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Alcoholism Treatment Follow-up Related to Staff Members' Effectiveness

Description: The relationship was investigated between named staff members and four measures of reported alocohol consumption by alcoholics followed up one year after hospitalizstion in state hospitals. The 559 representative subjects were located, interviewed, and matched with 65 staff members named as "most helpful" to determine social, economic, and drinking aspects. Named personnel were administered the A-B Scale by Campbell, Stevens, Uhlenhuth, and Johansson (1968). Subjects naming A-staff members reported significantly lower levels of alcohol consumption on two of four measures as compared to subjects naming A/B- or B-staff members. Additional followup variables tended to support this conclusion.
Date: May 1978
Creator: DuBois, Richard L.

An analysis and overview of the economic relations between Turkey and the European Economic Community

Description: This study analyzes the economic relations between Turkey and the European Economic Community (EEC) in the transition period of Turkey's membership in the Common Market. Turkey applied for membership in the EEC in 1959, and the association agreement was signed in 1963. Under the terms of the agreement Turkey's membership includes three stages; preparatory, transition, and full membership.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Ateṣ, Hüseyin

An Analysis and Production Book of Joe Orton's What the Butler Saw

Description: This thesis describes the directing of Joe Orton's What the Butler Saw for the 1976 North Texas State University Summer Repertory Theatre Company. Chapter I examines the problem of play choice and provides an analysis of the play selected. Chapter II describes the production situation at North Texas, the preparation of the playscript, the casting and staffing decisions, the technical direction, the rehearsal process, and the front of house activities. Chapter III is the production book itself, it includes the playscript, the blocking, and the light and sound cues. Chapter IV summarizes the project and offers recommendations as a guide to future graduate directors.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Rogers, Danny C.

An Analysis of Mark Twain's Oral Interpretation on the Reading Tour of 1884-1885

Description: This oral interpretation thesis analyzes the influences on Mark Twain's reading, traces his development as an oral interpreter, and studies his techniques for revising selections of his literature to make them more suitable for oral delivery. This study concentrates on Twain's 1884-1885 reading tour with George W. Cable because in that period Twain made his greatest advances as an oral interpreter. The impact that this tour had on Twain's later reading is also analyzed. It was discovered that the interpretation theories developed by Twain are consistent with contemporary theory and practice.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Strong, William F.

The application of selected marketing concepts in the hospital planning process

Description: This study was designed to evaluate the planning process in hospitals. The specific problem of concern in this investigation was the pressing need for planning by hospitals that focuses upon the constraints imposed by governmental regulation and by resource limitations. The purpose of this study was to identify marketing concepts that have application to the hospital planning process and to make a general evaluation of their current utilization in North Central Texas area.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Arnold, Verna Aline

Art Education and the Energy Dynamics of Creativity

Description: The energy dynamics of creativity are the metaphysical foundations upon which the theory of holistic aesthetics was built. Traditional inquiry into creativity has been concerned with the isolated issues of either the process, technique, product, creator, or environment in which creation occurs. The aesthetics presented herein provide the art educator with an alternate approach and attitude. The absolute presupposition from which the theory develops states that "there is naught but energy, for God is life." The resulting model which incorporates the rationale of the physics of light is designed to illustrate relationships between the creator and the energies of creativity. Educational applications and significance of the model are described in terms of light and color; these practical implications lend themselves to empirical testing.
Date: December 1978
Creator: Horn, Carin E.

An Assay Method for Determining Extra-Cellular Lipases from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Description: The applicability of an isotopically labelled assay system to determine the lipase production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa was evaluated. Supernatant from cultures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa grown in a medium containing olive oil was incubated with a substrate containing labelled trioleate. Fatty acids were isolated by means of a liquid-liquid partition system. Enzyme activity was determined by measuring the amounts of free fatty acid by liquid scintillation counting. Findings indicate that the isotopicallylabelled, liquid-liquid partitioning assay is reliable, sensitive and adaptable to rapid assay conditions. It was also determined that different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa produce varying amounts of lipase. Partial purification of supernatant by gel filtration produced two protein peaks showing enzymatic activity.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Christensen, John N.

