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The Identification of Factors Related to Potential Child Abusiveness in Adults
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Attitude of Resident Students and Staff of Selected Public Universities in Texas Toward In Loco Parentis
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A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of a Positive Approach to Discipline System for Classroom Management
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Stress-Management Training: A Multisystem Therapy Approach
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Impact of a Death Laboratory on Self-Concept, Generalized Anxiety and Death Anxiety
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A Comparison of Three Techniques of Teaching Literature: Silent Reading, Readers Theatre and Video-Tape Readers Theatre
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Room Temperature Gold-Vacuum-Gold Tunneling Experiments
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The Affective Value of Planetarium-Related Curricula in High-, Middle-, and Low-Achieving Secondary School Students
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A Study of Perceived Leadership Styles of Administrators within Selected Colleges and Universities in Texas
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The Cardiovascular Responses to Static and Dynamic Muscular Contractions in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
In cerebral palsied adults, the cardiovascular responses to different types of exercise have not previously been ascertained. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the blood pressure and heart rate responses of adults with cerebral palsy to static muscular contractions and to dynamic muscular contractions. Fifteen adults with cerebral palsy and 15 able-bodied adults (average age for each group = 30 years) performed a static exercise protocol and a dynamic resistance exercise protocol using each limb (or the limbs capable of meeting the requirements of the exercise protocol). Heart rate and blood pressure were assessed before, during, and after each exercise bout with each limb. During the static exercise protocol, each subject performed static contractions at 40% of maximal voluntary contraction to fatigue. The dynamic exercise protocol for each limb consisted of three 20-second bouts of hydraulic resistance exercise each of which was followed by 20 seconds of rest. No differences were found between the two groups of subjects in heart rate and blood pressure during static exercise. In dynamic exercise, however, the trend in heart rate from bout to bout differed between the groups. In addition, the cerebral palsied group's diastolic pressure was higher than that of the able-bodied group at the end of dynamic exercise. The findings of this study indicate that although the heart rate and blood pressure responses to dynamic resistance exercise in the cerebral palsied subjects differed from the responses of the able-bodied subjects, healthy adults with cerebral palsy may safely perform both static and dynamic resistance exercise. More research using this disabled population is needed so that guidelines for prescribing exercise for adults with cerebral palsy may be developed.
Severity of Handicap and Geographic Distance as Factors in Residential Placement of Handicapped Children
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A Study of L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections Due to H-1, H-4, and Li-7 Ion Bombardment of Selected Thin Rare Earth and Pb Targets
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Relationship Adjustment in Marriage as Influenced by Psychological Temperament and Family-of-Origin Socialization Experiences
This research examined the influence of psychological temperament and family-of-origin socialization influences on relationship adjustment in marriage. The major goals were to determine: (a) if there was a relationship between the temperament of one mate in the marriage and the temperament of his or her spouse, and (b) if there was a relationship between the marital adjustment scores of a mate relative to either personal temperament or that of his or her spouse. A secondary purpose was to determine if certain family-of-origin socialization experiences influenced adjustment in marriage. One hundred seventy-nine couples (H = 358) completed three test instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Myers, 1962), Dyadic Adjustment Scale (Spanier, 1976), and the Socialization Background Questionnaire (Church, unpublished), along with a demographic questionnaire. The subjects, volunteers from 12 churches in a large metropolitan area, had mean ages of 35.3 and 33.6 years for husbands and wives, respectively, and had been married for an average of 10.1 years. Five hypotheses and two research questions were tested at the .05 level of significance. The results gathered did not support the hypothesis that there was a relationship between temperament type and mate selection. Similarly, no support was evidenced for any specific relationship between temperament and marital adjustment. On the Socialization Background Questionnaire, one relationship at the prescribed level of significance was present between husbands' self-concept and their marital adjustment scores. At the .10 significance level, there was also indication that husbands' marital adjustment was related to the acceptance they did or did not receive as children., regardless of the expectations held for them. Neither of these relationships was present with regard to wives' marital adjustment scores. The overall conclusions are that couples do not choose mates based on temperaments, that no relationship exists between temperament combinations and marital adjustment, and that socialization experiences ...
