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Primary view of The Use of an Academic Library by University Students
Harrell, Charles B.
August 1988
Primary view of The Relationships Among a Reading Guidance Program and the Reading Attitudes, Reading Achievement, and Reading Behavior of Fifth Grade Children in a North Louisiana School
Mosley, Mattie Jacks
August 1986
Primary view of Effect of Technology Integration Education on the Attitudes of Teachers and their Students
Christensen, Rhonda
December 1997
Primary view of Smoothing the information seeking path: Removing representational obstacles in the middle-school digital library.
Abbas, June M.
May 2002
Primary view of Information systems assessment: development of a comprehensive framework and contingency theory to assess the effectiveness of the information systems function.
Myers, Barry L.
August 2003
Primary view of Knowledge synthesis in the biomedical literature: Nordihydroguaiaretic acid and breast cancer.
Sneed, Wanda A.
December 2003
Primary view of The physiology of collaboration: An investigation of library-museum-university partnerships.
Morales Arroyo, Miguel Angel
August 2003
Primary view of The gathering and use of information by fifth grade students with access to Palm® handhelds.
Peet, Martha Stuart Williamson
December 2003
Primary view of Testing a model of the relationships among organizational performance, IT-business alignment and IT governance.
Sanchez Ortiz, Aurora
December 2003
Primary view of Measuring the accuracy of four attributes of sound for conveying changes in a large data set.
Holmes, Jason
May 2003
Primary view of Accessing Information on the World Wide Web: Predicting Usage Based on Involvement
Langford, James David
May 2003
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of Critical Factors that Influence Data Warehouse Implementation Success in Higher Educational Institutions
Mukherjee, Debasish
May 2003
Primary view of Toward an Ideal Library: A Synthesis of Wilson's Library and Information Policy and Gilbert's Performance Matrix
Koremura, Yuka
August 2008
Primary view of Identification of Remote Leadership Patterns in Academic and Public Libraries
Venetis, Mary Jo
August 2008
Primary view of Solutions for Dynamic Channel Assignment and Synchronization Problem for Distributed Wireless Multimedia System
Hong, SungBum
August 2002
Primary view of Networked generation youth's information seeking process: An examination of cognitive, affective and physical behaviors and problem solving techniques.
Peterson, Janet Walker
May 2008
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Reading Habits and Abilities of Students in Selected Elementary Schools in North Louisiana With and Without Centralized Libraries
Lowe, Joy L. (Joy Lambert)
August 1984
Primary view of Job Satisfaction and Psychological Needs Satisfaction of Public School Library Media Specialists
Timmons, Elizabeth Ann
May 1991
Primary view of Factors Related to the Professional Progress of Academic Librarians in Louisiana
Brazile, Orella Ramsey, 1945-
May 1991
Primary view of Selected Factors Associated With Reading Interests of Seventh- and Eighth-grade Pupils
Newman, Nancy Ann
May 1984
Primary view of Diagnosing Learner Deficiencies in Algorithmic Reasoning
Hubbard, George U.
May 1995
Primary view of Modeling Changes in End-user Relevance Criteria : An Information Seeking Study
Bateman, Judith Ann
May 1998
Primary view of User Satisfaction in a Government Library : A Case Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia
Tameem, Jamal Abbas
August 1991
Primary view of The Personal Reading Interests of Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Children in Selected Arkansas Public Schools
Berry, Mary Ann
December 1991