenile offenders; third, their offenses; fourth, disposition made of the charges by the judge of the juvenile court; and fifth, the present behavior status of the offenders.
A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Montague County, Texas, from 1942 to 1946, Inclusive
The problem of this study is two-fold: (1) to determine the nature and extent of juvenile delinquency in Montague County, Texas, for a five-year period from 1942 to 1946, inclusive; and (2) to ascertain the factors which contributed to juvenile delinquency during this period.
A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Stephens County, Texas
The purpose of this study is to try to determine some of the leading causes of juvenile delinquency in Stephens County so as to recommend methods of prevention and treatment.
A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Winkler County, Texas
The problem of this study is two fold: (1) to determine the nature and extent of juvenile delinquency in Winkler County, Texas, during the years 1941 to 1946 inclusive; and (2) to discover some of the factors contributing to delinquency during that period.
A Study of McKinney's School System with Reference to the Financial Status, the Educational Plant, the Educational Staff and the Pupils
"The purpose of this study is to determine the present status of the McKinney school system in regard to the financial ability, the school plant, the teaching staff, and the pupils by making a profound comparison with general practices and statndards set up by accepted authorities and offering constructive criticism and recommendations that are needed, as obviously shown by comparison."--leaf 2
A Study of Modern Automotive Tune-Up Equipment Used in Fort Worth, Texas
The problem with which this investigation was concerned was that of determining the use of modern automotive tune-up equipment as used by the automotive garages in the Fort Worth area. The data for this study were provided by fifteen garages of the Fort Worth area. Of the Fort Worth garages using electronic equipment to perform a tune-up, few appear to have the adequate equipment and few appear to make more use of the equipment. In addition, a deficiency seems evident in the use of the electronic computer in performing tune-ups.
A Study of Musical Achievement in the Public Schools of Texas
The study at hand has purposes as follows: 1. To measure through a special test the musical knowledge achievement of secondary school music organizations in the state of Texas. 2. To determine the influence of private music instruction upon music knowledge achievement. 3. To determine the influence of family musical propensities upon music knowledge scores. 4. To determine the relation between music knowledge scores on the one hand and type of music organization and size of school enrollment on the other. 5. To compare ratings in music performance with music knowledge achievement.
A Study of One Hundred Texas State Training School Girls at Gainesville, Texas, to Determine the Major Factors in Juvenile Delinquency
The problem of this thesis is three-fold: (1) to determine what social workers, officers of the law, and leaders in the field of education believe about juvenile delinquency; (2) to study the backgrounds, personalities, and criminal records of one hundred girls committed to the Texas State Training School at Gainesville, Texas, to determine the major factors in their delinquency; and (3) to make recommendations that may be helpful in meeting the problems of youth.
A Study of Parent Teacher and Pupil Attitudes to the Conference Method of Reporting Pupil Progress
The problem of this study is to obtain a cross section of thought of parents, teachers, and pupils concerning the practice in the Jefferson Elementary School, Sherman, Texas, of reporting pupil progress and growth by means of individual parent-teacher conferences.
A Study of Peer Acceptance in a Heterogeneous Socio-Economic Population
The primary purpose of this study was to determine the effect of socio-economic levels on the sociability of pupils of the Hillcrest High School in Dallas, Texas.
A Study of Peer Acceptance in the Newly-Consolidated Northwest High School at Justin, Texas
The primary problem of this study is to investigate statistically the degree of social integration in a newly-consolidated rural high school formed from four previously existing high schools. The sociometric technique is to be used to determine the peer acceptance for the component parts of the school population, to find out, if possible, if the process of combining the four schools has created an atmosphere which is contributing to the more effective social adjustment of all the students.
A Study of Pragmatism: its Influence on Certain Modern Trends in Education
It is the purpose of this thesis to show that the pragmatic philosophy is basically responsible for present-day developments in various teaching techniques.
A Study of Proficiency in Certain Physical-Education Tests and Activities for Two Groups of Eighth-Grade Boys
The purpose of this study was to make a comparative investigation of certain phases of the physical-education status of eighth-grade boys in the Travis Junior High School, Harlingen, Texas, for the 1948-1949 school session.
A Study of Relationships Between Socio-Economic Status, Popularity, Achievement, and Personality in the Fifth Grade of the Sanger Public School, Sanger, Texas
The purpose which guided the writer in the conducting of this study was a desire to determine the existence of any relationships which might be perceptible among such traits and considerations as socio-economic status, popularity at school, general scholastic achievement, and traits of personality as they were found in a group of fifth-grade pupils enrolled in the public school of Sanger, Texas.