A Study of Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Academic Advising Needs of Students in Six Teachers' Colleges in Bangkok, Thailand
The purpose of this study was to determine and compare the academic advising needs of students as perceived by students and faculty advisors through faculty advising functions in the six teachers' colleges in Bangkok, Thailand. Fifteen faculty advising functions were included in a questionnaire validated by a panel of three judges. The questionnaires were distributed to students and faculty advisors in the six teachers' colleges by two selected research assistants. A total of 180 faculty advisors and 540 junior and senior teacher training students at the six teachers' colleges in Bangkok, Thailand, were selected using stratified random sampling. The usable and complete questionnaires received included 109 from faculty advisors (60.56 per cent) and 350 from students (64.81 per cent). The t-test, the Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance W, and the Spearman's Coefficient of Rank Correlation were employed to determine and compare the differences, the agreements, and the relationships of academic advising needs of students as perceived by students and faculty advisors, respectively. Analyses of the data revealed that students and faculty advisors in the six teachers' colleges in Bangkok, Thailand, perceived a mismatch between student advising needs now being fulfilled and student advising needs that should be fulfilled. Apparently, the academic advising programs in the teachers' colleges were not meeting the student needs. However, for student advising needs which should be fulfilled, both students and faculty advisors ranked personal, vocational and career, and academic areas very high. Overall, students and faculty seemed to agree on the advising needs which should be fulfilled.
Dually Semimodular Consistent Lattices
A lattice L is said to be dually semimodular if for all elements a and b in L, a ∨ b covers b implies that a covers a ∧ b. L is consistent if for every join-irreducible j and every element x in L, the element x ∨ j is a join-irreducible in the upper interval [x,l]. In this paper, finite dually semimodular consistent lattices are investigated. Examples of these lattices are the lattices of subnormal subgroups of a finite group. In 1954, R. P. Dilworth proved that in a finite modular lattice, the number of elements covering exactly k elements is equal to the number of elements covered by exactly k elements. Here, it is established that if a finite dually semimodular consistent lattice has the same number of join-irreducibles as meet-irreducibles, then it is modular. Hence, a converse of Dilworth's theorem, in the case when k equals 1, is obtained for finite dually semimodular consistent lattices. Several combinatorial results are shown for finite consistent lattices similar to those already established for finite geometric lattices. The reach of an element x in a lattice L is the difference between the rank of x*, the join of x and all the elements covering x, and the rank of x; the maximum reach of all elements in L is the reach of L. Sharp lower bounds for the total number of elements and the number of elements of a given reach in a semimodular consistent lattice given the rank, the reach, and the number of join-irreducibles are found. Extremal lattices attaining these bounds are described. Similar results are then obtained for finite dually semimodular consistent lattices.
A Faculty Orientation and Design for Writing Across the Curriculum
A Faculty Orientation and Design for Writing Across the Curriculum is a case study of the work done to introduce the concept of writing across the curriculum at an urban community college. Emphasizing the related processes of learning, thinking, and writing, the researcher describes private interviews and analyzes transcriptions of small group meetings designed to discuss ways to encourage increased quantity and improved quality of writing in vocational and university-parallel courses on the campus. The focus of the study is the transcription of the faculty meetings where teachers reveal their methodologies and educational philosophies as they discuss ways to provide increased writing opportunities to large classes of open-door students. The culmination of the orientation project is a faculty booklet of ways to increase writing. The researcher concludes that although a writing "program" is not in place as a result of the year's work, essential groundwork for such a program is laid.
Effect of the New Criteria for Accreditation on Reaffirmation of Accreditation in the South
This study was concerned with characteristics of the process of reaffirmation of accreditation in the Southern region among institutions that completed reaffirmation under the revised _Criteria for Accreditation_ and those that completed reaffirmation under the former _Standards of the College Delegate Assembly._ The institutions that had completed reaffirmation under the new _Criteria_ were identified. A matching group of equivalent institutions which had last completed reaffirmation under the _Standards_ was created. Each group contained 66 institutions. Data were collected using the records of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Four areas were identified in which the implementation of the _Criteria_ might affect the process of reaffirmation of accreditation: (a) institutional organization for the self-study, (b) visiting committee composition, (c) number of recommendations by visiting committees, and (d) substance of recommendations by visiting committees. A series of nine hypotheses were tested to assess these effects. The process of reaffirmation of accreditation does not appear to have been substantially affected by the implementation of the new _Criteria for Accreditation._ Institutional organization for the self-study appears unaffected by the implementation of the Criteria for most institutions. There appears, however, to be evidence that the _Criteria_ have effected change for a minority of institutions. The implementation of the _Criteria for Accreditation_ does not appear to have influenced either the size or the composition of visiting committees of peers. The implementation of the _Criteria for Accreditation_ has not increased the average number of recommendations by visiting committees of peers, but there appears to be evidence that it has created a minimum core of recommendations common to many institutions. The addition of the criterion on institutional effectiveness apparently has created a new and proportionately overrepresented focus for visiting committee recommendations.
