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William Dean Howells : the Development and Demonstration of his Theory of Fiction through 1892

Description: This study of the development of Howells's theory of fiction and the extent of its expression in his own novels involves a study of the development of his literary tastes. In order to arrive at an understanding of Howells's critical views as expressed in his own fiction, his literary notices and critical essays will be studied concurrently with his novels.
Date: 1947
Creator: Miles, Elton R.

Women in the Theater of Juan Ruiz de Alarcon

Description: Until the time of Lope de Vega and the Golden Age of Spanish literature, women had always had secondary roles in the Spanish drama. There were two reasons for this: 1) Women were not fully appreciated in the society of the times. 2) Women were prohibited from appearing on the stage for many years, and boys usually took their parts. With the advent of Lope de Vega and his arte nuevo de hacer comedies, the situation was changed. The great genius, Lope de Vega, set the pattern for the drama of the Golden Age.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Dawson, Mildred Catherine McCarty

Wordsworth as a Citizen

Description: William Wordsworth was not the civic-minded public servant who is often thought of when good citizenship awards are given. However, it can be said that through his writings, he did much to arouse others to an awareness of political, religious, and educational needs of his country. This thesis examines his views in these areas and how they contributed to him as a citizen.
Date: 1948
Creator: White, Ava

The Workshop for Teachers

Description: The problem of this study is concerned with the history, trends, and evaluation of the summer workshop movement for teachers in the United States. In addition, a study was made of the Child Development Workshop conducted on the campus of the North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, Texas, during the summer of 1942.
Date: 1943
Creator: Sparks, Izetta

The Workshop Project at Denton, Texas, Senior High School for the Summer of 1940

Description: We propose in this study to give a brief review of the workshop project as carried on at the Denton Senior High School, Denton, Texas, during the six-weeks summer session of 1940. While the purpose of this paper is not to give an evaluation of the program, we shall point out some of the best points and suggest a few items which might be improved.
Date: 1941
Creator: Roark, Otis G.