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A Comparative Study of Environmental Conditions and their Relations to Achievement, Personality, and Intelligence of Fifth Grade Pupils

Description: This study has the purpose to compare the relationships between personality, environment, achievement, and intelligence and discover the effect, if any, of environment upon the personality, achievement, and intelligence of a group of fifth grade pupils.
Date: 1940
Creator: Clark, J. Frances

Relationships between Leadership in College, Church Affiliation, and Religious Beliefs

Description: Many studies have been made on leaders in a school situation and on the desirable traits which go together to make for good leadership qualities. However, very few have dealt with the relationship between leaders, church affiliation, and religious beliefs, which is the main purpose of this study.
Date: 1948
Creator: Dubberly, Nathaniel Lee, Jr.

A Sociometric Study of Peer Acceptance Between Mixed Groups of Latin and Anglo-American School Children on the Pre-Adolescent Level

Description: It is the purpose of this study to aid in determining to what extent Anglo and Latin-American school children on the preadolescent level accept one another in terms of mutual friendship choices, and to find evidence relating to the optimum racial proportion for the purpose of future classroom ethnic distributions.
Date: 1950
Creator: Holloway, Harold D.

Educational Opportunities in the West Independent School District and the Surrounding Common School Districts could be Improved through Consolidation

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of educational inequalities existing in the West Independent School District and the eight surrounding rural school districts, and to suggest changes that might improve educational opportunities for all children involved.
Date: 1947
Creator: Kennedy, G. D.

Evaluation of the Present Methods of Reporting the Progress of Primary Pupils in City Schools of Texas and the Development of a More Desirable System

Description: The problem of this study is to evaluate the methods of reporting pupil progress in the primary grades of Texas schools comparable in size to that of Wichita Falls, Texas, and to set up criteria from which could be developed a more desirable reporting system for the primary grades. The main purpose is to establish a more adequate program for parent-teacher-pupil relationship and understanding through a philosophy based on the development of the whole child.
Date: 1949
Creator: Wilson, Rachel Rebecca

A Study to Determine a Sound Solution for the Educational Print Shop with Regard to What Action Should be Taken by High Schools and Colleges in the Matter of Equipment for Offset and Letterpress Printing

Description: This is a study to determine the present and future status of offset printing as compared to letterpress printing in Texas, based on the opinions of qualified teachers of printing and commercial printers taken from sixteen groups of different sizes.
Date: 1949
Creator: Walker, Leonard K.