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Primary view of The Actions and Operational Thinking of Generals Stratemeyer and Partridge during the Korean War:  Adjusting to Political Restrictions of Air Campaigns
Sambaluk, Nicholas Michael
May 2008
Primary view of The Administration of Spain Under Charles V, Spain's New Charlemagne
Beard, Joseph
May 2005
Primary view of Aliens and atheists: The Plurality of Worlds and Natural Theology in Seventeenth-Century England.
Oliver, Ryan
December 2007
Primary view of The American Doctrine for the Use of Naval Gunfire in Support of Amphibious Landings: Myth vs. Reality in the Central Pacific of World War II.
Mitchener, Donald Keith
December 2006
Primary view of Amon Carter: The Founder of Modern Fort Worth, 1930-1955
Cervantez, Brian
May 2005
Primary view of The Anglo-Iraqi Relationship Between 1945 and 1948.
Alburaas, Theyab M.
December 2008
Primary view of Baptists and Britons: Particular Baptist Ministers in England and British Identity in the 1790s
Parnell, John Robert
December 2005
Primary view of Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War
Montandon, Joshua W.
August 2007
Primary view of Booze, Boomtowns, and Burning Crosses: The Turbulent Governorship of Pat M. Neff of Texas, 1921-1925
Stanley, Mark
August 2005
Primary view of The Break-up of the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Army, 1865
Clampitt, Brad R.
May 2001
Primary view of British and Indian Influences in the Identities and Literature of Mark Tully and Ruskin Bond
Lakhani, Brenda
August 2003
Primary view of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Decision to Go to War in Iraq: An Evaluation of Motivating Factors
LaCoco, Kimberly
May 2009
Primary view of Burying the War Hatchet: Spanish-Comanche Relations in Colonial Texas, 1743-1821
Lipscomb, Carol A.
May 2002
Primary view of By Air Power Alone: America's Strategic Air War in China, 1941-1945
Jahnke, Todd Eric
May 2001
Primary view of Cathedral of Hope: A History of Progressive Christianity, Civil Rights, and Gay Social Activism in Dallas, Texas, 1965 - 1992
Mims, Dennis Michael
August 2009
Primary view of Children, Adolescents, and English Witchcraft
Martin, Lisa A.
December 2005
Primary view of Clarence R. Huebner: An American Military Story of Achievement
Flaig, Steven
May 2006
Primary view of Combat Reconsidered: A Statistical Analysis of Small-Unit Actions During the American Civil War
Barloon, Mark C
December 2001
Primary view of A Comparison of the Status of Widows in Eighteenth-Century England and Colonial America.
Jones, Sarah E.
May 2004
Primary view of The Confederate Pension Systems in Texas, Georgia, and Virginia: The Programs and the People
Wilson, Mary L.
December 2004
Primary view of Connecting Ireland and America: Early English Colonial Theory 1560-1620
Nelson, Robert Nicholas
May 2005
Primary view of The Crater of Diamonds: A History of the Pike County, Arkansas, Diamond Field, 1906-1972
Henderson, John C.
May 2002
Primary view of Creole Angel: The Self-Identity of the Free People of Color of Antebellum New Orleans
Hobratsch, Ben Melvin
August 2006
Primary view of Dallas, Poverty, and Race: Community Action Programs in the War on Poverty
Rose, Harriett DeAnn
August 2008