A Study of Safety in the Industrial Plastics Laboratories in the Secondary Schools of the Fort Worth Independent School District
This study was conducted in order to determine what safety practices and procedures were employed in the industrial plastics laboratories in the secondary schools of the Fort Worth Independent School District. Data were obtained from literature in the field of safety education in industrial arts and from an information form mailed to the teachers of industrial plastics in the Fort Worth Independent School District. Hazardous conditions were found to exist in a majority of the laboratories due to a lack of sufficient floor space and work stations and the absence of proper guards on machines, proper storage facilities for flammable liquids, painted danger zones and nonskid surfaces on floors around machines.
A Study of some Aspects of Homogeneous Grouping and their Implications for Democracy
The purpose of this thesis is to determine the implications of certain aspects of homogeneous grouping in the school and their relationship to the American conception of democracy.
A Study of Some Changes in the Nature and Use of Geographical Material Available to Fourth Grade Teachers During the Past Two Decades
The problem of this study is to make an analysis of some changes that have occurred in fourth grade geography books over a period of twenty years to determine the extent to which they have been influenced by educational psychology. Implications of these changes will be drawn for the teacher.
A Study of Some Factors Influencing the Social-Economic-Political Attitudes of College Students
The problem of this thesis is to show the relationship between liberalism, radicalism, conservatism and certain associated factors.
Study of Some Factors Related to Mutual Friendship on the High School Level
This study has been made for the purpose of determining the similarities and dissimilarities in certain factors related to mutual friendships.
A Study of Some Maladjusted Children of the Intermediate Grades of the Stonewall Jackson School, Denton, Texas
The problem of this thesis is to make a study of some of the maladjusted children of the intermediate grades of the Stonewall Jackson School of Denton, Texas. The purpose of this study is to try to discover some of the causes of these maladjustments.
A Study of Some of the Factors Influencing the Achievement of Elementary School Children in Denton County
"There are many factors that influence the achievement of school children; however it is rather difficult to determine the effect of each because of the close relationship and probable overlapping of the various factors. The problem in this study is to determine what effect the size of the school, training and qualifications of the teachers, and sex have upon the achievement of elementary school children in Denton County. A few of the main factors involved in this study will be examined and statistically presented, so as to show their relation to the achievement of the rural children in Denton County, as revealed through the Harlow achievement tests."-- leaf 1.
A Study of Some of the Variables as Related to Peer Acceptance at the State Training School for Girls, Gainesville, Texas
The problem of this study is to (1) determine the amount of peer acceptance existing among a group of delinquent girls committed to the Texas State Training School for Girls and (2) to determine the relationships between peer acceptance and some other variables.
A Study of the Atypical Child and His Status in the Educational Practices of Texas
The purpose of the study is to study child differentiations in their relation to educational growth; to emphasize a greater need, on the part of today's teachers, for constant study of the atypical child in order to determine his developmental needs; to emphasize the importance and desirability of utilizing the talents of the highly endowed pupil; to consider current educational practices in their relation to the added capabilities of superior children; and to emphasize the importance of developing whatever desirable social qualities the mentally retarded child may possess.
A Study of the Behavior Characteristics of Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Children
The study reported in this paper is concerned with a comparison of acceptable and non-acceptable first-grade children selected by means of a sociometric procedure and teacher judgment. It is an attempt to discover behavior characteristics emanating from those two distinct groups in order to determine patterns of behavior which may be attributed to each separately.
A Study of the Change in Behavior and Social Status of First Grade Children as the Result of Teaching Arts and Crafts
The purpose of this study was (1) to investigate the changes in sociometric status that resulted when first grade children were taught some art or craft that they could teach to others in their class, (2) to note concomitant behavior changes as reported by their teachers and as noted by their experimenter, and (3) to compare the distribution and increase of decrease of votes received, votes given and mutual attractions in experimental groups with a control group.
A Study of the Constancy and Variability of Various Phases of Growth in the Primary Grades
This study at hand has two main purposes: (1) a survey of the constancy of the results of four years of group intelligence testing in three schools of Denton, Texas: the Robert E. Lee School, the Sam Houston School, and the Teachers College Demonstration School; and (2) a study of the variability of academic and social growth in one elementary school grade.
A Study of the Constancy of Sociometric Measurements in Elementary School
A number of studies have been made concerning the constancy of the sociometric structure of a group. This study, though dealing with constancy, is not concerned with the structural constancy of groups, but rather with the constancy of certain types of relationships within the group.
A Study of the Curriculi of State Institutions of Higher Learning to Determine the Effectiveness of Teacher Education in the Field of Speech
The purpose of the study was to determine whether a person who was graduated from a state institution with the minimum requirements of that institution for a major in speech and who held a permanent high school certificate as prescribed by law, was qualified from the standpoint of subject matter knowledge to be a teacher of speech in the public schools.
A Study of the Democratic Approach to the Problem of Educating for Life in a Changing World
The purpose of this study is to investigate the need for a democratic approach to the problem of educating for life in a changing world and to show, too, how this approach can be made through a democratic administration, a democratic curriculum, and democratic methods.