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A Comparison of Retrospective Accounts of Childhood Near-Death Experiences with Contemporary Pediatric Near-Death Experience Accounts

Description: Study comparing five childhood near-death experiences (NDEs) reported by adults and another five NDEs reported by minors, in terms of Ring's five NDE stages, Greyson's four NDE components, Moody and Perry's 12 NDE traits, Sabom's 16 general characteristics, and Gallup and Proctor's 10 basic positive experiences.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Serdahely, William J.

Guest Editorial: The Examination of Labels - A Beginning

Description: Article addressing the problem of unclear terminology for the study of anomalies. Researchers have used the term "near-death experience" to describe four different kinds of incidents. To avoid confusion, new labels are needed for experiences that differ in their relationship to death and near-death and their transformative potential.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Smith, Robert P.

God and the God-Image: An Extended Reflection

Description: Abstract: This paper examines the parallels between my anesthetic-related near-death experience and Rudolph Otto's description of numinous states. I discuss Otto's arguments about such perceptions and their implications, and explore internal numinous processes such as they might be seen through Carl Jung's psychology.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Leighton, Sally M.

Near-Death Experiences in Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Description: Two-phase descriptive study purposing to document the frequency of near-death experiences (NDEs) in a nonprobability convenience sample of patients undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), to describe the types of NDE experienced most commonly during CPR, and to describe the types of NDE experienced most commonly during CPR, and to describe views of helpful nursing responses to reports of NDEs.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Schoenbeck, Susan Boykoff & Hocutt, Gerald D.

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Volume 9, Number 4, Summer 1991

Description: Quarterly journal publishing papers related to near-death experiences, including research reports; theoretical or conceptual statements; expressions of a scientific, philosophic, religious, or historical perspective on the study of near-death experiences; cross-cultural studies; individual case histories; and personal accounts of experiences or related phenomena. Table of contents for each issue in volume 9 starts on page 265.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Greyson, Bruce