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Primary view of Managerial Attitudes Toward Business Regulation: the Arlington Smoking Ordinance
Lindly, Ronald B. (Ronald Brian)
August 1996
Primary view of Participation in Student Financial Aid Programs during the Freshman Year and Persistence in a Private University
Munson, Leo W.
August 1997
Primary view of Unique applications of cultured neuronal networks in pharmacology, toxicology, and basic neuroscience
Keefer, Edward W.
May 2001
Primary view of Open Access Publishing Fees: Responses, Strategies and Emerging Trends
Waugh, Laura
March 21, 2014
Primary view of Applications of Reductive Analytical Techniques in the Phrygian Settings of the Orgelbüchlein by J.S. Bach
Leite, Zilei de Oliveira
May 1995
Primary view of Dramatic Expression in Thirty Musical Settings of Goethe's "Der Erlkonig"
McDaniel, Mary Eileen
May 1973
Primary view of Language Policy, Protest and Rebellion
Lunsford, Sharon
May 2001
Primary view of Empirical Research of Decision-making Effectiveness When Using Differing Presentation Formats Under Varying Decision Tasks
Hard, Nancy J. (Nancy Jean)
December 1988
Primary view of The Use of an Academic Library by University Students
Harrell, Charles B.
August 1988
Primary view of A Comparison of the Desirability and Feasibility of Accountability Measures as Perceived by Public School Administrators and Teachers
Kiamie, Robert A.
May 1973
Primary view of Light Spectra Distributions in Temperate Conifer-Forest Canopy Gaps, Oregon and in Tropical Cloud-Forest Canopy, Venezuela
Monteleone, Susan Elaine
December 1997
Primary view of Reading Informational Tradebooks Aloud to Inner City Intermediate Fourth and Sixth Grade Students : A Comparison of Two Styles
Dougherty, Pamela S.
December 1997
Primary view of An Exploratory Investigation of the Origins and Regulatory Actions of the United Kingdom's Financial Reporting Review Panel
Styles, Alan K. (Alan Keith)
December 1998
Primary view of The Role of a Point Loss Contingency on the Emergence of Derived Relations in the Absence of Original Relations
Michniewicz, Leslie (Leslie A.)
December 1997
Primary view of Iranian Access Television of Dallas: Cultural Issues, Preservation, and Community Formation
Karimi, Mohammad, 1959-
August 1997
Primary view of A Comparative Study and Model of the Certification Requirements for Vocational Office Education Teacher-Coordinators in the United States
Bounds, Joan Karen Johnston, 1936-
May 1973
Primary view of Cognitive Dysfunction in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Niemela-Waller, Kirsi (Kirsi M.)
August 1997
Primary view of Natural Smooth Measures on the Leaves of the Unstable Manifold of Open Billiard Dynamical Systems
Richardson, Peter A. (Peter Adolph), 1955-
December 1998
Primary view of The Rhetoric of Posthumanism in Four Twentieth-Century International Novels
Lin, Lidan
August 1998
Primary view of The Relationship of Fifth-Grade Students' Self-Concepts and Attitudes toward Mathematics to Academic Achievement in Arithmetical Computation, Concepts, and Application
Moore, Bobbie Dean
August 1971
Primary view of A Study of Differences Perceived by Information Systems Professionals in the Systems Development Job Environment Due to the Use of ICASE Technology
Troboy, Lori Kim
August 1997
Primary view of Effects of Frustration Tolerance Training on Young Institutionalized Retarded Children
Landrum, Jerry Lynn
January 1968
Primary view of Convergence of Self and Other Ratings of Personality: a Structural Equation Analysis
McElhenie, Michael K. (Michael Keith)
May 1998
Primary view of Harmony and Structure in Richard Strauss's Macbeth
Bills, Danny C.
August 1996