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A Study of some Aspects of Homogeneous Grouping and their Implications for Democracy
The purpose of this thesis is to determine the implications of certain aspects of homogeneous grouping in the school and their relationship to the American conception of democracy.
A Study of Some Changes in the Nature and Use of Geographical Material Available to Fourth Grade Teachers During the Past Two Decades
The problem of this study is to make an analysis of some changes that have occurred in fourth grade geography books over a period of twenty years to determine the extent to which they have been influenced by educational psychology. Implications of these changes will be drawn for the teacher.
A Study of Some Factors Influencing the Social-Economic-Political Attitudes of College Students
The problem of this thesis is to show the relationship between liberalism, radicalism, conservatism and certain associated factors.
Study of Some Factors Related to Mutual Friendship on the High School Level
This study has been made for the purpose of determining the similarities and dissimilarities in certain factors related to mutual friendships.
A Study of Some Maladjusted Children of the Intermediate Grades of the Stonewall Jackson School, Denton, Texas
The problem of this thesis is to make a study of some of the maladjusted children of the intermediate grades of the Stonewall Jackson School of Denton, Texas. The purpose of this study is to try to discover some of the causes of these maladjustments.
A study of superstitions and customs affecting health practices among the people of Starr County, Texas
The superstitions and customs considered in this thesis are limited to those found in Starr County, Texas, and to those that most deeply affect and shape the lives of the people of the county. It is necessary to probe into the background of their lives from many angles; namely, history, geography, economic conditions and health conditions.
A Study of Sympathiomimetic Amines, Synthesis of O-Alkylhydroxylamines
Although many sympathomimetic amines have been prepared, the perfect one has not yet been made. Chemists are still attempting to synthesize a selective drug with more prolonged effects and free from side reactions or compensatory vasodilation. With this idea in mind it seemed feasible to prepare a group of O-substituted hydroxylamines.
A Study of the Atypical Child and His Status in the Educational Practices of Texas
The purpose of the study is to study child differentiations in their relation to educational growth; to emphasize a greater need, on the part of today's teachers, for constant study of the atypical child in order to determine his developmental needs; to emphasize the importance and desirability of utilizing the talents of the highly endowed pupil; to consider current educational practices in their relation to the added capabilities of superior children; and to emphasize the importance of developing whatever desirable social qualities the mentally retarded child may possess.
A Study of the Auto Mechanics Courses Taught in the Senior High Schools of Texas and the Opinions and Recommendations of School Administrators and Industrial Arts Teachers Concerning Auto Mechanics
The purpose of this study is to analyze the adequacy of the automobile mechanics courses taught in certain Texas high schools to determine (1) what high schools of Texas offer courses in auto mechanics; (2) in what place in the curriculum are such courses offered; (3) what methods of teaching auto mechanics are being used; (4) how many units are offered and what is contained in each unit; and (5) the opinions of the school administrators, auto mechanics teachers, and industrial arts teachers as to what should be taught in the auto mechanics courses.
A Study of the Bacterial Flora of Food Utensils in Hardin College Cafeteria and Twenty-Five Eating Establishments in Wichita Falls, Texas
The problem of this thesis consists primarily of a bacteriological survey of the eating utensils of Hardin College Cafeteria and twenty-five other eating establishments in the city of Wichita Falls, Texas. This investigation was made primarily with reference to a determination of the possible presence of typhoid and related organisms, and secondarily to an investigation of the actual presence of those bacterial organisms associated with the more common outbreaks of food poisoning.
A Study of the Changes in Selected Social Traits Exhibited by the Campers in Sunshine Camp of Austin, Texas, in the Summer of 1944
The purpose of this study was to evaluate some of the achievements of the camp in furthering the social development of the campers as a means of directing future procedures used in the camp.
A Study of the Constancy and Variability of Various Phases of Growth in the Primary Grades
This study at hand has two main purposes: (1) a survey of the constancy of the results of four years of group intelligence testing in three schools of Denton, Texas: the Robert E. Lee School, the Sam Houston School, and the Teachers College Demonstration School; and (2) a study of the variability of academic and social growth in one elementary school grade.
A Study of the Crafts Programs and the Training of Those Teaching Crafts in the Junior High Schools of Texas
The problem of this study is to determine to what extent crafts are being taught in the junior high schools, and the type and extent of training of those teachers teaching crafts in the junior high schools of Texas.
A Study of the Democratic Approach to the Problem of Educating for Life in a Changing World
The purpose of this study is to investigate the need for a democratic approach to the problem of educating for life in a changing world and to show, too, how this approach can be made through a democratic administration, a democratic curriculum, and democratic methods.
A Study of the Dental Hygiene Program in the Wolflin Elementary School of Amarillo, Texas, to Determine the Needs for a Preventative Program in Dental Hygiene
The purpose of this study was to discover and record the present dental conditions of the pupils in the Wolflin Elementary School, Amarillo, Texas, and to use this as an informative basis for the establishment of a concentrated dental program.
