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Primary view of Building an Intelligent Filtering System Using Idea Indexing
Yang, Li
August 2003
Primary view of Case-Based Reasoning for Children Story Selection in ASP.NET
Hu, Demin
December 2003
Primary view of Classifying Pairwise Object Interactions: A Trajectory Analytics Approach
Janmohammadi, Siamak
May 2015
Primary view of CLUE: A Cluster Evaluation Tool
Parker, Brandon S.
December 2006
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Guided vs. Query-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) Using a Class-Entity-Relationship-Attribute (CERA) Knowledge Base
Hall, Douglas Lee
August 1987
Primary view of A Comparison of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Frameworks and Methodologies
Lin, Chia-En
December 2003
Primary view of A Comparison of File Organization Techniques
Rogers, Roy Lee
August 1977
Primary view of Computational Complexity of Hopfield Networks
Tseng, Hung-Li
August 1998
Primary view of Computational Epidemiology - Analyzing Exposure Risk: A Deterministic, Agent-Based Approach
O'Neill II, Martin Joseph
August 2009
Primary view of Computational Methods for Discovering and Analyzing Causal Relationships in Health Data
Liang, Yiheng
August 2015
Primary view of Computational Methods for Vulnerability Analysis and Resource Allocation in Public Health Emergencies
Indrakanti, Saratchandra
August 2015
Primary view of A Computer Algorithm for Synthetic Seismograms
Isaacson, James
August 1977
Primary view of Computer Analysis of Amino Acid Chromatography
Hayes, Michael D.
May 1978
Primary view of Computer Realization of Human Music Cognition
Albright, Larry E. (Larry Eugene)
August 1988
Primary view of Computerized Analysis of Radiograph Images of Embedded Objects as Applied to Bone Location and Mineral Content Measurement
Buckner, Richard L.
August 1976
Primary view of Content-Based Image Retrieval by Integration of Metadata Encoded Multimedia Features in Constructing a Video Summarizer Application.
Anusuri, Ramprasad
May 2003
Primary view of Control Mechanisms and Recovery Techniques for Real-Time Data Transmission Over the Internet.
Battula, Venkata Krishna Rao
August 2002
Primary view of Convexity-Preserving Scattered Data Interpolation
Leung, Nim Keung
December 1995
Primary view of Cross Language Information Retrieval for Languages with Scarce Resources
Loza, Christian
May 2009
Primary view of Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measurement Using a Smart Phone
Jonnada, Srikanth
May 2012
Primary view of DADS - A Distributed Agent Delivery System
Cozzolino, Clifford Joseph
December 2002
Primary view of Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework for Large-Scale Dynamical Systems under Uncertainty
Xie, Junfei
August 2016
Primary view of Ddos Defense Against Botnets in the Mobile Cloud
Jensen, David
May 2014
Primary view of Defensive Programming
Bailey, L. Mark
May 1980