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Primary view of Adelardo Lopez De Ayala's Position in the Drama of the Nineteenth Century
Whaley, Joy
Primary view of After the Storm: an Adaptation of Sobre las Ruinas, by Roberto J. Payró
Kimbell, Minerva A.
August 1964
Primary view of Alienation in the Tragedies of Corneille
Short, William N.
August 1970
Primary view of The Antihero in the Novels of Juan Antonio de Zunzunegui
Burkart, Judith E.
May 1968
Primary view of El Arte Hiperólico de Gabriel García Márquez
Pérez Estrada, Carlos
August 1971
Primary view of Carlos Muñiz and Social Drama
Adams, Sarah Sue
May 1973
Primary view of Character Development in the Quintero Brothers' Plays
Kelley, Fay Elois
August 1938
Primary view of Characterization and Principal Themes in the Novels of Gustavo A. Martinez Zuviria (pseud. Hugo West)
Gerding, Jess L.
Primary view of Characterization in Ramón Pérez de Ayala's novels
Vaughn, Evelyn Ruth
January 1958
Primary view of Characterization in Valle-Inclan's Novels
Hardin, Robert Joseph
Primary view of Characterizations and Themes in the Novels of Elena Quiroga
Davis, Charlotte Jo
August 1966
Primary view of A Comparison of Selected Criticisms from the Lettres Persanes and the Cartas Marruecas
Love, Phil Ray
August 1959
Primary view of Computer Applications to Second Language Acquisition
Guillory, Helen E. (Helen Elizabeth)
May 1991
Primary view of Concha Espina's basic concepts as revealed through the outstanding characters in her novels and short stories
Barker, Ray Lloyd
June 1954
Primary view of Conflict Between Ciudad and Campo in the Fiction of Benito Lynch
Randolph, Dianne
January 1968
Primary view of Dehumanization in the Theater of Valle-Inclán and Muñiz
Burgess, Debra S.
December 1979
Primary view of Denis Diderot Lettres à Sophie Volland, 1759
Simmons, Marina C.
August 1976
Primary view of El Desarrollo de los Caracteres Anormales en las Obras de Emilia Pardo Bazán
Hudgins, Ida Marie
November 1971
Primary view of Descripción del Escenario Rural Uruguayo en las Obras de Javier de Viana
Rodríguez, Rubén
August 1969
Primary view of The Development of the Philosophy of Benito Pérez Galdós as Revealed by his Contemporary Novels.
Cage, Rebecca D.
Primary view of Dialogue in the Alarconian Theatre
Davis, Mary Collins
Primary view of Diccionario Ilustrado para Niños
Rodgers, Mary Lunn
Primary view of Don Tomas Rodriguez y Diaz Rubi
Roque, Francisco J.
May 1971
Primary view of Las Dos Fases Ideológicas en la Novela de Palacio Valdés
Rodriguez, Aurora C.
August 1972