An Evaluation of a Computerized Coping Skills Training Program Developed for Use in a Correctional Setting
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Detector Comparison for Simultaneous Determination of Organic Acids and Inorganic Anions
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Internal Radiolabeling of Mycobacterial Antigens and Use in Macrophage Processing Studies
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An Analysis of Propaganda in the Yellow Rain Controversy
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Techniques of Music Printing in the United States, 1825-1850
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At Once in All its Parts: Narrative Unity in the Gospel of Mark
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Elemental Analysis of Brainstem in Victims of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
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Environmental Correlates to Genetic Variation in the Coral Reef Fish, Thalassoma bifasciatum
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Three Dimensional Comparison of Free Throw Shooting the Women's Small Ball vs. the Large Ball
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A Study of Three Related Works by Michael Tippett: A Child of Our Time, The Vision of Saint Augustine, The Mask of Time
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Kate Chopin's The Awakening: Narcissism in the Suicide and Sexuality of Edna Pontellier
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Development of Biographical Predictors of Cashier Turnover at a Convenience Store Chain
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The Keynesian Concept of Savings
The problem under investigation in this study is the determination of the usefulness of the concept of saving set forth by John M. Keynes in his The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, both as a method of prediction and prevention of business cycles and as a conceptual framework which is for use in explaining past economic activity, particularly economic growth. The study has a twofold purpose. The first is to evaluate the workability of the Keynesian definitions when applied to existing sources of economic data; to see if a meaningful savings aggregate is a statistical possibility. The second is to attempt to explain in terms of related parts of the rest of Keynes' theoretical system the conclusions reached under the first purpose above.
A Comparison of Selected Factors in Undergraduate Programs in Business Teacher Education in Texas with Criteria Recommended for Business Teacher Education, 1956
The purpose of this study was to compare selected factors in undergraduate programs in business teacher education in Texas with criteria recommended for business teacher education. The factors selected were: (1) the business teacher education curriculum, (2) professional laboratory experiences of prospective business teachers, and (3) educational preparation, experience, and professional activities of the business education college faculty.
A Survey of Shakespearean Productions in New York: 1935-1955
The aim of this thesis is to present a comprehensive view--a survey--of plays by William Shakespeare that have been produced for the New York stage from 1935 through 1955 in order to ascertain not only the quantity of Shakespearean drama that has been presented during this twenty-one-year period, but also to appraise the quality of the productions as seen by the critics. A related aim of this study will be the analysis of the televised Shakespearean plays by presenting the works and their merits through the eyes of the critics of that medium.
Falsity in Man: Tennessee Williams' Vision of Tragedy
It is the purpose of this paper to examine the major plays of Tennessee Williams in an effort to formulate the key concepts which appear in the work of a modern successful dramatist who is sensitive to the tragedy of man and to discover Williams' beliefs in regard to man, his need, and the tragedy that results if he does not find the fulfillment of his nature.
The Effects of Certain Organic Compounds Upon the Bacterial Deposition of Ferric Hydroxide from Ferric Ammonium Citrate
This thesis studies the effects of certain organic compounds upon the bacterial deposition of ferric hydroxide from ferric ammonium citrate.
Pyridinium Derivatives of 9,10-Endo-o-Phenylene-9,10-Dihydro-1,4-Anthraquinone
The compounds reported here were prepared for the purpose of determining the effects of active groups on the pyridine ring, and to determine the effects of substituted methyl groups on the nucleus. These compounds are to be tested for tuberculostatic activity.
Growth Based on Corporate Profits for Selected Periods, 1925-1954
This study is one of five such studies dealing with the general subject of growth which have been undertaken recently in the School of Business of North Texas State College. This study is the third in the series and is concerned, as were the previous studies, with the general subject of growth. However, this third study is concerned with the compound annual rates of growth, during definite economic epochs, of net profit after taxes for more than 150 prominent corporations. The problem involved in this study is threefold: (1) to determine what constitutes growth, (2) to determine which corporations are growing, and (3) to determine as nearly as possible the growth characteristics of the corporations employed.