A Study of the Duties of the Deans of Women in the Seven State Teachers Colleges of Texas
The problem undertaken is a study of the duties of the deans of women in the seven state teachers colleges of Texas, their relationship to other members of the faculty, and special problems with which they are confronted. The study also includes a discussion of routine office duties, dormitory duties, public relations work, academic teaching, social duties, and the main professional satisfactions of the position.
A Study of the Educational Attitudes of Patrons of the Iowa Park School and Their Relation to Certain Other Factors
This study attempts to determine to what extent the patrons of Iowa Park School are progressive or traditional in their educational thinking by obtaining at first hand their reactions to some of our present-day educational practices, which authorities in the field agree are progressive or traditional. It also attempts to determine whether such factors as sex and economic status influence educational attitudes of parents, and whether the parent's viewpoint affects the scholastic achievement of the child.
A Study of the Educational Opportunities of Yellowstone National Park
The purpose of this study is to present both the educational and the geographical opportunities of Yellowstone National Park which is a region that provides inspiring areas of observation and experiences for American children.
A Study of the Effect of Feeding High Vitamin A Foods Upon the Dark Adaptation of College Girls
It is the purpose of the study to determine if the addition of Vita Yam as a source of vitamin A to the daily diet improves the dark adaptation of college-age students.
A Study of the Effect of Group Guidance Classes on the Attitudes and Personal Adjustments of Sophomore High School Girls
The purpose of this study is (1) to develop criteria by statistical methods which will show the extent of gain in personality development through a specific guidance program, and (2) to show by comparison the differences in the scores of instructed groups and those of uninstructed groups.
A Study of the Effectiveness of the Sour Lake, Texas, High School Library Program
The problem selected for the study in the recent research project was to determine the effectiveness of the Sour Lake, Texas, High School library program as it was reflected through the reading experiences of the thirty-one first-year high school pupils for the year 1945-1946. These reading experiences were analyzed on the basis of the number and the classifications of the books charged from the library by the pupils for use in the various academic subjects. For the purposes of the study, the books were grouped in accordance with the arrangement of the Dewey Decimal System of classification, which is the system used by the school librarian in classifying and cataloging all library materials. Although the principal phase of the investigation involved a study of the books circulated, an analysis was made also of the books and other library materials used for factual information and for special classroom assignments.
A Study of the Effects on Pupil Problems, Attitudes, and Discipline of an Experimental Guidance Program in a High School
The purpose of this study was to try various ways and means to develop more wholesome child growth; to try to develop a better school and civic citizenship; to try to decrease child delinquency in the school and in the city of Roby.
A Study of the Elementary Science Programs in Leading Schools of Texas and Other Southern States as Compared with the Course of Study from the Thirty-First Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
The problem, to make a study of the elementary science programs in leading schools of Texas and other Southern states as compared with the course of study from the Thirty-first Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, was chosen as a result of the realization that elementary science has not been given the place in the curriculum that it should have.
A Study of the Extent to Which the Point of View of the School Patrons of Wichita Falls, Texas, Has a Background of Progressivism or of Essentialism
The purpose of this study is to learn to what extent the point of view of patrons of Wichita Falls, Texas, has a background of progressivism or of essentialism and to what extent, if possible, the children are influenced in school by the point of view held by the parents; also which part of the school system -- general education, the curriculum, the child, or the administration -- has the most progressive approval of the parents.
A Study of the Fees Charged in Texas High Schools for Commercial Courses
The purpose of this thesis is to study the relationship of the fee system for certain business subjects in Texas high schools to certain principles of free public school education as provided for Texas public schools.
A Study of the Financial Condition of Veterans in School, with Emphasis on North Texas State College Students
"It was the purpose of this writer to obtain such information in regards to the living costs of the students enrolled at North Texas State College as to suffice in making a comparative study with the living costs of students enrolled at other educational institutions over the nation."-- leaf 1.
A Study of the First Grade Program as Indicated in Ten State Courses of Study
The purpose of the study was to analyze the objectives of the first grade program as they appeared in the different subjects in ten state courses of study, in order to find common agreements as to a desirable first grade program.
A Study of the Foods Served and Purchased in a Fort Worth School Cafeteria Duing the Year 1943-1944
The purpose of this study is to show what foods were made available to the children in the year 1943-1944; what foods the children chose from the available foods; what nutritive value the chosen foods possessed; and what the chosen lunches cost the children.
A Study of the Growth-Promoting Qualities of the Peanut Protein
This study is a comparison of the growth of albino rats fed on a diet containing beef protein with the growth of albino rats fed on a diet containing peanuts as the source of protein.
A Study of the History and Educational Development of the Schools in Dade County, Florida, to 1945
The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent Dade county has kept its educational program abreast with the rapid development of the community and thereby met the educational needs of the children in this section of the country.
A Study of the History and Educational Development of the Schools in Ellis County, Texas, to 1945
The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent Ellis County, Texas, has kept its educational program abreast of the development of the community and thereby has met the educational needs of the children in this section of the state.
A Study of the Income Tax Systems of Various States with the Purpose of Formulating a Simple and Equitable System for Texas
This thesis is the result of analysis conducted on the income tax systems of thirty-one states and supported a recommendation for a Texas income tax act.
