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A Study of the Requirements for Household Employment in Waelder, Texas
The study herein described was made in twenty-four white homes in Waelder, Texas, in which there were household employees. The study was made for the purpose of finding the requirements for household employment in Waelder, Texas.
A Study of the Revolutionary War Novels of William Gilmore Simms
This thesis is a study of William Gilmore Simms' novels that deal with the Revolutionary War.
A Study of the Social Background of the Characters in O. Henry's New York Short Stories
The problem of this research is to determine whether or not O. Henry pictured the existing social conditions of the period in his New York stories and whether his characters are representative of people who actually lived at that time.
A Study of the Stressed Back Vowels in the Speech of Parker County, Texas
It is the purpose of this thesis to contribute a small part to the large picture of Texas dialect by describing the use of certain stressed sounds in one locality, Parker County, Texas, which lies in the General American speech division of the United States.
A Study of the Thermal Decomposition Products of Lignite
Lignite is a low grade of coal widely distributed throughout the world. A complete analysis of lignite has not been made, due to the difficulty encountered in the separation of the complex organic compounds bonded therein.
A Study of the Treatment of Time in the Plays of Lyly, Marlowe, Greene, and Peele
Because Shakespeare borrowed so many ideas and devices from other writers, we wonder whether he also borrowed the trick of double time from some of his predecessors; therefore one of the purposes of this study is to discover whether or not this device was original with Shakespeare. In this study I have considered the works of John Lyly, Christopher Marlowe, Robert Greene, and George Peele because these four seem to have influenced Shakespeare more than did any of the other of his immediate predecessors. To discover what influence, if any, these men had upon Shakespeare ts treatment of time is not, however, the only purpose of this study; for I am also interested in the characteristics of the works of these men for their own values, independent of any influence which they may have had on the works of Shakespeare.
A Study of the Types of Audio-Visual Aids and the Extent of their Use in the Industrial Arts Program in the Junior High Schools of Texas to Formulate a Program for Audio-Visual Aids Based upon Skills, Training and Attitudes of Teachers in Service and Professional Literature
The purpose of this study is to determine the types of audio-visual aids that are being used in the junior high schools of Texas, the extent of their use, the evaluation by teachers in service of various audio-visual aids, the needs recognized by the teachers in service for additional audio-visual aids in the respective schools, and the needs of teachers in service for aid and instructions in the use of such aids. It is hoped that, with this information and additional information from professional literature, conclusions can be drawn and recommendations made that will aid teachers in the Texas junior high schools to use available audio-visual aids to a much greater advantage than is now being evidenced.
A Study of the Use of the Integrative-Experience Curriculum in Helping Elementary School Pupils to Learn the Ways of Democracy
The purpose of this study is to determine a method of helping elementary school pupils to learn the ways of democracy through the use of the integrative-experience curriculum.
A Study of the Use of the Playback in Consumer Education
The purpose of this study is to consider the playback as a consumer educational material, and to test its usefulness in transmitting and securing acceptance of consumer information when presented to selected groups of individuals. Another purpose of the study is to make a contribution to the sum total of results obtained by the Institute for Consumer Education in its experimentation with the playback.
A Study of the Validity of Brace's Football Achievement Tests as a Measure of Real Playing Ability of Individual Players of the Quanah and Childress High Schools
The investigator undertook a study to determine the validity of the Brace Football Achievement Tests as a measure of real playing ability of individual members of the 1948 football squads of the high schools of Quanah and Childress, Texas.
A Study of the Value of Phonics as an Aid in Teaching Second-Grade Reading
The purpose of this study was (1) to determine the need of phonics as a tool in word recognition; (2) to find out the opinions of outstanding educators concerning the value of phonics in primary reading; (3) to know present trends in the teaching of phonics in primary grades; and (4) to ascertain by actual experiment the results of phonetic training.
A Study of the Various Types of Testing Programs Used by Teachers of Mechanical Drawing in the High Schools of Texas
The problem of this study is to determine what types of tests are being used in mechanical drawing by the high school teachers of Texas and to suggest ways in which testing in mechanical drawing may be improved.
A Study of the W P A Lunches Served in a Rural Consolidated School During the Year 1941-42
The purpose of this study is to follow the W P A lunch program in the Williams High School District of Brown County, Texas during the school year 1941-1942, and the effect of this program upon the height, weight, attendance and grades of the children participating.