A Comparative Study of the Arithmetical Achievement Made by Boys and Girls of the Seventh Grade of Ozona Junior High School, Ozona Texas
The primary purpose of the study was to determine, scientifically, if there is any significant difference between the ability of boys in the seventh grade and the ability of girls in the same grade to retain arithmetical ideas, facts, and processes. A second purpose was to investigate the causes of differences that were found to exist.
The Angular Distribution and Total Flux of Neutrons Obtained from the Deuterium-Tritium Reaction
Mono-energetic neutrons have been produced with the low-voltage Cockroft-Walton accelerator at North Texas State College using two different reactions. It is the purpose of this paper to report the angular distribution and total flux of the neutrons obtained from the T(D,n) reaction.
The Role of Theodore Blank and the Amt Blank in Post-World War II West German Rearmament
During World War II, the Allies not only defeated Germany; they destroyed the German army and warmaking capability. Five years after the surrender, Theodor Blank received the responsibility for planning the rearmament of West Germany starting from nothing. Although Konrad Adenauer was the driving force behind rearmament, Theodor Blank was the instrument who pushed it through Allied negotiations and parliamentary acceptance. Heretofore, Blank's role has been told only in part; new materials and the ability now to see events in a clearer perspective warrant a new study of Blank's role in the German rearmament process. Sources for this dissertation include: Documents on Foreign Relations of the United States; memoirs, among them those of Konrad Adenauer, Georges Bidault, Lucius Clay, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Anthony Eden, Ivone Kirkpatrick, Harold MacMillan, Kirill Meretskov, Jules Moch, Sergei Shternenko, Hans Speidel, Harry S. Truman, Alexander Vasilevsky, and Georgiy Zhukov; contemporary reports from newspapers, among them the Times (London), New York Times, Le Monde, Pravda, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, Suddeutsche Zeitung, and Das Parlement; Parliamentary Debates; official records; and interviews. Rearmament involved the interrelationship of vast, diverse interests: the conflict between East and West, national and international fears, domestic problems, and the interplay of leading personalities. When the Amt Blank, the planning organization, became functional on 1 December 1950, it consisted of nineteen people; in 1955, when it became the Defense Ministry with Theodor Blank the Defense Minister, it had a staff of one thousand. Cast in the milieu of the Allied negotiations on West German rearmament, this dissertation chronologically focuses on the role that Blank and the Amt Blank personnel played in the planning, negotiations, and domestic issues related to rearmament. Blank's diplomatic skills and managerial ability were key factors in transforming West Germany from a conquered area to a sovereign state, a member of NATO ...
The Geometric Analysis of Two Paintings in the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
This study was undertaken to help determine by geometric analysis whether the two paintings, one attributed to the fourteenth century Sienese artist, Ugolino da Siena, and the other to the fifteenth century Sienese artist, Sano di Pietro, were painted by these artists.
Physiological Responses of Myriophyllum spicatum to Time Varying Exposures of Diquat, 2,4-D and Copper
The physiological responses of Myriophyllum spicatum to 2,4-D, diquat and copper were quantified using a plant tissue viability assay, and daily measures of dissolved oxygen and pH. Correlations of herbicide tissue residues to physiological response measures were determined and the relationship was used to develop exposure-response models. Diquat and copper had a greater effect on plant tissue viability than was observed for 2,4-D. Diquat produced greater reductions in dissolved oxygen concentrations and pH values than 2,4-D or copper. Copper exposure had the least effect on these parameters. Exposure-response models developed for 2,4-D predicted effective control at plant tissue residues ranging from 4000 to 4700 mg/kg. Aqueous exposure concentrations necessary to produce effective control plant tissue residues ranged from 0.20 to 0.40 mg/L. Exposure-response models developed for diquat predicted effective control at plant tissue residues ranging from 225 to 280 mg/kg. Aqueous exposure concentrations necessary to produce effective control plant tissue residues ranged from 0.113 to 0.169 mg/L. Exposure-response models developed for copper predicted effective control at plant tissue residues ranging from 680 to 790 mg/kg. Aqueous exposure concentrations necessary to produce effective control plant tissue residues ranged from 0.32 to 0.64 mg/L. Model predictions for 2,4-D, diquat and copper were within 0.5 mg/L of the manufacturers' label recommendations for these herbicides. The use of laboratory microcosms in development of exposure-response models for diquat and copper produced results comparable to those using the larger-scale greenhouse systems. Diquat effectively controlled M. spicatum at lower tissue residues than 2,4-D or copper. In addition, initial aqueous exposure concentrations were also lower for diquat. Use of these models in field situations should be coupled with considerations of quantity of biomass present and environmental conditions, such as turbidity, in order to accurately calculate exposure concentrations necessary for effective tissue residues. Thus, the use of these models ...
