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Primary view of The Development of the Theory of Economic Law Prior to Classical Economics
Pearson, John E.
Primary view of The Development of the Theory of Full Employment
Hughes, James Walter
Primary view of Dialectical and Institutional Continuity in Relation to Evolutionary Thought
Benz, George A.
August 1955
Primary view of Did the Construction of Lake Dallas Benefit or Injure Denton County from the Tax Valuation Standpoint
Millar, Abram A.
Primary view of The Discount Operations of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Richardson, Jean
Primary view of Disposition of Disputed Cases, Involving Non-Basic Wage, Union Security, and Non-Wage Issues of the Oil Refining Industry by the Eighth Regional War Labor Board
Grubbs, Kenneth R.
Primary view of The Economic Aspects of Prevailing Trends in Women's Education Programs
Mullennix, Patricia Ochsenbein
Primary view of Economic Aspects of the Radio Broadcasting Industry
Hicks, Thomas L.
Primary view of Economic Development in Ghana: Some Problems and Prospects
Attuquayefio, Alan B.
May 1974
Primary view of The Economic Development of Thailand's Agriculture
Pichyangkul, Sonit
December 1981
Primary view of Economic Development of the Oil and Natural Gas Sector in Bahrain
Sadik, Abdullah
December 1984
Primary view of Economic Developments and Policies in Post-Civil War Nigeria
Umo, Akpan Akpan
December 1978
Primary view of Economic Efficiency of Personal Air Transportation as a Technological Factor in the United States
Brooks, Jerry R.
Primary view of An Economic Evaluation of the Development of the Trinity River Basin as Compared with the Tennessee Valley Authority
Moore, Fred DeArmond
June 1950
Primary view of The Economic Theory of the Chemical Industry
Lawhon, Edgar C.
Primary view of Economic Thought as a Culmination of Eighteenth-Century Ideas
Bonds, Marianne
June 1971
Primary view of The Economic Utilization of Old Newspapers with Emphasis on Recyling
Duncan, Robert J.
May 1971
Primary view of The Effect of World War II on the Aluminum Industry
Williams, Bazil M.
Primary view of Electronics as an Economic Resource:  A Study of the Impact of Technology on Resource Theory
Simpson, Jerry Peyton
Primary view of England and the International Monetary System of the Nineteenth Century
Murray, Jack W.
May 1963
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Texas State Teacher's Association in Meeting the Welfare Needs of Public School Teachers in the Areas of Tenure and Retirement
Harvey, Rowland C.
August 1970
Primary view of An Examination of the Feasibility of Measuring National Income from Monetary Data
Repass, William F.
August 1972
Primary view of The Film Versus the Demonstration Method in Teaching Cake Making to High School Girls
Phillips, Joe Marie
Primary view of Foreign Aid in Kenya: Its Applications and Effects on Kenya's Economic Development, 1963-1975
Munywoki, Mathenge
May 1981