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Achieving Financial Sustainability: Are We Asking the Wrong Questions?
While technology has made producing copies of digital content almost entirely free, there is no escaping that publishing, according to most definitions of the term, still requires time and money. Any publishing service offered by a library must find a way to achieve financial sustainability—that is, operate without losing money. However, even "losing money" is a tricky concept, especially when taking into account varying definitions of operating expenses (overhead costs) under different models for auxiliary services. Libraries are by their very nature cost centers, providing services without the expectation of recovering revenue, and are usually part of larger organizations that similarly provide services under partial or full subsidies. While libraries are often comfortable with charging for convenience services and for services to those outside their designed community of users, careful thought should be given to which costs a publishing service-or any new service-should be expected to recover.
Activities and Experiences of Academic Librarians Embedded in Online Courses
Presentation for the 2010 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML) Conference. This presentation discusses activities and experiences of academic librarians embedded in online courses and common practices to assess various experiences.
Advanced Human-Computer Interactions with a Patient Simulator: Moving towards a Smart Campus and a Learning Health System (LHS)
Presentation for the 2017 International Conference on Knowledge Management. This presentation describes a study of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) learning using human-computer interactions with a human patient simulator.
Advancing Open Access Through Digital Services
Presentation for the 2010 Open Access Symposium discussing digital services using Georgia Tech University as a case study.
Adventures in Digital Preservation (and how not to lose your way)
Presentation for the 2013 Conservation Savvy: From Expert to DIY Conference. This presentation discusses adventures in digital preservation and how not to lose your way.
Advocates for Disability Rights: Building the Texas Disability History Collection
Presentation for the 2017 Digital Frontiers Conference. This presentation provides an overview of the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries' Texas Disability History Collection.
Advocating to Grow Collections Mentoring to Grow Leaders
Presentation for the 2015 Louisiana Library Association (LLA) Government Documents Round Table Section (GODART) Breakfast Meeting. This presentation discusses advocating to grow collections and mentoring to grow leaders.
After the Mandates & Manifestos, What Next? The Denton Declaration at 5
Presentation for the 2017 UNT Open Access Symposium. This presentation provides background on the Denton Declaration, an open data manifesto created in 2012, before introducing panelists for a discussion on the future of open data and open access.
Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation: Community Briefing on the ANADP 2011 Summit
Presentation for the 2011 Coalition of Networked Information (CNI) meeting discussing the Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation Summit, held in the capital of Estonia in May 2011.
All the News That's Fit to Mine: Text Mining and Topic Modeling Newspaper Usage in Scholarly Literature
Presentation for the 2017 Digital Frontiers Conference. This presentation discusses the use of the JSTOR Data for Research (DfR) tool to examine the occurrence of newspapers in scholarly literature and analyze the disciplines and key terms associated with journal articles that use newspapers in their research.
Altmetrics: New Ways of Measuring Research Impact
Presentation for a workshop on altmetrics and new ways of measuring research impact. The workshop shows how the behavior of scholars is changing and how these changes are being monitored to show research impact in new ways.
Analysis of URL References in ETDs: A Case Study at the University of North Texas [Presentation]
Presentation for the 2013 International Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) Symposium. The presentation gives an analysis of URL references in ETDs and a case study at the University of North Texas (UNT).
Analyzing the Persistence of Referenced Web Resources with Memento [Presentation]
Presentation for the 2011 International Conference on Open Repositories. This presentation discusses the results of a study into the persistence and availability of web resources referenced from papers in scholarly repositories. Memento makes it possible to automate discovery of archived resources and to consider the time between the publication of the research and the archiving of the reference URLs.
"And Now It's Time for Jazz": Willis Conover and the Voice of America
Presentation for the 2010 International Association of Music Libraries (IAML) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses jazz producer and broadcaster Willis Conover and the Voice of America.
Annexation of Texas Project
Presentation for the 2003 GODART Preconference at the American Library Association Annual Conference. This presentation outlines the "From Republic to State: Debates and Documents Relating to the Annexation of Texas, 1836-1856" project. This grant funded project involved digitizing 6000 objects.