Assertive Training with Retarded Women

Description: Assertive training was investigated to determine its usefulness in teaching mildly retarded women to become more assertive. The 10 subjects (ages 18-35, WAIS VIQ 50-75) were randomly assigned to either the assertive training or the control group. Experimental subjects received 5 weeks of daily assertive training sessions which employed modeling, behavior rehearsal, and focused instructions in a group setting. Specific components of assertive behavior were taught in the following order: (a) assertive refusals, (b) assertive requests, (c) posture, (d) eye contact, and (e) loudness, Results of a behavioral role-playing task administered to both groups before and after treatment revealed that assertaive training subjects made significantly greater improvement than controls in their assertive content, Additionally, these subjects manifested significantly more improvement than control subjects on a global assertiveness measure.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Gentile, Cynthia Anne

The assessment of a health concepts approach to physical education in a community junior college

Description: The problem under consideration was an assessment of the effect of teaching physical education, through a health concepts approach, to first-semester male and female college freshmen in a metropolitan junior college. In order to further clarify the problem, the primary purposes were to determine the change in health knowledges, health habits, physical fitness, and attitude toward physical education. from the beginning to the ending of the course. A further purpose was to determine the relationships between the scores on the four instruments used in this study.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Battles, Fred R.

Attainment of Low Levels of Muscle Tension: Biofeedback-Assisted/Cue-Controlled Relaxation and Biofeedback Training Compared

Description: Cue-controlled relaxation appeas to have several advantages over prominent anxiety-reduction treatments. It does not require the formulation of conditioned stimulus hierarchies nor the use of mental imagery as does systematic desensitization nor the application of noxious stimularion (farradic shock) utilized in anxiety relief. However, its efficacy, in quantitative terms, has not been determined. The present study compared the effectiveness in attainment of relaxation of instructional set, biofeedback training, and biofeedback-assisted/cue-controlled relaxation training procedures. Results indicate that cue-controlled relaxation training was more effective in terms of mean level of frontal is EMG and degree of maintenance of low EMG levels than either biofeedback training or instructions.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Ewing, Jack Winston

The attitudes of presidents and chief academic officers toward faculty collective bargaining in Texas' community and junior colleges

Description: The problem of this study was to collect, analyze, and interpret the attitudes of administrators in Texas' community and junior colleges with respect to faculty collective bargaining. The purpose of the study were (1) to assess the attitudes of administrators in higher education institutions in Texas toward faculty collective bargaining, and (2) to determine if a relationship exists between attitudes of administrators toward faculty collective bargaining and seventeen independent variables.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Birmingham, Joseph C.

The Attitudes of Selected Texas Reporters and Editors Toward Video Display Terminals

Description: This study is concerned with determining the effects that video display terminal use had on reporters' and editors' attitudes toward their jobs and the machines themselves. Data for this investigation were obtained with questionnaires returned from seventy-one reporters and editors who use video terminals in their daily work. Questionnaire data were supplemented with interview data from thirteen questionnaire respondents, Ten hypotheses in five categories were tested with the t test. Four additional hypotheses were tested with raw data. Findings showed that video terminal use enhanced perceived job professionalism and made respondents think they should make more money. Attitudes toward video terminals improved after use of the devices, and respondents recognized the value of video terminal training in college,
Date: August 1978
Creator: Breedlove, James J.

Attitudes of Texas Secondary School Curriculum Administrators Toward Education for Leisure

Description: This investigation seeks to determine the administrator's attitudes toward education for leisure taught through the education process as it prepares the youth of today for the use of their leisure time. A 26-question questionnaire was mailed to 100 administrators, Descriptive data was requested to aid the Chi-square analysis at the .05 level performed on each question, A 74-percent return was received. The administrators expressed a favorable attitude toward education for leisure. The present degree held by the administrators did have a significant relationship to their expressed attitudes. It is recommended that classes specifically related to education for leisure be included in the school curriculum.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Rapp, David M.