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Description: Abstract: Near-death experiences (NDEs) can be seen as special cases of psychological transition. They often involve a deep transformation in the sense of self. I examine the NDE as such, according to my phase theory of transition, and I analyze an NDE with the help of that theory. I conclude that the study of NDEs may provide insight into the general psychology of transition.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Tien, Stephen Slade

Rationale and Considerations for Proposed Near-Death Research in the Hospital Setting

Description: Abstract: Further research into the question of veridical perception during the "naturalistic" near-death out-of-body experience (nND OBE), that phase of the near-death experience in which the experiencer seems to be perceiving a normal earthly realm, would be of value to NDErs, their caregivers, and humanity in general. I propose a research procedure that targets visual perception during nND OBEs that occur in the hospital setting. I discuss unresolved issues in the design and implementation of such a procedure, and identify further areas of research.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Holden, Janice Miner

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 1988

Description: Quarterly journal publishing papers related to near-death experiences, including research reports; theoretical or conceptual statements; expressions of a scientific, philosophic, religious, or historical perspective on the study of near-death experiences; cross-cultural studies; individual case histories; and personal accounts of experiences or related phenomena.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Greyson, Bruce