APA Review: Citing Social Media and Websites
Presentation at the University of North Texas (UNT) for the research fellows from the National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan. This presentation discusses citing social media and websites.
APA Review Library Information Sciences End of Program Exam
Presentation for a University of North Texas (UNT) School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS) 5900 course. This presentation gives instruction for the American Psychological Association (ALA) citation style for electronic journals.
Applying Visual Arts Pedagogy in the Training of New Digital Imaging Technicians
Presentation for the 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL). This presentation discusses applying visual arts pedagogy in the training of new digital imaging technicians.
Are print books REALLY dead? Exploring the relationship between technology acceptance and the use of e-books at a large research university
This presentation discusses a study of undergraduate students at the University of North Texas to understand factors related to students' intent to use and actual use of e-books.
Are You on the Happiness Track? Do You Want to Be?
This presentation discusses key points of research on happiness including several techniques application to attendees' personal and professional lives.
ASIS&T Special Interest Groups (SIGs): New Member/First Conference Brunch 2012
Presentation for the 2012 American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting. This presentation introduces new members and conference attendees to the Special Interest Group, International Information Issues (SIG-III).
Assessing an Academic Library Professional Development Program
This presentation discusses assessment methods for UNT Libraries' professional development program.
Assessing Misclassification Error on Estimated Cardiovascular Care Performance
Presented at the 2017 International Conference on Knowledge Management. This presentation examines performance measurements in healthcare and misclassification error on estimated cardiovascular care performance.
Assessing Student Critical Thinking Skills in Single Library Instruction Class
Presentation for the 2011 Phoenix Staff Development Day discussing how to assess the critical thinking skills of students in single library instruction classes. The challenges and solutions are discussed, as well as a recommendation for, and example of, a library instruction worksheet that can be used.
Assessing the Usage of Electronic Theses and Dissertations: An Overview of ETD Statistics and Metrics in the UNT Libraries
Presentation for the 2011 Texas Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs) Association Annual Conference. This presentation gives an overview of ETD statistics and metrics in the UNT Libraries.
Assessment of Cataloging Services in an Academic Library
Presentation for the 2015 Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses the results of a survey that was administered from October 27 through November 17, 2014. The survey assessed how Public Services employees rate the importance of Cataloging and Metadata Services activities, and how satisfied Public Services employees are with Cataloging and Metadata Services activities.
Assessment of Library Support for Distance Learning at UNT
Presentation for the 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference discussing assessments of library support for distance learning at the University of North Texas (UNT). The methods used include LibQUAL+ surveys, focus groups, and ethnographic studies.
At Risk: Capturing and Preserving Web Resources
This presentation discusses the Web-at-Risk project and the issues related to capturing and preserving web resources. It introduces collection development issues, organization and metadata issues, and the findings that support the needs for a web archiving service.
Automated NDNP Quality Review
Presentation for the 2013 National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) Awardee Conference in Washington D.C. This presentation discusses automated processes and ensuring quality for the NDNP at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Balancing Scholarly Activities, Primary Assignments and Service to the Community
Presentation for the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries as part of the career development program. This presentation discusses getting started on a research project and balancing scholarly activities, primary assignments, and service to the community.
Behavioral Interviewing Workshop: Student Assistant Supervisor's Round Table
This presentation is for a workshop on behavioral interviewing. The author discusses behavioral interviewing, its importance, and offers exercises and how to develop interview questions.
Better Guidelines, Better Functionality: How Metadata Supports the Cycle of System Improvement at the University of North Texas [Presentation]
Presentation on how the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit established their metadata guidelines and how the guidelines work to support The Portal to Texas History and the University of North Texas Digital Library.
Better Practices for Making a Digital Monograph
Presentation for the 2017 Digital Frontiers Conference. This presentation discusses the practical work of digital scholarship and the considerations necessary for scholars interested in composing or evaluating digital scholarship.
