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An Analysis of the Utilization of the Materials Management Concept by Selected Public Utilities in Texas

Description: Materials management is an integrative approach to control the flow of production materials. It has been successfully practiced by numerous manufacturing firms to decrease materials cost and improve the employment of scarce resources. The need for better utilization of resources is also prevalent in service sector industries. This dissertation focused on the public utilities industry and its practices in the materials management area. Major emphasis of this research was to (1) define the state-of-the-art of materials management within the gas and electric utilities in Texas, (2) determine its impact on the corporate structure, and (3) identify opportunities for materials management in the future of the Texas utilities industry.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Johnson, Kathleen A.

The Applicability of Conjoint Measurement to the Selection Process of Professional Sales Personnel

Description: The study examines the potential of conjoint analysis to provide and apply quantitative data to situations previously limited to non-quantitative analysis within the selection process. Chapter I presents a brief introduction to the sales force selection process. A discussion of the importance of effective selection to the organization as well as an explanation of the objectives, methodology, research questions, and limitations complete the chapter. Chapter II provides a detailed description of the contemporary sales force selection process. The chapter explains the objective and subjective activities and techniques utilized by management in selection decisions. Chapter III describes the steps involved in conjoint analysis and the specific conjoint measurement technique employed in the study. The questionnaire employed and the source of data are described in Chapter IV. An analysis of the results of the research completes the chapter. Chapter V presents the summary, conclusions, and recommendations of the study.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Light, C. David

The Decision-Making Process in Commercial Motor Carrier Selection

Description: This study is designed to gain a better understanding of the decision process of freight shippers who use commercial truckers. Pursuant to this study, it is possible to gather some insights into the phenomenon of the selection of a trucking company to transport goods. Planning is essential to the attainment of goals in any type of firm, and that is especially true in the volatile environment of commercial trucking. Development of the external environment of trucking is prerequisite to the planning process and essential to the attainment of goals. The external environment of a trucking firm is generally represented by economic, social, and political influences, which extend specifically to the nature and tendencies of its markets, i.e., the shippers.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Little, Charles D. (Charles David)

The Effect of Participatory Programs Similar to Quality Control Circles on Organizational Productivity in Selected Multinational Organizations in Saudi Arabia

Description: This study focuses attention on the multinational organization, an emerging phenomenon, in which people from different cultural backgrounds work together to produce a product or render a service. The purpose of this study is to enhance the available information about the potential for increasing productivity through the use of participatory programs, such as Quality Control Circles, in multinational organizations, especially those operating in Saudi Arabia.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Elmuti, Salah Dean

A Multivariate Investigation of Youth Voluntary Turnover

Description: The purposes of this study were twofold. The first was to construct a modified model of the voluntary turnover process that clarifies the antecedents of turnover intentions and turnover behavior. The second was to investigate empirically the proposed model's validity by assessing the influences of nine variables of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job search, intention to stay in the organization, and six demographic variables as potential predictors of employee voluntary turnover.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Gaballa, Refaat M.A.

The Relationship of Alternative Accounting Signals to Market Beta and to Changes in Security Prices

Description: One of the critical issues that face the accounting profession today involves choosing among alternative accounting information modes. This dissertation provides comparative empirical evidence on the predictive power of accrual-based accounting signals versus cash-flow accounting signals versus both of these signals jointly. The empirical hypotheses compare the degrees of association between the market evaluative criteria, market beta and security price behavior, and the different accounting signals. The research methodology employed includes the following. 1. Market beta and changes in security prices are used as the evaluative criteria. 2. Two regression models are developed and used to test the predictive power of the alternative accounting signals. 3. Several specifications for each model are used. These specifications are simple regression, multiple regression, interaction effect, partial correlation, incremental correlation, and time series and cross sectional analysis.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Hammad, Ahmed-Hany B.