A Study of the Ways in Which the Boys and Girls of Waxahachie Spend Their Leisure Time
"The study will attempt to show how the boys and girls of Waxahachie spend their leisure time. It will also indicate the need for more direction in the proper use of leisure time. Furthermore, it will show that much should be done by the adults of Waxahachie to help these boys and girls live a fuller, happier life, and prepare healthy minds and bodies to carry on life in a democratic society."-- leaf 3.
A Study of Vegetable Consumption and Vegetable Likes and Dislikes of Pupils in the J. M. Lindsay Elementary School, Gainesville, Texas
The problem of this investigation was to survey the noon-meal vegetable consumption of 248 elementary-school children in the J. M. Lindsay School, Gainesville, Texas, for a period of ten days, and to compile lists of the vegetables which the children indicated that they liked or disliked.
A Study to Determine a Sound Basis for Meeting the Language Arts Needs of Pupils in the Secondary School
This thesis is limited to a study of the language arts needs of pupils in the secondary school curriculum, a presentation of criteria for a sound curriculum in this area, presentation of data from studies in method and organization, and an evaluation of these data through application of the criteria.
A Study to Determine a Sound Procedure for Conducting and Providing Supervision for Small Secondary Schools
The problem of this study is to determine a sound procedure for conducting and providing supervision in small secondary schools.
A Study to Determine a Sound Solution for the Educational Print Shop with Regard to What Action Should be Taken by High Schools and Colleges in the Matter of Equipment for Offset and Letterpress Printing
This is a study to determine the present and future status of offset printing as compared to letterpress printing in Texas, based on the opinions of qualified teachers of printing and commercial printers taken from sixteen groups of different sizes.
A Study to Determine a Sound Treatment of Intercultural Differences in the Public Schools
It is the purpose of this study to determine a sound treatment of intercultural differences. The study has as its fundamental thesis the belief that the race and cultural conflicts that are serious threats to the well-being of individuals, of communities, and of the American nation as a whole can be lessened and, in certain instances, eliminated by a carefully planned educational program.
A Study to Determine Changes Necessary to Cause the Texas Public School Band Program to Conform to Certain Accepted Standards
The purpose of this study was to determine changes necessary to cause Texas public school band programs to conform to a recommended standard.
A Study to Determine Provisions Made by Secondary Schools of Texas to Meet the Needs of their Pupils
The problem is to determine by questionnaire the extent to which a representative sampling of Texas high schools provide activities to meet pupil needs.
A Study to Determine some Means of Strengthening the Already Established Program of Home and Family Life Education with Adults in the Dallas Independent Schools
The purpose of this study is to determine some means of strengthening the already established program of Home and Family Life Education with adults in the Dallas Independent Schools, Dallas, Texas.
A Study to Determine some Sound Procedures for Organizing the Community School Curriculum
The purpose of this study is to provide some sound procedures for the organization of the school and the community. Most educations today appear to be in agreement upon the fact that the school and the community should be organized.
A Study to Determine Sound Methods of Employing Group Planning in Certain Areas of Personnel Administration
It is the purpose of this study to determine sound methods of employing group planning in certain areas of personnel administration.
A Study to Determine the Causes for Poor Reading and Offer Remedial Suggestions for the Children in the Sixth Grade of the Robert E. Lee School, Denton, Texas
The problem of this study is to determine the cause for the reading difficulties and offer remedial suggestions for the sixth-grade children in the Robert E. Lee School, Denton, Texas.
A Study to Determine the Characteristics of Effective Application Letters for Teachers, with Particular Reference to College Positions, as Influenced by Reports from 65 College and University Presidents and an Analysis of 65 Sample Letters of Application for College Positions
The purpose of this study is to try to answer these questions: By what standards may application letters for teaching positions be judged? How well does the average teacher meet these standards in his own application letters? What changes should teachers make in their application letters to make them stronger?
A Study to Determine the Curriculum Changes Needed, If Any, to Provide a Standard Vocational High School for the Waco State Home, Waco, Texas
The purpose of the study is to make a survey of criteria for a general high school vocational program, to evaluate the vocational program of the Waco State Home High School in this respect, and to make recommendations, where thought necessary, for needed changes in the curriculum.
A Study to Determine the Effect of Certain School Music Techniques on Children's Attitudes
The investigator wished to determine the effect of certain school music techniques on children's attitudes.