Beyond Google: Promoting Digitized Primary Sources in First-Year Writing
This presentation discusses promoting digitized primary sources in research. Topics include the background and interest in the subject, key term definitions, examples of items and usage, National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) K-12 teaching resources, and FYC application.
Big Data and Government Information
Panel for the 2017 International Conference on Knowledge Management. This panel presentation examines various issues of big data applications for governmental information.
Big Data, Ethics, and Public Engagement
Presented at the 2017 International Conference on Knowledge Management. This presentation introduces the panel session on Big Data, Ethics and Public Engagement, and introduces crowd-sourcing efforts to preserve big data.
BI's via LibGuides: All your eggs in one basket
Presentation for the 2013 Texas Library Association (TLA) Library Instruction Round Table. This presentation discusses BIs via LibGuides.
"Blow the Curtain Open": How Gene Hall and Leon Breeden Advanced the Legitimacy of Jazz in Music Education [Presentation]
Presentation for the Jazz Education Network Fifth Annual Conference. This presentation discusses how Gene Hall and Leon Breeden advanced the legitimacy of jazz in music education.
Breakdowns in Machine Reading: Attempting to De-privilege Modern English Print with the Power of Supercomputing and the DH Dashboard
Presentation for the 2017 Digital Frontiers Conference. This presentation is part of a panel addressing the constructive limitations of decolonializing DH by reflecting on the "Reading the First Books" project currently underway at the University of Texas at Austin. This presentation speaks to the project's technical breakdowns in machine reading.
Breaking Down the Costs - What are Your Digitization Projects Really Costing?
This presentation discusses the costs and values of digital collections. It looks at the digital collections held at the University of North Texas (UNT) and does a cost comparison of the options based on their choices including the expenses that are related to building their digital collections.
Breaking Silos: Interdepartmental Collaboration for Better Electronic Collection Development [Presentation]
Presentation for the 2014 ER&L Annual Conference. This presentation discusses interdepartmental collaboration for better electronic collection development.
Broadening access to books on Texas and Oklahoma
Slides presented during panel “Four Case Studies, Four Ways: Highlights from AAUP's Review of OA Projects” at the 2017 annual meeting of the Association of American University Presses. This presentation by the principal investigator of this grant-funded project describes how we chose the topic of Texas and Oklahoma, what has surprised him about working with outside organizations and presses, what the challenges of working with outside organizations and presses have been, and what the good things about working with outside organizations have been.
Broadening Access to Books on Texas and Oklahoma
This overview of the grant-funded project was given as a lightning-round presentation during the panel "Giving New Life to Old Books: The NEH/Mellon Humanities Open Book Program" at the 2016 annual meeting of the Association of American University Presses.
Broadening access to books on Texas and Oklahoma
Presented at the Humanities Open Book Project Directors Meeting at the National Endowment for the Humanities Headquarters. This lightning presentation contains an overview of the grant-funded project.
Broadening the Scope of an Institutional Repository: The Patent Project
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This presentation a project to include patents into the University of North Texas (UNT) Scholarly Works institutional repository.
Brown bag on iConference - 2013
This presentation was created for a brown bag luncheon about the 2013 iConference. It includes discussion on participants, the venues, programs, the role of the UNT Libraries, and reflections on the event.
Budget Status of the UNT Libraries 2014: Library Town Hall Meeting on the Library Budget Shortfall
Presentation for the September 2014 Library Town Hall Meeting. This meeting discussed the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries budget status and shortfalls.
Building an Online Academic Profile
Presentation for the Toulouse Graduate School spring workshop series. This presentation discusses building an online academic profile.
Building Digital Archives
This presentation is about the steps followed in the development of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Library infrastructure, the lessons learned along the way, and the opportunities that are available today.
Building Search Systems for Digital Library Collections
This presentation describes the infrastructure and collection in the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Digital initiatives. This discusses issues related to searching and explains possible solutions to best enhance metadata and searching capabilities.