A Study of the Interest of Junior and Senior High School Girls in the Various Home Activities Performed by Them
The study herein described was made of the seventy-nine girls in the junior and senior high school (grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) of the Public School of Cranfills Gap, Texas. The study was made with the purpose of finding the interests of this group of girls in the activities required of them in their homes, so that the writer might use the information gained in building a more successfully functioning program of homemaking in the Cranfills Gap Public School.
A Study of the J.S. Bach Capriccio on the Departure of a Beloved Brother
The purpose of this study is to present a brief history of the work, a discussion of the ornamentation which occurs therein and suggestions for the performance of the ornaments, an analysis covering especially the characteristics of each movement in regard to form and style and inasmuch as possible to show the influence of this early work on the later compositions of J. S. Bach.
A Study of the Laws Governing the Acquisition, Construction, and Use of School Property in Texas
The primary purpose of this study is to gather and organize facts that will be beneficial to those who have the responsibility of directing the affairs of the community in the interest of public education. Superintendents of schools and boards of education will secure a better solution to their problems by studying the laws and the interpretations of law given by the courts. This study has been made in order that this information might be made more available to the interest of school people.
A Study of the Legal Provisions for Special Education in the Forty-Eight States of the United States
The purpose of this study is to make a survey of state legislation for establishing special education programs for exceptional children to determine the extent to which it meets basic principles for special education of this type.
A Study of the Modern Philosophy and Modern Psychology of Education
The purpose of this study is three-fold: 1. To make a study of modern philosophy and modern psychology of education. 2. To show by comparison how well the Gainesville elementary schools comply in a modern philosophy and a modern psychology of education. 3. To make recommendations for changes that could be made for the improvement of the Gainesville elementary school system.
A Study of the Most Prevalent Postural Deviations of Two Hundred Fourteen Children of 1946-47 and 1947-48 at Pershing Elementary School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Determine the Needs and Progress Made after the Application of the Corrective Program
The special problem which the writer chose was the study of the most prevalent postural defects of two hundred fourteen school children at Pershing Elementary School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and to prepare and to administer a program of corrective exercises, and further to determine the progress made by the children after the application of the corrective program for the school years 1946-47 through 1947-48.
A study of the native Texas clays relative to their value for pottery making in the public schools
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the nature and location of the location of clays in Texas, and the kinds which could be advantageously used in making pottery in public schools.
A Study of the Outstanding Problems of Beginning Latin-American Children in the Falfurrias Elementary School, Texas, 1939-1940
The purpose of this study is to discover, through a survey of beginning Latin-American children, their status and their outstanding problems during the school year of 1939-1940 with the hope of bettering their conditions in future years.
A Study of the Outstanding Skills and Personality Traits Desirable in Office Workers
The purpose of this study is threefold: (1) to find out the qualities employers expect in beginning workers, (2) to investigate the importance attached to personality by some writers in the literature of the business education field, and (3) to compile information that will be of aid to students of Dallas Technical High School in developing the needed personal qualities and skills.
A Study of the Peer Acceptance of a Rural Group in a Town High School
The problem of this study is the examination of a high school group situation in which two broad background elements exist, the rural and the urbanwith the aim of seeking the statistical importance of these elements in their influence upon the peer acceptance within the group.
A study of the personality of music students as compared with other students on the basis of nine traits
This study was undertaken to try to determine of objective measurement of certain personality traits would indicate that music students are characterized by marked differences in personality make-up.
A Study of the Problem of Negro Crime in the United States
The purpose of this thesis, "A Study of the Problem of Negro Crime in the United States," is to determine whether or not Negro crime increased during the period from slavery to 1945; and if so, what factors were responsible for this increase.
A Study of the Relation Between School and Out-of-School Life of a Group of National Youth Administration Girls
The purpose of this study is to determine the relation between school and after-school life of a group of fifty National Youth Administration girls located in a N.Y.A. Resident Center at Anson, Texas.
A Study of the Relationship Between Sociometric Data and Standardized Measurements
The purpose of this study is to compare the social adjustment of a group with its mental maturity, and also to compare various sociometric techniques with each other.
A Study of the Reliability and Validity of a Sociometric Scale on the Elementary School Level
This problem developed in a class dealing with sociometry. The class created a new sociometric scale and gave it to several groups of children. The need for statistical information on the reliability and the validity of the scale became apparent, but was beyond the scope of the course. In order that future classes, or other groups, could feel free to use this scale, and could rely on the results obtained from it, this study was made.
A Study of the Requirements for Household Employment in Waelder, Texas
The study herein described was made in twenty-four white homes in Waelder, Texas, in which there were household employees. The study was made for the purpose of finding the requirements for household employment in Waelder, Texas.
A Study of the Revolutionary War Novels of William Gilmore Simms
This thesis is a study of William Gilmore Simms' novels that deal with the Revolutionary War.
A Study of the Social Background of the Characters in O. Henry's New York Short Stories
The problem of this research is to determine whether or not O. Henry pictured the existing social conditions of the period in his New York stories and whether his characters are representative of people who actually lived at that time.