A Study to Determine the Extent to Which Music Students Have Well-Adjusted Personality
To determine what type of young men and women are entering the profession of music today as compared with those entering other fields is the purpose of the present investigation. It undertakes a study of ninety advanced music students divided into two groups of forty-five each, those who prefer to do solo work and those who prefer to perform in an ensemble. A control group of fifty advanced students is taken from other fields of study in order to form a basis for judgment of the music students. These groups are compared with respect to age, intelligence, and various personality adjustments.
A Study to Determine the Extent to Which the Community Served by South Junior High School of Waco, Texas, is Meeting the Recreational Needs of its Boys
The purpose of this study is to make an investigation of the extent to which the community served by the South Junior High School of Waco, Texas, meets the recreational needs of its boys.
A Study to Determine the Extent to Which the Community Served by South Junior High School of Waco, Texas, is Meeting the Recreational Needs of its Girls
The purpose of this research is to make a study of the recreation program for girls served by the South Junior High School in Waco, Texas, to determine the extent to which the community meets the recreational needs of these girls.
A Study to Determine the Relation of Mechanical Aptitude and Academic Grades of 175 Students Enrolled in North Texas State College
The purpose of this study was to determine the relation of mechanical aptitude and academic grades of students who have completed a minimum of sixty semester hours of college credit and who were enrolled in the major departments of North Texas State College.
A Study to Determine the Relative Value of Gains in Civic Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes in Community Civics as Compared with Those in Traditional Eighth-Grade History
The problem reported in this thesis was one whose purpose was to determine, if possible, the relative value of gains in civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes growing out of a course in eighth-grade community civics as compared with those derived from a course in traditional eighth-grade history. An interesting phase of the study was the tabulation of losses in civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes and an attempt on the part of the writer to account for them. Chiefly, however, the study concerns itself with progress in social and civic thinking on the part of eighth-grade pupils.
A Study to Determine the Science Interests of Children of the North Elementary School at Odessa, Texas
It is the purpose of this thesis to determine the science interests of the pupils of the North Elementary School of Odessa, Texas, during the school year of 1940-1941.
A Study to Determine the Social Attitudes and Behavior Problems in a Given Elementary School
The purpose of this investigation is to study a given school situation with which the writer is familiar to determine as objectively as possible the various social attitudes present and their resultant behavior. To what extent these attitudes depend upon the home environment of the child is to be studied. The influence of the age-grade range in the development of various attitudes is to be considered, and the influence of the school environment as a factor in the process of attitude formation and social adjustment is to be determined.
A Study to Determine the Sound Administrative Steps in the Organization of a Community School
The purpose of this study is to determine the sound steps or procedures for the administrator to follow in organizing a community school. It will attempt to show ways of utilizing to the fullest possible extent the resources of the community.
A Study to Determine the Soundness of Procedures to Compensate for Individual Differences in the High School Pupils of Selected Counties in Texas
The purpose of this study is to make an analysis of the practices and procedures for meeting individual differences by a group of secondary schools to determine the extent to which they meet accepted criteria in this field.
A Study to Determine the Soundness of the Gilmer-Aikin Plan of Financing the Public Schools of Montague County, Texas
The problem of this thesis is to examine the Gilmer-Aikin plan as it will affect the Montague County, Texas, schools in order to ascertain whether present inequities, if any, will be corrected, and to present additional remedial proposals if needed.
A Study to Determine the Status of Six-Man Football in the Public High Schools Under the Texas Interscholastic League in 1941
"The purposes of the study were as follows: 1. To determine to what extent six-man football was meeting the needs of the small high school. 2. to determine trends in regard to the organization, administration, and conduct of the game in Texas. 3. To compile information that would serve those schools which are now playing six-man football, and those which are considering the adoption of the game."-- leaf 2.
A Study to Develop a Manual for the Teaching of Speedball to Boys of the Secondary School as a Physical Education and Recreation Activity
The purpose of the study was to make available to physical education instructors and recreation leaders an instruction book that will serve as a guide in the following areas: 1. In the organization and conduct of the game of speedball for boys in secondary school in physical education classes or recreation groups; 2. In the teaching of speedball as a physical education or recreation activity for boys on the secondary school level.
