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Primary view of Guides to Executive Job Evaluation
Donelson, John F.
Primary view of Human Relations Case Problems in the Aircraft Industry in the North Texas Area
McCauley, Jerome Brooks
January 1954
Primary view of The Impact of Non-monetary Performance Measures Upon Budgetary Decision Making in the Public Sector
Reed, Sarah Auman
May 1984
Primary view of The Impact of the Cost Schedule Control Systems Criteria on Electronics and Aerospace Contractors
Richardson, Gary Lowell
August 1970
Primary view of Impact of the Policies of the National Government on the Organization of Business and Management Styles in India
Khan, Mohamed Afzal
May 1972
Primary view of An Income and Cost-of-Living Comparison for Selected Trades and Professions for the Period 1936-45
Kirksey, C. Darwin
June 1947
Primary view of An Integrated Guidance Program for Small Secondary Schools in Texas
Johnson, J. Roland
Primary view of An Investigation into the Characteristics and Causes of Monthly and Yearly Price Fluctuations of Spot Cotton at New York, New York, During the Period, 1911-1953
Reynolds, Harry M.
February 1954
Primary view of An Investigation of Preadolescent Children's Attitudes toward Television Commercials
Ferguson, Clara Potter
August 1973
Primary view of Investing and Hedging Techniques in the Convertible Bond Market
Vinson, Charles E. (Charles Eldred)
June 1969
Primary view of Linear Programming--a Management Tool
Sosa-Rodriguez, Jose Ramon
June 1963
Primary view of Materials Acquisition Cycles for Manufacturing Firms
Thompson, George H. (George Hutchinson)
May 1969
Primary view of Mexican Americans: An Economically Significant Ethnic Market Segment
Ferguson, Richard Wayne, 1934-
December 1972
Primary view of Needed Improvements in the Office Management of the Goodyear Retail Stores
McDow, J. B.
Primary view of A New Gravitational Approach to Least Transportation Cost Warehouse Location
Van Auken, Stuart, 1941-
May 1970
Primary view of A New Methodology for Measuring Market Potential and for Determining the Validity of Existing Market Segments
Anderson, Robert Lee, 1940-
August 1971
Primary view of Occupational Opportunities for the Woman College Graduate in Specialized Business Fields
Long, Ruth
Primary view of The Operation of an Army Air Forces Training Command Commercial (Base) Transportation Office
Sewell, Jane
Primary view of The Operation of Centralized Purchasing for the State-Supported Institutions of the State of Texas and Selected States
Duckworth, Earl Mead
June 1950
Primary view of Optimization Theory in Administrative Analysis
Brown, Kenneth Sherron
August 1970
Primary view of Organization of the Controller's Division, Dallas Assembly Plant of the Ford Motor Company
McCullough, H. E., Jr.
August 1955
Primary view of The Past, Present, and Future of Income Bonds
Vesecky, Stephen Fenwick
June 1966
Primary view of Personnel Management Curricular Requirements of Member Schools of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business
Lann, Arlene Wills
Primary view of Personnel Policies for Salesmen in Nash Automobile Dealerships in Texas
Laney, Samuel Duke