A Study of the Relationship between the Intensity of Short-Range and Medium-Range Capacity Management and the Effectivenesss of Manufacturing Operations
The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between intensity of short-range and medium-range capacity management and effectiveness of manufacturing operations. Data were collected to test the null hypothesis which stated that intensity of short-range and medium-range capacity management does not influence manufacturing effectiveness. Intensity of short-range and medium-range capacity management was indicated by the following variables: (1) production standards; (2) priority determination; (3) delivery dates determination; (4) material requirements planning; (5) routing information; (6) capacity utilization; and (7) backlog measurement. Manufacturing effectiveness was indicated by the following variables: (1) delivery dates performance; (2) lead times; (3) subcontract work; (4) direct labor overtime; (5) direct labor efficiency; (6) plant and equipment utilization; and (7) work in process inventory. The population selected to provide data for this study is the manufacturing firms in the State of Texas with five hundred or more employees. Over 42 percent of the eligible firms responded to a six-page questionnaire. Several multivariate techniques were utilized for data analysis: (1) factor analysis; (2) canonical correlation analysis; (3) bivariate correlation; (4) multiple linear regression; (5) cross-tabulation; and (6) analysis of variance. The results of this research did not adequately support the rejection of the null hypothesis. However, they did definitely identify a distinct group of capacity management intensity variables that influence manufacturing effectiveness in specific cases. Intensity variables were placed in three groups that identified how influential they were over the effectiveness measures. The most influential group included the variables: production standards and material requirements planning. The indication for the manufacturing manager is to concentrate on improvements in these areas. Effectiveness variables were also placed in three groups that identified the level at which the variables were influenced by the intensity variables. The highly influenced group included plant and equipment utilization and delivery dates performance.
Confederate Government and Mexico: Diplomatic Relations 1861-1865
The purpose of this thesis is not only to trace the diplomatic activities of the Confederate government with its neighbor, Mexico, during the period 1861 to 1865, but to evaluate these diplomatic efforts as to their practical consequences on behalf of the Confederate cause.
Structure as a Literary Technique in the Major Novels of Ernest Hemingway
The purpose of this thesis is to study the structure of the five major novels of Hemingway, excluding Torrents of Spring and Across the River and into the Trees. They are: The Sun also Rises; A Farewell to Arms; To Have and Have not; For Whom the Bell Tolls; and The Old Man and the Sea.
The Development of the Theory of Full Employment
The purpose of this paper is to analyze and to review fundamental ideas and theories of employment and to set forth the policies that can best obtain the goal of full employment, which is defined as the condition where those who want to work at the prevailing rates of pay can find work without undue difficulty.
Interpreting Industrial Arts in the School-Community
The purpose of this study is threefold: (1) to review the literature concerning school interpretation programs and the industrial arts phase of the public relations program based upon research studies, opinions and recommendations of leaders in education and industrial arts education; (2) to gather data concerning current practices used in the industrial arts departments during the year 1953-1954; and (3) to analyze the data in order to determine whether the current practice of industrial arts interpretation coincide with the interpretation program recommended by leaders in the field of education.
The Angular Distribution of the Deuterium-Deuterium Neutrons with 100 Kev Deuterons
It is the purpose of this paper to present the experimental techniques used in obtaining. 3.25 MeV neutrons from the H2(d,n)He3 reaction, as well as an analysis of the experimental data.
Electronic Analog Computer Study of Effects of Motor Velocity and Driving Voltage Limits upon Servomechanism Performance
The object of this thesis is (1) to demonstrate the value of an electronic analog computer for the solution of non-linear ordinary differential equations particularly when a large family of solutions is required; and (2) to obtain as a by-product results of practical applicability to servomechanism selection and analysis.
Characterization of the OCT Plasmid-Encoded Mercury Resistance Genetic Locus in Pseudomonas putida
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The Bifurcated Personalities of Christina Rossetti and Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Reflected in Their "Sister Poems"
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