A Study to Examine Individual Failure at the Elementary Level in a Small Texas Community, and to Determine, if Possible, the Relative Importance of Emotional Disturbance and Other Factors as Causes of Such Failures
The purpose of this study was to examine the complete number of failures for the school year, 1948-1949, in the elementary school of a small Texas town in an effort to determine the relative weight of emotional maladjustment and other factors as causes of such failures; and, if possible, to advance suggested remedies for such failures.
A Study to Show the Relations of Peer Acceptance and Teacher Ratings with Sunday School Attendance and Church Affiliation
The purpose of this study is to show the results of an investigation into the relations of Sunday school attendance with peer acceptance and teacher ratings.
A Stylistic Analysis of Béla Bartók's "Mikrokosmos"
Bela Bartok's art is a perfect microcosm of the art of the twentieth century. It is interwoven with the musical conceptions and techniques of the great Western European masters, without in any way obscuring the individuality, the national consciousness, and the personal style and originality of the composer's own musical language -- a language rooted in the glorious tradition of his people. In the six volumes of the Mikrokosmos, or "little world," Bartok has presented a series of progressively difficult pieces designed -- if not intentionally, at least effectively -- to introduce to the piano student a technical approach to piano playing in the modern idiom. Admittedly, the etude does not cover every pianistic technical problem. It clearly shows that Bartok fully appreciates the worth of the great wealth of piano literature, and does not prescribe his method as a "cure-all" for the technical problems of piano playing.
A Stylistic Analysis of Serge Prokofieff's "Second Concerto for Violin"
The purpose of the following study is to make an analysis of the structural elements and stylistic characteristics in the Second Concerto for Violin by the modern Russian composer, Serge Prokofieff. These include the composer's treatment of form, melody, rhythm, harmony, and medium of expression.
Stylistic Analysis of the Chopin E Minor Concerto
Both of the Chopin concertos are the earliest of his works to be found in the ordinary piano repertoire, and they possess the direct influences and inherited traits of the composer. Since he did no more orchestral work after completing these two works, it is evident that he thought only in terms of pianistic expression. Probably one of the reasons for Chopin's ineffectiveness as an orchestral writer is due to his inability to conform to the classical form: sonata allegro. The e minor concerto is representative of his treatment of the larger forms. Analyzing the elements of an early work of the composer reveals the degree of maturity in individual traits. Elements of basic chord structure and use of harmony, melodic characteristics, and pianistic expression mark the style of a composer. This concerto demonstrates the beginning of chromatic harmony in his time and in his own writing; it contains melodic beauty and pianistic features which make it acceptable in standard concerto repertoire in spite of its many defects.
A Stylistic Analysis of the Iberia Suite for Piano by Isaac Albéñiz
This study attempt to analyze the style Albéniz, especially as expressed in Iberia Suite. As with all composers, his particular style is created out of his own combining and recombining the principal elements of music, arranging them in a certain way to suit his needs and taste. The musical elements are: rhythm, melody, and harmony. The study is organized in ten chapters.
A Stylistic Analysis of the Piano Works of Debussy and Ravel
This study has three purposes: first, to point out the stylistic elements of music that are present in the piano works of Debussy and Ravel; second, to determine how the composers have used these elements; and third, to discover the effects that have been achieved through individual uses of the elements.
A Stylistic Analysis of the Twenty-Four Piano Preludes by Dmitri Shostakovich
The study of the twenty-four preludes of Shostakovitch [sic] has a three-fold significance. First, it deals with a body of music literature representing important aspects of twentieth-century music. Secondly, it is an original study since no detailed analysis of these preludes has been made. Very little has been written about this collection of short pieces, and no material is available along the line of a technical, scientific analysis. Thirdly, our subject deals with a collection of compositions written by one of the foremost living composers of today, not only of Russia, but of the entire musical world -- a man who is in the public eye at present, and in whose works the Soviet ideology is reflected.
A Stylistic and Structural Analysis of David Stanley Smith's Sonata in A, Opus 51
The purpose of the following study is to make an analysis of the structural elements and stylistic characteristics of the Sonata in A Minor for violin and piano by David Stanley Smith. This analysis will include the composer's treatment of form, harmony, melody and tonality, rhythm, intellectual and emotional content, and mediums of expression.
A Stylistic Comparison of the Accompanied Violin Sonatas of Bach and Handel
It is the purpose of this thesis to determine the comparative differences and similarities of the accompanied violin sonatas of the two contemporary eighteenth-century composers, Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederick Handel.